Anybody been to Singapore?

Anybody been to Singapore?

My friend has gone to Singapore and she said that it is one of the best places that she has gone to.

Anybody here who has gone there and would care to share their experiences while in the country?

isnt that the city with

isnt that the city with this heavy fines for smoking, loud talking, littering and breathing on the streets?!

have only been on the airport 2x for some hours (best airport i know: clean, compfortable, relax areas, there must be even a greenhouse inside somewhere).

Singaporeans has been known

Singaporeans have been known to be disciplined people and you can prove it by the cleanliness of their streets and the orderliness in the area. As far as I have known, it is also very strict when it comes to rules, laws and regulations.

Anyone else here who'd like to share what they know about Singapore?

I have been to S'pore :-)

- S'pore Marina Bay is a Must for every visitor, it's the heart of the City

- Orchard Road is a perfect place for shopping

- make sure to take part in a night safari at the S'pore Zoo.

- if you want to sunbathe and swim in the sea, I'd recomend Sentosa Island

Thanks, Sunflower. The more

Thanks, Sunflower.

The more you talk about the nice places, the more I desire to be there... hmmm, someday! ;)


I've also been to Singapore, I lived in Singapore from 1998-2001.  I agree with all of  Sunflower's points!  The Marina Bay is a must for visitors, as well as Sentosa Island.  As for the strictness of the laws, I don't think its as bad as everybody thinks.  While I was living there I never had any problems at all.  I loved the fact that the city was incredibly clean and there wasn't much smoke!  Its a very interesting culture with some cool places to go and worth checking out if you are in the area!


Ive been twice now. The first time I was disapointed, Ive previously lived in Hong Kong and was hoping Singapore would be similar and it sooo isnt.

Singapore to me is so clinical and clean it seems to be more like San Fransico than any Asian city.

The second time I went I was going primeraly to watch the IRB Rugby Sevens and perhaps as I didnt go with any expectations this time I enjoyed it so much more 

global151 wrote: Singapore

global151 wrote:

Singapore to me is so clinical and clean it seems to be more like San Fransico than any Asian city.

I am sure Adrian Monk would love it there (its a series about an obsessive compulsive detective in San Francisco), since San Francisco is not nearly as clean as Singapore must be.

I am sure a lot of people appreciate a certain sterility (not me, but I am a mess myself). I wouldn't mind spending a few days in this city.


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Hi I've been to Singapore a

Hi I've been to Singapore a number of times. I wouldn't say it's my favorite place in the world it's interesting friendly place to visit.

I would recommend  

1. Raffles (for tiffin)

2. Singapore Zoo

3. Little India

4. Sentosa Island (cable car)

5.Shopping just about anywhere

6.Clarke Quay bars & restaurants

7.Newton Circus (hawkers stands)

8. Singapore River Cruise

9. Asian Civilisations Museum 


Regards David


helen wrote:
Singaporeans have been known to be disciplined people and you can prove it by the cleanliness of their streets and the orderliness in the area.

I agree - if you stick to the CBD, you could eat off the sidewalks :) I normally fly SIN airlines from the US, and always end up with 9+ hours in Singapore before heading off to Thailand.

You can check your bags and take a free shuttle to several destinations in town, just hop hop back on when you're ready to head back to Changi. Suntec center is a nice place to spend a few hours, and they have the world's largest fountain. :)



I like Singapore.  When

I like Singapore.  When I'm traveling in SE Asia, that's where I go when I get homesick.  I go to the shopping area attached to Raffles, where there is a New York style deli.  I get a corned beef and pastrami on rye (corned beef in one half, pastrami in the other), with the meat piled so high that the top pieces of bread are at a steep angle.  Then I have cheesecake for desert.  And I'm cured.  It's better than anything I can get where I live in Florida.


Frankly, I'm a little

Frankly, I'm a little afraid to go to Singapore, especially after the Michael Fay case. Their laws are just a little too strict for my taste, and I'm afraid I could find too many ways to get in trouble!

It isn't as if Michael Fay

It isn't as if Michael Fay was a tourist who visited there and accidentally did something wrong.  He had lived there for several years, knew what the laws and punishments were, and vandalized the cars anyway.  No that I think caning is a reasonable punishment, but he did make a decision knowing exactly what would happen to him if he were caught.  Unless he thought, as so many people do, that the laws only applied to Singapore citizens.

