Why Is Travel Insurance Essential?

Why is Travel Insurance Essential?

Before you travel anywhere it is vital to be prepared and one of the most important things to remember is travel insurance, regardless of where you are going or for how long. Having an accident or falling ill abroad could cost thousands of pounds if you are not insured.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Travel insurance protects you against the most common problems that can happen while you are on holiday or travelling abroad. For example, lost or delayed baggage, flight delay, theft of property and most importantly medical treatment. Most Travel Insurance policies also cover cancellation; enabling you to claim back the cost of your holiday, should you have to cancel before travelling, due to illness or redundancy. 15% of Brits still risk travelling abroad without travel insurance, which could result in financial ruin if they required medical treatment. To be returned to the UK in an emergency could cost you thousands of pounds so it is important to have appropriate insurance for your trip.

Some Typical Medical Costs

The figures below illustrate some of the costs which you could incur if you were to fall ill or have an accident abroad and were not covered by travel insurance.

£30-35,000 Air ambulance (Jet) – East coast of USA
£12-16,000 Air ambulance (Jet) – Canaries
£10-12,000 Air ambulance (turbo-prop) – Balearics
£1,200-3,000 Air taxi (propeller driven light aircraft) – Northern France
£15-20,000 Scheduled flight, stretcher and Doctor escort – Australia
£9-12,000 Scheduled flight, seated club, with a nurse escort – West coast of USA
£1,800-4,000 Scheduled flight, seated economy with a Doctor escort – Mediterranean
£100-£800 Scheduled flight, seated economy without an escort – Mediterranean

Figures supplied by First Assist.

Buy the right Travel Insurance policy for you and your holiday

Single trip insurance will cover you for the exact duration of your holiday; alternatively, if you are planning to travel more than 2 or 3 times in a year an annual travel insurance policy could work out cheaper. For longer durations, backpacker insurance could be an option, it is generally more economical because it offers a lower level of cover and can exclude baggage.

When buying travel insurance, read the small print, check the levels of cover and make sure that you are covered for any adventurous activities that you may want to undertake. Finally, always carry your travel insurance policy documents with you when you travel and carry the 24 hour emergency assistance telephone number on your person at all times.

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Before you purchase insurance you will need to evaluate the overall expense of your trip. Purchase your travel insurance from an insurance company that is not affiliated with your travel provider. If you have children you should take an extra look at insurance for your trip. Children may get sick, break bones, etc. and you will want to have protection.