Suggested Honeymoon Destination

Suggested Honeymoon Destination
I would love to know some of the best places for a Honeymoon in Carribean.  Perhaps anybody here can give me suggestions so that I can have an idea on some packages or activities involved?  Those who went there for a vacation are also welcome to reply to this thread.  Any suggestions please?



I know Jamaica is well known as a good destination for honeymooning, the Bahamas is really good also they have a wide variety of actives. If you are interested in beaches you have a look at this link

Here is a site that has a

Here is a site that has a lot of suggestion's for honeymooning, They also have packages just for the honeymooners.

Hawaii seems to be a

Hawaii seems to be a popular choice too. I have met a lot of honeymooners there. The sunsets are very spectacular making for an ideal setting.

Hawaii is one of many great

Hawaii is one of many great Honeymoon destinations there is also Tahiti  and any of the many Caribbean countries I  currently have some friend of mine who are in Dominica republic on there honey moon.

Puerto Rico and Saint

Puerto Rico and Saint Thomas are nice Islands in the caribbean and much preferred by US tourists for their Honeymoon. Although nowadays it may be safer to go in winter after the hurricane season is over (this may also apply to the dominican republic suggested above).

My sister and her new

My sister and her new husband just came back from a carribean Honeymoon. They used this site. They enjoyed it so much. Check it out.

Honeymoon Destination

I agree Hawaii is a great place for a Honeymoon. I have many friends that have gone their on their honeymoon and they loved it. They said that it was beautiful and would go back in a minute.

Where are you traveling

Where are you traveling from?  Hawaii is great, but if you live on the east coast of the US or worse are in Europe, it's a long, long trip.  Many people only have one week for their Honeymoon, and Hawaii is just too far away.

 All of the Caribbean islands have great resorts.  If you are American, and still waiting for your passport, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands have the advantage of being US territories, and you don't need a passport to enter.

Consider El Salvador

If your and your future spouse are on the adventurous side and looking for something off the beaten path, then you'll be hard pressed to find a better destination than El Salvador.  This gem of Central America has yet to be discovered, so you won't have to fight crowds of tourists.  If you book your vacation through a reputable tour company, you shouldn't have to worry about the inconveniences normally associated with being off the beaten path.

Seychelles Le Meridien Barbarons

I think the best place to visit is Seychelles in Africa,Seychelles offers a holiday experience as unique as it is varied, drawing on the amazing diversity of 115 pristine islands to ensure that every visitor goes back with his or her very personal memories.Visit Seychelles

 If only i can afford the

If only i can afford the caribbean. I guess not today, but i'll surely will when everything gets better on my budget. How i love to cruise the there.

some more good places

I think honey moon is always being a good moon for the newly married couples. So it should have a wonderful place which going to be a reminder of whole life . so I would prefer historical places in India like Rajasthan

I know Jamaica is well

I know Jamaica is well known as a good destination
for honeymooning, the Bahamas is really good also they have a wide
variety of actives

Honeymoon at an eco-adventure hotel in the Caribbean

for the adventurous and active, fun loving, travel couple - this is the best possible Honeymoon. we treat all our guests like the amazing individuals that you are and cater to your needs. If you're coming on your honeymoon, we'll be sure to fill you in on all the great spots to hit, whether its a cultural adventure you're looking for, or a romantic restaurant with a view. come spend your most memorable vacation here on the beach. Inexpensive accommodation means that you'll have more spare cash for adventures.

A summer Honeymoon means

A summer Honeymoon means plenty of time in the beach. This means that you should prepare as many swimwear as you can. Bright colors are perfect for beach wear of any type: bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, men's swimming outfits, board shorts and even maxi dresses, colorful sarongs and cover ups. Bring more than one swimwear so that you won't have to wear the same one everyday. Part of your summer honeymoon fashion are your sunscreen lotions and lip balm. Italy Holiday