What is the best thing to do in Asia and where?

What is the best thing to do in Asia and where?

I haven't gone outside my country yet but I have already visited a lot places in my country, its because I love travelling. What do you think is the best thing to do in Asia and what country would that be?

I'm guessing, swimming at the resorts in Thailand for they say that they have the best to offer in Asia. And because I love hiking, I would like to hike the Himalayas, if possible Mount Everest, for that would be the most challenging hike I would ever take.


Asia has some of the best beaches so going to the beach  to relax and to do some Snorkelling.



Hey, tourist, one can also go shopping at Thailand.  They have cheaper items there on sale.  They can also go to Tokyo.  They can enjoy the cleanliness in Singapore but have to be careful with the strict authorities.  They can savor the nationalistic approach of Japan but even though they are like this, they have slowly opened their door to the world, which I believe is great!  Don't you think so?

I guess you can ask 100

I guess you can ask 100 people to get 100 answers. How about climbing mount everest?

Your suggestion reminds me

Your suggestion reminds me of this post about Everest.

I think the best thing to do in asia is tasting the food and trying to get to know the people and cultures. Exploring some new things is always at the top of my list.

Experiencing Asia

There are many things that Asia can offer that you can't find in your country.

Asia is a variety of different cultures with different historical backgrounds, all evident in the way each country presents itself to the world. In every country in Asia, you find different kinds of food, different kinds of people with different cultures which makes them unique from all the other countries in the world. Some Asian countries are composed of small islands. A tourist will always enjoy nature and the beaches that are just a few minutes ride from his place. So, what are you waiting for? Go and book your flight to Asia and enjoy the thrill and the exciting people who will meet you there! :)

what about Southeast Asia?

I don't know what type of travel you are (budget or middle-class or luxury), but i do recommend you spend time in Southeast Asia, which offers a wide range of tourist-attractions as well as shopping and other activities!

What country?

linhzom wrote:
but i do recommend you spend time in Southeast Asia

What country? Are you refering to the entire region or to a specific country?

I see you are from Hanoi. Have you been to other countries in the area?


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Southeast ASia

For a long time, Southeast Asia has become a favourite destination of many tourists.

I'm from Hanoi, and now a local helper (which means if you need any help or question, just ask!). I've been to Thailand and Singapore. It depends on ur purpoe and ur budget to decide where you will go. For example, to experience Vietnam you should spend 5 weeks at least, if you just want high-light spots, it takes 10 days, i guess. Many things to see, esp the seas, caves, pagodas and other spots, you shouldn't miss food too!

Other countries in SEA also offers you an amazing holiday. I've been to Thailand, and i must say i love the country, a place for shopping, for long beaches and for pagodas... esp the accommodation there are very affordable, even for students like me!

Singapore, on the other hand, is a dragon of SEA. mainly city, so it's much like Europe.

The Mekong delta can be experienced through trips like floating market or boating. (from Thailand, Cambodia to Vietnam)

And one more thing, that is Bali island, a place for entertaining and famous over the world..

So why don't u choose SEA???

Get closer with Asia

Asia is simply amazing, there are many things that you could here.

Each countries offers different culture, language and experiences.

Why not explore Asia with your mouse today right from the convenience of your



To me, a trip to Asia to go

To me, a trip to Asia to go to the beach is something I probably wouldn't do.  If I want a beach vacation, I'll go to California or Florida.  It's easy to find a beach right here in the U.S.  If I ever get to Asia, I want to truly experience a different culture.  


Believe me, you don't want to go on a beach vacation in California. California is wonderful and I really love it, but we don't have the best beaches here. I'd go for the caribbean (Mexico, Belize, Dominican Republic ...). Those places have really good beaches.


Mexico Beaches 

Pakistan one of best country in asia

So you are talking about beaches in Asia than why should left Pakistan.Pakistan has the most beautiful beach(Karachi beach.)I love it.I have visited there lot of time and I wish that when you'll come to Asia so you should visit the Karachi beach.

I visited

I visited the place that you are discussing about.it was a amazing trip there we had lot of fun there.