Have you ever been on a Safari.  I'm an animal lover, so I believe this would be my ultimate dream vacation.  I've only seen them on TV, so I have some questions for anyone who has actually had the experience.  Are they actually done out in the wild where an animal could come right up to your car at any minute, or are they done in a controlled environment where the animals really can't get to the road you're driving on?  Is it dangerous, or are the guides able to handle absolutely anything?  If there is any sort of danger envolved, so you have to sign something not holding anyone responsible for you?  I'd love to know more about this from someone who's actually been there.

Safari in Kenya.

I have just come back from Kenya and can definitely recommend Mountsafaris adventure  They do camping ,lodge safaris and trekking,climbing mount kenya ,and kilimanjaro.They were fantastic - very well organised - and the people in the office were friendly and helpful. The safari itself exceeded all my expectations. Obviously the safari depends on being lucky with the rest of your group and with the animals but I really felt like our guide and cook as well as the other guides and helpers at the camps were all really good and knew exactly what they were doing. They were also happy to accommodate any of our wishes throughout the safari. I did the 6 day Rift Valley Lakes and Maasai Mara option which was perfect. The lakes are beautiful and the scenery from the car is spectacular for the whole journey up the Rift Vallery. The Mara was beautiful and we saw loads of wildlife. Sorry this sounds a bit like an advert (it's not!) but I was just so impressed by them.Hope you have a wonderful time.


Re: Safari in Kenya.

Bryan wrote:

Sorry this sounds a bit like an advert (it's not!)

Still does to me, Bryan / Michael  

you have been caught

you have been caught Micheal Brain never again should you self  promoting your website like that.

Think "safari" and one

Think "safari" and one landscape springs to mind: savanna. But at the 49,420-acre (20,000-hectare) Phinda Private Game Reserve, in South Africa's eastern Maputaland region, there are six other distinct habitats in which to seek out big game—marsh, salt pan, woodland, mountain, river, and rare sand forest. The reserve features four topflight luxury lodges stationed among these environments. For a week-long trip, pick two. At the Rock Lodge, six private stone villas stand atop a 900-foot (274-meter) cliff face; you can watch elephants stroll along the path below. Tucked away in the northern part of the reserve among groves of Lebombo wattle trees, Vlei Lodge neighbors a large cheetah range. Both lodges feature chef-prepared meals and bottles of Pinotage wine, crafted from a grape that, like so much else, is found only here.



Have been on a  safari in Kenya and I have to say that its an amazing place to be. The game drives are done  out in the wild and animals come even come closer to your safari vehicle or even on the road driving on. Its not dangerouse so long you dont annoy the animals. Though Its always good to avoid lone elephants, bufallo and other animals as they are aggressive and bit wild!...can easily attack.

Hope your wild dream will come true someday.


I remember when I was

I remember when I was younger we used to have a Safari park not far from us. of course it was well maintained and the animals where in an environment similar to they where used to. You had to drive through the park in your car and the lions and tigers used to come and sit on your car you couldnt get out though. I dont think they would have hurt you though unless you did something to harm them. It was an experience especially here in Australia.

I went on Safari in the

I went on Safari in the Ngorogoro Crater, Tanzania. It was excellent. The animals are practically trapped inside the giant crater. I also climbed Mt Meru, which was probably one of the best  parts of the trip.

I went on several budget

I went on several budget safaris in the early eighties, including a 5 1/2 month trip from Johannesburg to Fez.  On each trip we only had a driver, and had to do the cooking ourselves.

 These trips were collectively the best travel experiences of my life.  Seeing elephants, giraffe, and lions in the wild is amazing.  The parks are not fenced in.  Just check how long the perimeter of the Serengeti-Masai Mara complex is (It's one big reserve that lies in two countries).  They you'll know why it isn't fenced.

 You will have to sign a release, but then you have to do that for nearly everything.  The danger is not from the animals.  The danger lies in catching a disease, tripping and breaking a leg, and not being able to deal with the heat.

 My first recommendation is always Botswana.  It's more expensive, but a trip there offers incredible variety and includes Victoria Falls.


