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Boracay SunsetBoracay SunsetMany tourists choose to stay in the Philippines to get away from the cold season in their home countries and it is not surprising why. Made up of more than 7,000 islands, the Philippines offers a warm, tropical climate that is predominant almost all year round except for the months of June through October when the country experiences rain.

A popular tourist destination in the Philippines is Boracay, one of the finest beaches in the country. This beach is famous for its clear blue water and the fine, white sand that surrounds the shore. The sand is so incredibly fine that it has been compared to powder. Some tourists even take home small containers filled with sand as souvenirs.


PhilippinesPhilippinesWith its tropical climate, the Philippines is one of the many tourist destinations that travelers frequent to escape the cold weather. More than 7,000 islands comprise the Philippines, and the country is blessed with plenty of natural wonders. Colonized by the Spanish, invaded by the Japanese, and freed with the help of Americans, the Philippines offers a unique combination of historical landmarks. But ask any traveler – it is the warm and welcoming attitude of the people that makes any stay here truly unique and memorable.


Alabama State CapitalAlabama State CapitalMontgomery is the capital of the State of Alabama. The City was founded in 1819 following the merger of two towns, but only achieved capital status twenty-seven years later.

In addition to being home to many government buildings, Montgomery is also host to several universities and colleges, many high-end manufacturers, and a large military contingent at the Maxwell Air Base.


Alabama SunsetAlabama SunsetAlabama enjoys a sub-tropical climate with long hot summers and mild shorter winters. It is bordered by Georgia in the east and Mississippi to the west. Tennessee is to the north, while Florida and the Gulf of Mexico lie to the south. Despite the fact that Mobile is the state's only seaport, Alabama still has one of the finest water-based networks in the United States.

The Alabama landscape varies from low-lying rolling grassland and agricultural areas in the south to dense pine forests and hills in the north. The Mobile-Delta region adjacent to the beaches is characterized by swamplands and shallow channels of slow-moving water. Around it lie stunning beaches.


Pretoria South AfricaPretoria South AfricaPretoria lies in a series of valleys between rows of stony hills. It is also known as the Jacaranda City because of the colorful flowering trees that line the city's streets toward the end of summer every year. Once the capital of the Transvaal Boer Republic, Pretoria has retained its administrative role and today hosts the head offices of all central government departments.

Although predominantly a rugby city thanks to African influence, the acclaimed Loftus Versveld Rugby Stadium was given a makeover for the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup and is now a multi-sport stadium with state-of-the-art scoreboard, floodlights, and audio-visual systems.


Pilansberg National ParkPilansberg National ParkRustenburg, which is located one hundred and twelve kilometers northwest of Johannesburg and translates loosely as “Peaceful Place,” is one of the oldest towns in the area. It is indeed a laid-back place where the locals make time to go hiking and climbing in the nearby Magaliesberg Mountains.

About the most exciting thing that has happened since platinum was discovered here, has been the extension of the Royal Bafokeng Stadium to a seating capacity of 42,000, and the installation of new floodlights and electronic scoreboards for the 2010 FIFA World Soccer Cup.


Coral Tree FlowersCoral Tree FlowersPolokwane, previously known as Pietersburg, is the Capital City of Limpopo Province and the cultural center of a region that stretches between Pretoria and the Zimbabwean border. It is a city graced by wide streets, green open spaces and in summer is a colorful mix of orange flowered coral trees and purple flowered jacarandas.

The City is graced by the forty-six thousand seater Peter Mokoba Stadium that was developed for the 2010 FIFA World Cup and is still the only world class sports venue in the province. It is named after a controversial anti-apartheid activist born in the area.


Nelspruit Botanical GardensNelspruit Botanical GardensNelspruit on the banks of the Nels River lies in a fertile sub-tropical valley that is the gateway to the Kruger National Park and the neighboring country of Mozambique. The abundant sunshine and lush hills and valleys make it the perfect base for exploring the province of Mpumalanga, of which it is the capital.

The Mbombela Stadium seven kilometers outside the town was erected for the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup but is already showing promise of attracting sports fans to its forty thousand seat capacity for many years to come on account of its truly first world facilities.

Although the town itself may not enchant, it is the gateway to many wonderful places. The following are but a small selection: