Activities at Finch Bay Galapagos Eco Hotel

The great advantage of Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel is to be located on an island that is so diverse. The island has physical factors that contribute to this set up: altitude, area, geological make setting, and climate.

These factors interact and offer an out of the ordinary experience, with unforgettable memories for our guests. For example, it is a privilege to be right at Devine Bay, home of the best kayaking in Academy Bay, or to have the only white-coralline beach of Punta Estrada, right in front of our property.

But let’s take a look at the activities you can enjoy doing at Finch Bay Galapagos Islands Hotel. Few visitors associate Galápagos as a marine destination with such a vast realm. Many believe that the majority of islands’ features are just part of the terrestrial ecosystem. But, let’s remember that the waters and marine ecosystems of Galápagos are part of the world’s second largest marine reserve. Activities like snorkeling and scuba diving, are regular components of today’s high standards of satisfaction. As we go inland, we notice that the altitude changes. Therefore, the terrestrial features change. A morning outing to see the coastal and lagoon birds within Finch Bay’s property, will have no comparison to exploring the highlands right next to giant tortoises.

The walks and hikes offered by Finch Bay are certainly unique experiences. These also include the Charles Darwin Research Station, and the happy town of Puerto Ayora. Since the highlands have dirt and gravel roads used by the few faros, these are the greatest places for those who enjoy mountain biking. Imagine, for instance, arriving after pedaling for some miles, to the location where the giant tortoises freely roam. Some previous experience is required, in order to thoroughlly enjoy this type of outing. Some more recreational bike routes are also available within Puerto Ayora.

One of the Galápagos’ wonders is its island diversity. To experience such variety of flora and fauna, we also offer daily yacht excursions to the nearby islands. This will allow you to explore the visitor sites on other islands, and experience unique environments and habitats where wildlife abounds. Although the island of Santa Cruz has a diverse array of species, the chosen islands will offer unique encounters. Islands visited: Bartolome, South Plaza, North Seymour, and Santa Fe. Other available activties, including those by request, are horseback riding, trekking, shopping in Puerto Ayora, birdwatching, local cuisine in Puerto Ayora, and more. Many actvities can be arranged and combined with some advance notice, while others can be arranged at the spare of the moment.

Finch Bay prides on the advantage of providing you with advice and options on what to do. Since we are comitted to continuously generate higher satisfaction levels, our hospitality staff is eager to assist you.