Roosevelt Hotel - Manhattan - Review

Roosevelt Hotel - Manhattan - Review

Finding an affordable hotel room in Manhattan in the midst of the travel season can be a real challenge, if one is not going to spend and arm and a leg. After checking out prices for hotel rooms for a few hours, I finally gave up and decided to give Priceline a shot. My goal was to stay two nights in Manhatten during a weekend in July and not spend more than $150. After a couple of trials, I got a room at the Roosevelt Hotel for $132/night. What a deal. Upon arrival I was informed that the room priceline hat booked was a standard room, which is barely suitable for two people. For $60/night I was given an upgrade to a Superior room (or better, I forgot), bringing my total bill to $192/night + tax. Considering how much rooms in Manhattan go for, this was a pretty sweet deal. Especially after we checked into our room, we couldn't believe that we could get this kind of room for this price.

The Roosevelt is named after Theodore Roosevelt. It was built in the haydays of railraod transportation and is located right next to Grand Central Station in Midtown Manhattan. It is a good location for tourists to explore Manhattan.

The staff was extremely friendly and tended to our every needs. Quite frankly I found the breakfast Menu prices a little outrageous, but then again you are in Manhattan and you can always go to one of the many Starbucks or the Cosi right across the street. The bed in our room was gigantic (the image is deceiving, it was larger than it looks). There was enough empty space for our luggage and to spread out the photo equipment and the bathroom was a joy.

I have read a lot of mixed reviews of this hotel, but I have to say it was the best hotel of our recent east coast trip. I would defenitely come back here again.

The Roosevelt Hotel - Rooms

The Roosevelt Hotel - Bathroom

The Roosevelt Hotel Beds

The Roosevelt Hotel - Front Desk

Here is a map to find the Roosevelt:

[gmap |id=map |center=40.75498367472003,  -73.9773725571941 |zoom=17 |width=600px |height=400px |control=Large |type=Hybrid |markers=40.75486445336327,-73.97735238075256] 


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$192 a night for two that

$192 a night for two that is so expensive, so if i you spend the week you would have to pay $1344, do they give any discount id you are spending the week or do you have to pay $1300. the hotel looks really nice though.


Normally I would agree with you, but for Manhattan this price is outrageously cheap. Try finding anything comparable in Manhatten at a cheaper price on Expedia (weekend, July).

I guess if you were interested in staying a week, you should book a package deal on Expedia or somewhere else (flight+hotel). Those deals are usually much cheaper than buying everything seperately.


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At that Rate i could rent a

At that Rate i could rent a flat for the month some where in Queens or Brooklyn, yes it will not be as nice as staying at the Roosevelt but i could stay the month with  $1000. does that make me cheap.

Re: At that Rate i could rent a

callis wrote:

does that make me cheap.

LOL. I think so.

Have you considered deposit? Utility bills? Furniture?

I think there is a lot more to it than just the rent. As I said, check out rates for hotels in Manhattan and you will find that I got a pretty good deal.

If you are in New York for a short time, it makes sense to stay in Manhattan. Quite frankly I wouldn't want to take the subway out to Queens at night either. In a city like New York, where you really shouldn't drive, it makes sense to stay where the action is.


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For that kind of money i

For that kind of money i rather take one of the new york cruises leaving NJ or NY. There are cheap hotels in the city that are relatively nice but few and far between.

don't you think theye are

don't you think theye are too expensive?????????? by that amount of money i could get a ready flat.

Indeed! The price is too

Indeed! The price is too high! This hotel is only for reach people. That lobby looks like a ballroom. The rooms are simple but the furniture seems expensive. How's the service? 

Manhattan is so expensive.

Manhattan is so expensive. It's true. Last time I visited New York, we stayed in Queens for most of the trip and paid for one night at a hotel near Times Square. We could only afford one night in the actual city lol.

Fair price

The question in my mind is that is there anything 'affordable' that you can associate with Manhattan. I do not think so but affordable is much more possible than a cheap hotel room.

But if you recommend it then surely your experience would help. Certainly 192 USD + taxes is a fair bit of price.

I really don't know but I

I really don't know but I think only few people in the world can afford to spend their vacations or Honeymoon in Manhattan who are extra rich and have extra budget to spend.

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This place looks really

This place looks really classy!

Thanks for the tip.

It really doesn't look to

It really doesn't look to bad for this kind of money in Manhattan but are you sure that's the best deal you could find? I am planning a trip to Boston and I am checking all the hotels, I hope I'll find the best deal there is, that's why I am still undecided on a certain hotel. Just how accurate is Priceline after all?

I think it's really cheap

it really cheap.