Most rewarding snorkeling & diving sites in Galápagos

Galapagos Diving & SnorkellingGalapagos Diving & SnorkellingLocal conditions in Galápagos call for many underwater encounters. Snorkeling is one of the most rewarding ways to get to know the marine realm (try scuba diving or DSD sometime, though), and the islands varied snorkeling sites are remarkably unique. Unlike the Caribbean, our snorkeling sites have an underwater topography so varied, that the marine fauna will never be repetitive.

Also, all islands are located in different marine sub-provinces, and thus, the experience varies a lot from site to site. Over 35 snorkeling sites are part of the Marine Reserve, and all require different levels of expertise.

If you have never snorkeled before, then Galápagos Snorkelling and Diving will be an out-of-the-ordinary start. Of course, all sites in Galápagos will give snorkelers a chance to view the unique marine fauna, but make sure your voyage includes the majority of the sites mentioned. Some of the not-to-be missed sites in Galapagos include: Name of site island unique encounters with:

  • Turtle Islet
  • Gardner Bay Española (Hood) White-tip reef sharks
  • Champion Islet Floreana (Charles) Sea turtles, sea lions, rays
  • Punta Vicente Roca Isabela (Albemarle) Invertebrates, penguins, sea turtles
  • Northern Channel North Seymour Sharks, schooling fish, rays
  • Cliffs of Darwin Bay Genovesa (Tower) Possibly hammerhead sharks
  • The Pinnacle Bartolomé Penguins, sea lions, sea turtles
  • Puerto Egas Santiago (James) Reef fish, rays, sea lions
    Some snorkeling sites are accessible right off the beach, others can be reached when you start snorkeling from the beach, while others are only accessible by boat where you have to jump in the water, and then return to the boat with the help of a ladder.

Always keep in mind the two different seasons that Galápagos faces throughout the year. Traveling well prepared should be an essential part of your overall voyage satisfaction.

The place is perfect for

The place is perfect for snorkeling! It will really make you appreciate the marine life because of its uniqueness and beauty.