Which African country

Which African country

Which African do you want to visit, state your reason why and the African country you would least like to visit and state why.

You almost sound like a

You almost sound like a military commander today Wink

I guess Egypt would be a good choice, for its pyramids and rich cultural heritage.

I have always been fascinated by those ancient achievements.

The other country would be South Africa, for its incredible wildlife experience (Kruger National Park) and along those lines Madagaskar for its unique Animals.

What about yoursef? 

  I guess I have been


I guess I have been watching too much news about Fidel Castro. I have always said that I would love to go to Egypt but I have had a change of heart my number one destination now is Madagascar the beautiful untouched gem of Africa. It is an unknown part of Africa that is not really visited a lot, is has spectacular beaches, vast untouched foster which contains new species of birds and insects.

 My least likely African Destination to visit is somalia.


I'm not sure I could easily

I'm not sure I could easily pick a country.  I've never been to Africa and I would imagine there is so much to see no matter which area you choose to visit.  I'd love to see the wildlife and experience the culture.  All the nice areas that most people want to see.  But, I would also be willing to go to the poorest regions and try to do something to help the people who were sick and dying if I could.  I think that would be such a rewarding experience if I were actually able to help.  Travel doesn't always have to be just for fun.

Well, I completely agree

Well, I completely agree with you Marsha. However you have to start somewhere. Usually I read a lot before actually making a decision but from what I know now I would probably like to visit Egypt. I always wanted to see the pyramids.

Unfortunately Egypt is mostly Moslem population with some violence towards western people, so I am not really sure I would go right now.


Zambia and Victoria Falls

If I can choose one country to go to in Africa, it has to be a sub-sahara country.

I have been to Egypt and Tunisia, and I feel that those is not african countries, miss the kindness and hospitality that sub-sahara countries has. Have also been travel in the southern region(Swaziland, South Africa and Mozambique) in Africa, and in those countries you can feel the real african atmosphere.

My wish has to be Zambia and Victoria Falls, and ofcouse back to Mozambique.

Jonny :)

Interesting notion. I would

Interesting notion. I would also like to see Victoria falls and I would love to see the Kruger National Park. Otherwise I would probably pick a country with lots of animal life and go on a safari.


Visit all

Well, if given the chance, I would love to visit all the different places in Africa and experience the uniqueness in each place.

I would be interested in

I would be interested in travelling to Guinea Bissau to see how it compares with the Cape Verde Islands.  Many of the Cape Verdeans have their roots here, and we have met a few who have gone over to the Cape Verdes to work. author of www.capeverdeinfo.org.uk

When I went to Africa, I

When I went to Africa, I went to Tanzania. Dar Es Salaam is the coolest city. It was awesome. In Tanzania, you can find:

Safari (Ngorogoro Crater)

Cities (Dar is the coolest)

Beaches (jump on a boat to Zanzibar - tropical island)

Mountains (We climbed Mt Meru, next to Kilimanjaro)

And plenty of other stuff

I don't really know where I would least like to go. If I went again, I'm not sure where I would go either. Maybe Kenya? Otherwise Egypt.

I prefer North Africa: Morocco

I have been everywhere.  I prefere to go to Morocco in North africa. Its an amazing country. Its a mixture of culture: French, spanish, english, African, berber...

The country is beautiful, the people, the food... I bought nice properties there...

we learn languages cultures...how to cook...its a cultural hildays we spend every time we go there. I like to chill out in the small seaside town Asilah: fishing, surfing, eating ou, cooking nice healthy food.

It is my experience and i would like to share it with others.


always to experience cultures, countries and people. 

I've been to quite a few

I've been to quite a few countries in Africa, back in the early eighties.  My recommendation for someone else would be Botswana, because of the variety.  Great game parks, the Kalahari, the Okavango Delta, and the trip can start or end at Victoria Falls.  Victoria Falls is probably the best place I've ever been.

 For myself, I'd like to go to Zanzibar, Mozambique, and some of the West African countries.  Zanzibar just sounds so exotic.  It wasn't really possible to vist Mozambique when I was in Africa, so I'd like to go see what I missed.  The only west African country I got to was Cameroon. 

I would have to say the

I would have to say the place I would not visit would be Somalia because of the unrest there.

Now the place I have always wanted to see was Egypet. I have always wanted to see the pyrimids and the museums. I just find the whole culture fascinating.


My parents have been in Tunesia a while ago. They seemed to have liked it a lot. It was almost like Spain, only cheaper. 


Travel Photos

I always wanted to see

I always wanted to see Egypt. The pyramids have always fascinated me. So it's definitely on my list of places to see. I am just not sure if I want to wait a little longer. Anybody know whether it's okay for tourists to visit there again? I think it's been a while since the attacks on tourists.

The other country I always wanted to see in Africa is South Africa. The mother of a friend of mine moved there some years ago and I've seen beautiful pictures of the national parks/reserves and heard the greatest stories.

I have to admit, the countries you guys mentioned sound intriguing as well, especially Madagascar.

Really if I had the money and time, I would explore almost all of the countries there. It's just so different from what I have seen and experienced so far.

South Africa

I have always fancied South Africa.  I have been to Tunisia and to THe Gambia but never to Southern Africa and South Africa has always appealled.  I have a friend in Cape Town so maybe one day I will make it there.

I think you already know

I think you already know the African country that I like to visit...just look at my name. Lol.

LOL. I never heard of iluv,

LOL. I never heard of iluv, must be a new country ;-)


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Both Morocco and Egypt

Both Morocco and Egypt would be good choices. I love both for different reasons. Though I tend to get lost in the Egyptian musuems (I lose track of time in them).

African country

I am really not sure where I would like to visit. But I have a neighbor who went to Africa last fall to live. She just came back this week for a month to see her mom. She moved to South Africa and she loves it. She said people are so friendly there, and there way of living is so much different.

South AFrica is lovely and

South AFrica is lovely and I've greatly enjoyed my trips there.  I also love Zanzibar for the beaches.  Recently, I went to Nigeria.  You can have Nigeria lol.

THe red village

I like the red village in Morocco. It's one of the most fascinating places I've ever seen.

THe red village

I like the red village in Morocco. It's one of the most fascinating places I've ever seen.

I would like to see Egypt,

I would like to see Egypt, Zambabwe, uganda, and zanzibar. I really can't choose where I want to go to most. Africa is just so facinating

Well I think there are two

Well I think there are two good places in Africa which you have to visit once a life time. One is Egypt where you would see Pyramids and other is South Africa which has world's best wild life destinations.

Egypt, never been there,

Egypt, never been there, and sounds like a wonderfull place to visit. Thats pretty much it!

Cape Verde

It is not really Africa more like Brazil but as this site has no region for Atlantic Islands so here goes.


This is a wonderful place for a holiday with some of the world`s greatest beaches and a climate that is never jhot enough to need aircon or cold enough to need to heat the pool. Also and this is what make it not Africa or South America - no tropical diseases. Cape Verde Jetaway do trips from £500. 

Morocco Asilah Tangier ...The best place

Have you been in The north part of Morocco?

Tanger, Asilah, Chefchaouen...?

It is very nice and different: It is a mixture of Indalusian, Spanish and Moroccan Culture.

To know more www.myasilah.com

I just spent about 20

I just spent about 20 minutes reading about all these places you have been to, now im extremely excited for my upcoming trip.


Wow, I wish I could go to Africa on a Safari. I have always wanted to go, but its just too expensive.