France: Paris and not only

When traveling to France, the starting point and the must-see for any visitor is Paris – its permanent capital. Some countries have several cities, which have been competing for the name of a capital. As for France, Paris has never had any rivals – it has always been the political, cultural center and the real heart of the country.

The story of Paris began in a distant 150 BC when the island of Cite was settled. The city grew and in IV century received a name of Paris. The history of the whole France has always been strongly connected with the destiny of Paris. All the significant changes, all the French revolutions took the beginning in this city.

It’s impossible to observe Paris in a few days, but even a short visit is a chance to get an unforgettable impression of the city and to see the best it can offer.

The main symbol of Paris is Eiffel Tower or Tour Eiffel as the French call it. It’s only 125 years old, which is not so much, comparing with the long Parisian history, however, it has become one of the most visited tourist attractions and it’s the place with the best panoramic views of Paris.

Paris can boast maybe the most famous art museum on our planet – legendary Louvre. It houses world’s largest collection of art masterpieces. The museum is really enormous – one visit is just not enough to see it all.

Paris is remarkable not only for its monuments – its atmosphere, its way of life are also among its attractions. Moreover, Paris is one of the world’s fashion capitals, world centre of the perfume industry and a place with perhaps the best shops and boutiques on the Earth.

The citizens of Paris may disagree, but there are some other cities in France also worth visiting. When we speak about luxury sea resorts inEurope, we usually mean French Cote d’Azur – Azure Coast with Nice and Cannes.

Ancient city of Nice once was a subject of the serious territorial disputes between France and Italy. It joined France only in 1860. Nowadays it’s a chic sea resort with excellent hotels and restaurants. The most popular site of the city is boulevard des Anglais – a favorite place for walks.

Cannes is known both for its prestigious film festival and for its beautiful palaces. Every year in June Cannes experiences a massive flow of movie stars and other celebrities – they not only watch cinema, but also enjoy Cannes’ excellent beaches.

There is an opinion that Cote d’Azure is a place not to acquire a tan, but to demonstrate your tan acquired in some other place. Anyway, it’s a perfect resort if you are looking for a style, comfort and warm sea, but don’t want to fly to some exotic islands, where you will be isolated from the civilization.
Hotel in Paris

I only used to stay in hostels since whenever I went to Paris I was sort of a very low budget travellers student backpacker type. Now as I am older and need a little bit more comfort I seek to choose a nicer, hotel accommodation. My only little space so to say. I heart there is really not much choice in terms of paris hotels that are around or below 50 Euro. I have seen a hotel online, it's called the universite, and its a 3 star hotel in Paris, just next to the louvre museum. Any opinions are welcomed. I still take my time to make up my vacation plan for the next trip to Paris. thxs. T.


There are less expensive

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Paris is a leading global cultural, business and political centre and is renowned for its defining neo-classical architecture as well as its role as a major international influence in fashion, gastronomy and the arts.It is widely regarded as one of the world's major global cities. Dubbed "the City of Lights" (la Ville Lumiere) since the 19th century, Paris has a reputation as a "romantic" city. Paris is situated on the banks of the river Seine in north-central France.