Bank Account when Travelling

Bank Account when Travelling

If you are going to travel for an indefinite stay in a country, which do you think is a better way to do: Close your bank account or keep it open whilst living abroad? If you think you'll close it and you're going to bring the money with you, do you think it's safe to do that? Or do you plan to keep it and perhaps deposit some of your funds back home in your account?

if you want to do some work

if you want to do some work then you need an bank account in this country. some countries offer a "traveller account", this means you get a card but you a zero credit limit.

Depends on the fees

Generally I would keep my old bank account open.

As no brakes said already, you will need a bank account for several reasons. I am not sure if you really need it for work, since all my employers did offer me the choice between deposit and check.

Anyways, if the fees are too high to keep the old bank account, think about transfering it to a low-fee account but keep it there as a backup. Converting currencies back and forth just looses you money.


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Keep it!

I have learned much from this thread. In my case, perhaps I would opt to keeping my account since my stay is supposed to be indefinite and so not until it would be definite can I decide to close it or keep it for a longer time.