I've never been to a cruise but many people who have say it's a great experience. With only 2 weeks off of work and really only 1 week of travel per year (since the other week is used for other things), I want to be sure I'm getting a good experience and land has always been a known quantity, whereas cruises are unknown to me. So, for those who have been to cruises, how do you compare it with seeing a city or region in the world?

I believe this thread has

I believe this thread has some valuable insight for you.

I have said it before, but

I have said it before, but here it goes again.

I feel that a cruise would rob me of the individual experience when seing a place. When I travel alone I can wait for the best light for my photos or venture off somewhere, since I don't have to be back on board at sunset.

I also don't like group travel. If you exit the ship on an organized tour, you can bet that you are not alone. Again this interferes with my photo taking requirements, since the guides always have a fixed plan.


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I agree with Andre, I

I agree with Andre, I prefer to not take a cruise. I'm not saying there is anything against them some people I know have taken them and loved them. But I prefer to be able to do my own thing, stop when I want to, go to different places I want to see. Plus I dont really know how I would go if bad weather hit.