Hey guys,

Thought I would start a new topic for those of use who travel on business quite often.  Where are some of the best places you guys have been for business?  Which are some of the best hotels that cater to a more corporate crowd?

Is there a website out there that caters to the business traveler?  Please let me know.  I would appreciate your feedback.

 BTW, check this website out.  May be very useful for those who travel on business a lot.


My husband travels a lot

My husband travels a lot for business and I often go with him. He often travels to Washington DC. While there we stay at the Beacon Hotel, In Rhode Island Ave.  Rooms are large studios and come fully equipped with conveniences for working and cooking in the room. It's all a bit flash, in a very modernistic sort of way. I'm so lucky that his Company pays for the accomadation as it is a very nice but expensive motel. Laughing

My dad traveled for years

My dad traveled for years before he retired.  He was a Corporate Auditor for Chrysler.  He's been to Toronto, Mexico, Austria, and a lot of places in the U.S.  He never really talked too much about the hotels he stayed at.  I don't think Chrysler paid for luxury hotels, but they didn't go low budget either.  The one hotel I remember him mentioning was the Clock Tower, I think it was in Illinois, but I'm not sure.  Man was that a long time ago.  When my husband and I had to go out of state when he was going through training for his job, we had to pay our own way so we had to go cheap.  We stayed at the Microtel Inn.  For a budget hotel, it was pretty nice.

hotels for corporate business trips


To my mind, one of really good places for business is Lithuania.  The country has many attractions, and there is a wide choice of high quality accommodation services. 

You can find some information about hotels (and other business trip and corporate travel related information) in Lithuania at