One of the reasons that the punishment was so bad was that cars are so expensive there.  The import duty is 100% ( a $35,000 car costs you $35,000 in taxes), the registration fees are huge, and back then, you could then only drive your car in the center of the city four days a week, according to your license number.  Anyway, I think that pushed him out of the petty vandalism class of crime.

 I presume you are also afraid to go to France, where there is no right of habeas corpus and you are guilty until proven innocent?  That means they can hold you in jail forever just because they want to.

And you won't go, I hope, to any major city in most of the world, as they all have much higher crime rates than Singapore.

I've been to Singapore a

I've been to Singapore a few times and consider it a great stop over city ...because I love Raffles for a few nights.  Otherwise, I get bored there fairly quickly.  It's lovely though ...


I have always wanted to go there. But so far I haven not got the chance. I have friends that have been there and they loved it. Maybe I'll get next year somtime. Hope so.

Formula 1 night race in 2 weeks

I will go to Singapore for the first time to watch the F1 race there. It's going to be the first ever night race in Formula 1. I will surely check those places you guys mentioned here when I go there in less than 2 weeks time.

My brother travels to

My brother travels to singapore twice a year. Although I havnt as yet been there he suggest that Wala Wala is great. It is just the place to head out too when you want none of that snobby fuss that comes with partying at some hi-chi-spot. The mood there is so laid back and chilled out, you would'nt be out of place if you turned up in bermudas and flip flops. Music from the live bank takes centrestage every night, and expect raucous, spontaneous sing a longs.

Singapore Hotels

Surprisingly the modern city of Singapore can take you back in time as some of the Singapore hotels date back to the nineteenth century. These hotels are the perfect blend of old world charm and modern service. Unsurprisingly they attract both honeymooners and senior travelers.

Thanks For Sharing ur

Thanks For Sharing ur Information about Singapore ..Im planning to go to Singapore in within couple of days ..So thanks for sharing ur information for Singapore.

You have to come when they

You have to come when they are having a big sale. Usually in the end of the year. They have some amazing clubs on the beach, great shopping discounts and rebates, and also a cool parade on the street

Well I have never been to

Well I have never been to Singapore but I have heard that it's a very beautiful place. Specially the underwater palace. I heard that place is great! You must visit there. And what should I say about shopping? It’s a great place for shopping as well. You are going to enjoy your trip for sure!



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helen wrote: My friend has

helen wrote:

My friend has gone to Singapore and she said that it is one of the best places that she has gone to.
Anybody here who has gone there and would care to share their experiences while in the country?


Singapore is a very expensive city (for a backpacker like me). I enjoyed though riding the newest attraction in the city - Singapore Flyer - jus like the London Eye.Roughly S$30/person entrance ticket.

Lots of food choices when you eat at the famous hawker centers.


Thinking of visiting my favorite place, Singapore? If so I'll offer you a few pointers to ensure you get the best out of your stay.

First of all you need to book a hotel.The cheapest and easiest place to book is

The shopping plaza's are amazing, don't miss out Lucky Plaza the homeland of Filipino shops, and full of the people themselves on a Sunday. Far East Plaza, great for just about everything. Paradox, this is all the expensive designer gear, but still things worth a look.

Visit Sentosa Island via the cable car, or get a taxi direct.

The Bird Park, Zoo, Botanic Gardens, another must see is a visit to Little India

If you like sport, their are two World class golf courses on Sentosa Island.

For horse racing, one of the best tracks in the World is at Changi.

A taxi into China Town is also worth a visit, as this place is 100% Chinese

What To Eat:

Singapore is well known for it's range of food, and you can buy almost every type of meal on the planet. If you eat in the restaurants or hotels it will cost usually between S$10-S$20 each, eat in the food courts, and you get a filling meal for as little as S$4.


I have been to singapore

I have been to singapore you HAVE to go there it is such a lovely city the airport is best (for me, as i am a plane travel fan) it is great for shopping and relaxing i highly reccomend the raffles hotel;)