The closest I ever got to a safari was in the Wild Animal Park in San Diego. Even though it was called a photo safari it was more like a petting zoo.

Victoria Falls is one of those places I'd like to see as a photographer. I guess I will have to put Botswana on my map too.


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I went to a safari park in

I went to a safari park in Florida, more than ten years after I had returned from Africa.  I nearly had a hear attack when I had to stop for a group of buffalo to cross the road and one walked right by my car, only inches away.  They don't get that close in Africa.  I was sure one was going to just tip my little hatchback car right over.

My parents went on safari a

My parents went on safari a few years ago. My mom loved it. My mom said that not only could animals actually come up to the car, they even blocked the road and the whole safari party would just have to sit and wait until the animals felt like moving. I'm sure this just about put my dad into coronary failure, as he can't stand delays, but Mom loves watching animals and how they behave.  


I have always wanted to go on a safari but haven't done it yet. My neighbors went on ine and they loved and say would do it again. Are there any package deals you can get?

There are loads of package

There are loads of package deals to be found ...just do a little online looking and you'll see what I mean.  YOu can then back track the company's reliability through other sources like tripadvisor. com etc.

 I love South Africa and Tanzania the most for safaris and game reserves, but each person finds something in their research which tweaks their individual interests too.

 I prefer staying in one lodge or camp for the duration while others like to move around more.


Thank you for your information. I will look int it and see what I can find. I am not planning on going right away, but at least this will give me an idea of what I do want when I do go.

Part of the fun of

Part of the fun of travelling is the planning so you've got some fun time in store for you.

Today, I was on a train going to Manhattan, and there was a woman across the aisle with three or four books on South Africa she was going through with a highlighter.  I envied her because I knew she was planning a trip!

I have always wanted to go

I have always wanted to go on a safari but haven't gotten the chance as of yet. I was wondering though if certain times of the year are worse? Like when animals are mating or have their babies. I would think that they could be more aggressive at certain times of the year.

I've never gotten to go

I've never gotten to go during migration season which I would love to see, but that's a different kind of trip because you want to see much of it from small planes.  I think to see thousands of animals migrating would be so cool.

I'm guessing that most

I'm guessing that most animals would be at their most aggressive and territorial during the mating season.

You are probably never

You are probably never going to leave your vehicle, so aggressive doesn't matter except for the really big animals.  Teen-age bull elephants and rhinos seem to cause the most problems.

It's best to go to southern Africa during the winter dry season, April to October, when the grasses are low.  Some parks, like Etosha, are closed during the wet because the roads turn to mud, the insects just swarm, and the malaria risks are high.  The animals are harder to find, too, because they have no need to stay in the vicinity of reliable water. 

Safaris in Namibia...

the Etosha National Park in Namibia is a very good place to visit. It is home to these 4 rare, endangered species: black rhino, black faced impala, Hartmann's mountain zebra, and the tiny Damara dik-dik...


Am a kenyan working in the bundu, BUSH. Some of the dangers involved with safaris will largely depend on your guide or perceptions of the impending dangers in the savanna. Honestly, the wild here in kenya is as its called THE WILD. You will come up close with animals and even at times your vehicle will get stuck and you will need to come out and assist the wilderness. If youexpect someone to be held accountable when a rogue Elephant charges....sorry then the wild is not for you. For three years i have been working in the wild and you learn how to tell out the  animal behavioral patterns and when and if they are about to charge. So dont let that  worry you. Wild animals charge only when provoked. Your tour guide should be well placed to advice you on that. Hope you travel soon and experience it firsthand. Its an experience beyond words. 


Wanna have adventure and explore the wild. Its true seing wild animals near to you. But i think there is someone who will be coming with you for your security. Try luxury africa safari you wont regret it, a very nice experience going to the wild. We've seen lions feasting one african buffalo. Have fun to your trip.

I've never been on one

I've never been on one honestly. I've been on a trip to Africa but not on a Safari. It's something I would like to try though. Most likely, if I do go on one, I'll bring the best camera I can just for taking pictures of wild game. Yeah!

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