Caribbean Cruise

Caribbean Cruise

My father-in-law is hoping to be able to take my mother-in-law on a Caribbean Cruise for their 50th wedding anniversary (coming up in 3 years).  They're saving up for it, and there has been a lot of family interest among my husbands aunts and uncles about possibly going at the same time.  If they get a large enough group of people going, will they be able to get a group discount?  There could possibly end up being 20-30 people going on the cruise.  Also, any "do's and don'ts" tips for cruises would be appreciated. 

Caribbean Cruise: Choosing The Line That Fits You by Khieng Ch

A longed for retreat is shared in the bright days of Caribbean. The beaches, the foods and all! What more would you ask?

The Caribbean is among the most in demand tourist spots in the world. So it is not surprising to see millions of vacationers flocking the Caribbean Islands.

Caribbean cruises are very popular as well. Cruising along the islands give vacationers the rare chance of exploring the entire wonders of this top class destination. Added to it are the fun that cruising entails; leisure at ones fingertips and luxury on the other.

Planning to go aboard a Caribbean Cruise is much easier compared to the hassles back then. Most Caribbean cruises have online portals, which make them easier to reach. Tour planners are sure to help you in your schemes with just a click of the button. They provide help that would be more than welcome especially on vacation periods when tourists abound.

While there may be a number of Caribbean cruises available at any time of the year, vacation periods are expected to be booked much earlier than normal. This then can make accommodations a challenge. You can access their web portals online and book instantly. However, you also must be choosy in the Caribbean cruise that you would want to book into.

The competition for taking the most number of passengers seems to be the ultimate motto for all cruise liners. In here, don't get trapped with the confusion of the game. Evaluate your purpose.

First, are you traveling with the family? Then it wise that you take a Caribbean cruise that will accommodate the youngest member up to the oldest of your party.

Check the facilities available. There are cruises that have equipments for childcare while there are those that does not have any.

Check also their programs for young adults and elders. With this, it would be a great idea to go on deck a Disney Cruise line where especially designed activities are made for both toddlers and teenagers. There are also themed presentations that focus on family.

Traveling on a budget? Caribbean cruises can also accommodate you with lines of medium-priced ships. However for those traveling without their minds on spending money, you will be amazed by the selections of cruises that will give you the best of everything, except only the entire sea! Take note of liners, which give high-end accommodations like the Queen Mary II or the Silversea.

Yet, prior to any decision it is wise to get as much information as you would prefer to really know the differences of each cruise.

Each one in the lines of Caribbean cruises are made to cater individual needs while providing you options for ideal combinations of activities and prices and destination stops. Whether you are traveling on extravagance, touring with your family or simply would want to get away with the one you love, Caribbean cruises are sure to provide you with whatever you require.

There are basically two types of Caribbean cruises: the contemporary or value class and the Supreme or Luxury class.

The most popular among the contemporary class are the Royal Caribbean and Carnival, which cover almost the full section of the industry. These are especially created for the vacationers who are on the budget and for famous holidays.

Premium cruise lines on the other hand, offer superiority of service that is incomparable elsewhere however, they are considerably smaller in size. These include cruise lines such as Cunard and Seabourn that are among the most well known members of the industry.

For people who have the idea of making a Caribbean trip unique, there are cruises that cover especial tours in spots that are not normally reached by other cruise lines.

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Thanks for the article and

Thanks for the article and the link.  There is a lot of valuable information there.  I think I'll send my father-in-law the link so he can begin doing a little research.  He's got 3 years to plan the perfect anniversary cruise.

a Caribbean Cruise is

a Caribbean Cruise is the best way to see all the island (in one trip )in the caribbean

I am not really that much

I am not really that much in favor of cruises (too expensive). I don't like organized tours and I don't like to be back on bord before sunset, since this is the best light of the day.

I know photographers who do not even consider shooting during the day. One of my favorite photographers (Art Wolfe) shoots mainly during the first and last few hours of the day. If you see his photos, you can only agree with him.


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I think the cruises are a lot cheaper it’s over £1000 to travel to any Caribbean destination form the UK and that’s just traveling to one destination. can you imagine how much it would cost to travel to 4- 5 other country in one trip. the cruises is a good as it will let you have a general idea of all the island in one trip, this will then give you a good idea of where you would like to spend a longer vacation next time you travel.


Beach List 

If you really can afford,

If you really can afford, why not really go on cruise?  It is a great way to spend your vacation and a good way to visit many places at one time.

My brother and his wife

My brother and his wife went on a Roayl Caribbean Cruise last year. One of the days was spent on  CocoCay Island. He just loved it. The Island is one of the Caribbean's private islands. It's a beach where you can snorkel or swim. He said it was just beautiful.

Any cruise to the Caribbean

Any cruise to the Caribbean is like paradise, as all the Caribbean countries have really gorgeous beaches.


dream travel

Thanks for the article by toptraveller. It will prove to be very useful and relevant to travellers like me. Definitely, a carribean cruise is one of my dream travels. :)

I went on a Caribbean

I went on a Caribbean cruise in January, on the Princess line. I had a wonderful time. Since I didn't know where I was going (and didn't want to end up anywhere where I could get my throat cut), I thought the guided excursions were great. Here are a couple of things I learned that hard way, though:

1) Book as early as possible, especially for a large group. Cruises can fill up fast.

2) If possible, be a little flexible in your travel dates. I had planned to travel a wekk before I actually went, but the different in my ticket would have been well over $200, so I put off my trip for a little bit.

3) Go with a good attitude. When so many people are traveling together, there's bound to be some "ooops" moments. If you're on edge, wanting everything to be perfect, you'll go nuts. If you can relax and take things as they come, you're well on your way to a wonderful trip.

4) Finally, don't overpack. Most cruisers want to take everything but the bathroom sink (and sometimes even that), but it's not necessary. A few clothes, maybe one really nice outfit for the dress up nights, a light wrap, some shorts, cosmetics, meds, maybe a book if you like to lie out in the sun and read, suntain lotion, that's about all you'll need.

 Hope you and your family have a wonderful time! 

I would love to take a

I would love to take a cruise really anywhere. The one thing that I was told by friends that alot of people don't think about getting is the drink cards you can prepurchase. I cannot remember the exact name they called them but I guess they basically will save you alot of money on your sodas. Just thought I would pass it along. I would imagine any cruise website might have better information on this type of card.

Caribbean Cruise

I have always wanted to go on a cruise.I hope someday soon I will be able to. We are older now the kids are grown and on there own so I think now is the time. I would like to know what all you should know before going?

If your group books

If your group books directly with the cruise line, you should be able to get a commission in the form of a free room or two.  The rate used to be one free double for every ten rooms booked and was available to anybody.  Contact the cruise lines and ask.