vaccines for travel to Peru

vaccines for travel to Peru

Many people have asked me what kind of vaccines are required for travelling in Peru, so I thought I'd give a short overview of vaccinations required for your Peru vacation.

  • Malaria: Contrary to common belief you are not at risk if you only visit the highlands and the coast of Peru. The Andean mountains form an effective barrier against malaria containing mosquitos, since they die above a certain altitude. We visited the areas around Lima, Arequipa (Colca Canyo), Lago Tititcaca (Puno, Juliaca), Cusco, Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley. For all those areas Malaria prevention is not required. However if you go further east or north into the lower altitude jungle areas you defenitely need prevention.
  • Yellow Fever: I got this vaccine, although one could argue if this is necessary or not when looking at the map of Yello Fever endemic zones released by the CDC (center of disease control):
    Yellow fever-endemic zones
    The side effects of Yellow Fever vaccination are generally flu like. In extremely rare cases you may get Yellow Fever
  • Hepatitis A: The Hepatitis virus spreads through unsanitary water and food. It is generally a good idea to have Hepatitis vaccination when you go to Peru.
  • Tetanus-Diphtheria: If your last shots are more than 5 or 10 years old, you may need some booster shots.
    Side effects: You will feel soar where you have been injected. You can get mild feverish reactions too.

Some Warnings:

  • If you are pregnant, please consult your physitian if the vaccines are safe for you.
  • Make an appointment ahead of time. Some vaccines for traveling need to be injected at least 4 weeks before departure. You will only be given a certain amount of injections per visit, which means you may have to go back a second time. I would recommend to call your local health care provider at least two months ahead of time.

Where should you go

You will need to go to a travel vaccination center. Most health care providers have special clinics for that purpose.

I am with Kaiser Permanente. Fortunately all injections are 100% free (no co-pay).

Avoid getting sick in Peru

  • Do not drink tab water
  • Do not eat salad and only eat fruits that you peel yourself.
  • Only eat thoroughly cooked food
  • Do not drink beverages with ice
  • Do not swim in standing waters
  • Do not handle animals
  • Avoid dairy products
  • Use mosquito repellants
  • Have some steralizing bandages and solutions

These are the most important vaccines required for Peru. However you may need some more shots, depending on where you go and when you got the last of them. You should consider prevention against all diseases transmitted by insects and by unsanitary environments.


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Good Information

Thanks for the summary. Seems like one has to jump through a lot of hoops in order to go some place.

Water is the most

Water is the most important thing to know wether it is safe to drink. And one more thing to look out is their food of course meaning eat only in those credible restos.


I traveled to peru last year.  It is a gret country!!!

The vaccination for the jungle (fever yellow) is not required but is higly recommended.

For the people who is wondering about the water, dont be worried about that, if you prefer not to drink the water there are bottle water which you can buy in any store.

For my trip to Peru I ask for information to the company I used, They provide me all the information I needed.

Peru is an amazing country!!! It is a place that you shouldnt miss.



Thank you for the review

Thank you for the review and the pictures. Peru seems to be such a lovely place, filled with culture and interesting things.

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The Basil it's well known for it's carnivals and I dream to see one of those carnivals so I guess I will contact some carnival cruise lines