Galápagos Snorkeling: Basic Equipment

Galapagos Diving & SnorkellingGalapagos Diving & SnorkellingAs we mentioned in our past two newsletters, the Hot Season is the ultimate season for snorkeling in Galápagos. Of course, throughout the year you can do so, but it is now when the best conditions come together: balmy water temperatures, and high visibility.

Our operations carry snorkeling equipment that will make your underwater discovery easier to accomplish. Guests who wish to bring their own equipment are more than welcome to do so. Children equipment is also available, although, because of kids’ preferences, most parents rather bring their equipment too.

Either way is fine, and we leave that decision to our guests. Naturally, prescription masks are not available. But what is basic equipment? We consider basic equipment all that allows you to enjoy the underwater world. Therefore, you decide how basic you want to be. The less you have, the more basic you will be.

A simple list should include the following equipment (free advice included!):

  • Mask and Snorkel (Make sure you have a tempered glass mask and the simplest silicone snorkel available)
  • Fins (For snorkeling easier to deal with full footed fins The open heel fin is designed mainly for scuba divers where your foot goes in a booty first, and then in the fin)
  • Snorkeling vest (This is only a flotation device; don’t think wearing one automatically makes you a good snorkeler! You’ll be a great floater)
  • Mesh bag (It allows you to carry all your gear in an organized way. Great for kids!)
  • Wet suit (To be used mainly in the Dry Season when the waters are cooler. A wet suit provides added comfort for staying in the water longer periods. If you have a tendency to get cold easily, then a wet suit is a must)
  • Underwater camera Great for documenting your underwater experience. Many models available now. The amount of money spent should match the quality of pictures you get)

Enjoy snorkeling and diving in Galápagos. It is the largest Marine Reserve in America, and the only tropical location where sea lions, tropical fishes and penguins ever meet!