Travelling with a Disability

Travelling with a Disability

Does anyone have any tips on Travelling with a disability. We have booked a family holiday for next year and one of our relatives are in a wheel chair.? I have never had any experience with this. Any advice would be welcomed.


I would suggest that you send an email or call the airline/shipping line where you plan to ride and ask them about the accommodation that can be given to your relative with disability. What are their special accomodations for these types of passengers and how they can make the trip convenient to all of you. Sometimes you can also google out for tips that you can take note. Try: for travel tips or check this site out for Toll Free Hotline for Air Travel for families coping with disabilities:

I believe all airlines have

I believe all airlines have special accomodations for wheelchairs.  If you're traveling with a person who has a disability, you will be allowed to board first so you can get settled in before everyone else starts boarding. 

Avoid Ryanair

The British discount airline once got sued, because the charged for wheelchairs that they provided at the airport to get people from one terminal to another.

Their tickets are very cheap and they said they had to put the additional cost on the customers who needed it.


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Thanks for your advice. I

Thanks for your advice. I really want my Cousin to enjoy the holiday as much as any one else. I have been doing some research and although my cousin dosnt have an animal for assistance I found out that if you are assisted by animals, your final destination may be limited due to importation laws regarding animals. Even though the animal is for assistance reasons, you still may have problems. This is sad.


After some research I have

After some research I have found a lot of useful information about travelling with a disability: 

Try and make sure you reserve the type of car you need as soon as you know your date of arrival to prevent disappointment..

You will inevitably also need to carry a placard indicating that you are disabled. Your travel agent/car hire company should be able to provide information on finding out how to get a temporary placard for the country you will be visiting before you leave.

As a general rule, try and book as much as possible before you leave, so that you can make sure that they accommodate your various needs, or so that they can make the relevant preparations to accommodate your requirements.

In short, advanced preparation can save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. It is far easier to deal with any problems from home, than in a foreign country where you may have to deal with language barriers.

Wheelchair users should make sure that their chair is in full working order and have a maintenance check in advance of the trip. Likewise, ensure that you have basic tools and parts for the assembly and repair of your wheelchair, in the event that something goes wrong.

Do not assume that you will readily be able to access wheelchair parts in other countries to fit your own type of chair.