Fishermen Sunset - SeychellesFishermen Sunset - SeychellesSeychelles is an admirable destination popular for its natural exquisiteness and elegant beach resorts. It has proven to be a preferred spot for spending your winter vacations. This archipelago nation, situated at about fifteen hundred kilometers from Africa, is a bunch of almost hundred and fifteen islands elapsed in immensity of Indian Ocean. Approximately every island is prosperous in terms of natural surroundings and classy beach resorts.
A sheer delight of experiencing the warm waters at the standard beach resorts on this sovereign state of Africa is just unmatchable. Water sports, fishing and other activities just in lap of nature and backed with warm hospitability will certainly make your trip to Seychelles Island an unforgettable experience.
The bare beauty of the modern beaches and romantically splendorous greenery makes this island an ideal location for honeymooners.


Although it is situated in the middle of Indian Ocean, Seychelles is well connected with world via its international flights and cruises.
The island is connected via thousands of direct international flights from European and Asian countries, The Seychelles international airport, generally referred as 'SEZ' is located at about ten kilometers on the south of Victoria on "Mahe" island. The airport is well outfitted with restaurants, teller machines, banks, terminals for domestic flights and other conveyance facility connecting you with major locations of island.

Cruises: the connectivity through cruises offers choice for those who love to travel by water. A cruise trip involving visits to Seychelles, Mauritius and all other nearby islands could be very enchanting.
Your arrival on wonderful islands of Seychelles requires few belongings
Passports: as with any other country traveling to Seychelles also requires passports with validity of more than six months.

Visa: there is no need to apply for a visa before planning to visit Seychelles because the island provides you a visitor's permit, the permit is issued on your name at the airport, but the authorities confirm that you have a return ticket, a place to stay while you are there or a pre-booking in hotel. These visitor permits can be renewed if you wish to stay longer.
Seychelles is well known for world class beaches that are immaculate, unspoiled and isolated. Some are even edged by ancient granite boulders. Others offer powdery sands, turquoise waters and inspiring occasions for swimming, snorkeling or pure relaxation

Favored and most visited locations:

Mahe, praslin, aldabra, desroches and la digue are among some of the most preferred islands that are ideal for all sport activities and fun filled excursions, there beautiful sceneries, rare flora & fauna, and gorgeous beaches have captivating effect on visitors.


The capital represents a full blend of commercialization with natural beauty. Being the biggest island of this archipelago. Mahe has the largest international airport of Seychelles i.e. Victoria international airport. Apart from being the most important trade centre with commercial ports and other economically vital organizations the island is luxuriantly green with coconut trees lining your path every where, the calm beaches here give a magnificent view and a relaxing effect when sun shines over its powdery white sand.

Visitor enjoys the vastly distributed coral reef range sparkling just few meters below the clear sea water. Abundance of various varieties of exciting water sports ensures a very fun filled experience in seawaters. Various guided tours and excursions are organized for the island visitors to give them the real in depth enchantment by making them more acquainted with the island and its famous spots.

The rare species of plants found in rich collection of botanical gardens, artist studios, marine parks, glass bottom boating, house of coco de mer, capital Victoria, museums etc. are places that must be visited while you stay in Mahe.

The island is well connected with other islands and outside world, abundance of forest woods contributes to fine woodwork, fine arts and sculptures done on island.


as if migrating from a town to village surroundings, an entry in praslin is definitely remarked as a calmer and more peaceful descent.

Aloof from all commercial rush this island is surrounded with a rich collection of vegetation and rare species of plants and animals, the famous and very rare coco de mer palm is found in abundance here. The island is situated at few hours distance from Mahe.

The living coral reefs and variety of fishes in seawater present a spectacular panorama of god's creativity. The very beautiful Vallee de mai, once believed to be the original garden of Eden, has some of the world's rarest species of birds and plants encapsulated within it's thickness. The black parrot, which is the national bird of Seychelles, the fruit pigeon are to name few of them.

La digue:Small Island - SeychellesSmall Island - Seychelles

Among So many islands and each offering so much to watch and experience this island could certainly be the perfect Honeymoon spot for the newly wed couples. The serene and calm environment filled with beauty and bliss. It is a neighboring island of praslin with low population and solitary beaches to give you and your partner a calm vacation experience all alone in the lap of nature. Friendly people and exceptionally picturesque scenes gel together to make you feel at rest and get the ultimate real pleasure of vacations.

Ornithologists and proletarian bird watchers find the island to be a heaven as it host some very rare species of birds in its forests. As the island is not so well connected , people prefers to go there by boat or by bicycle .the rout itself is very enchanting and add towards your sheer Seychelles experience.


There is a whole list of water sports and other activities one can perform while there stay at beautiful islands of Seychelles

Coral reef diving: the activity commonly known as Scuba diving draws biggest attention , the clear dark blue sea water affluent with rare species of fishes and vast coral reefs can be explored and photographed easily.

Snorkeling: Most of the hotels and resorts provide there guests with snorkeling equipments like masks, fins, snokerls etc. and they guide them to the best snorkeling spots.

Bird watching: the island has some of the rarest species of birds; currently present on earth. Seychelles warbler, magpie robin are the few bird species that are now found only on these islands of Seychelles.

Hiking and walking tours: only walking tours and hiking can experience the splendorous luxury of experiencing rich flora and fauna of this island.

Fishing, sailing, surfing, golf, casinos are other much enjoyed water sports and activities that could be done on these magnificent Seychelles islands.

The Seychelles islands has something to offer in every month of a year , but the warm ocean currents flowing over shiny beaches during summers makes the island a real paradise and an ideal spot to migrate and enjoy winter vacations avoiding severe winters in west during the months from October to February.


All major islands present a wide range of choices for selection of accommodation. You can opt to stay in a high class seven star luxurious hotels and resorts, a less moderate priced but well maintained sea side hotel or you can even go for a cozy, clean and well maintained beach side self service accommodation. So budget will never be a big hindrance in accomplishing your dream vacations at Seychelles..

Local habitants and staffs at resorts and hotels are all very supportive and will always address you with a welcoming attitude.

The long shiny white powdered beaches, tranquil nature, and luxurious comfort are capable of imparting a long lasting effect on its visitors. A visit to this incredibly beautiful and romantic archipelago will always cherish your memories.


Article Written by Juhi Verma

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