Altitude ear pressure

Altitude ear pressure

When I fly, or even when we're just driving over a mountain, pressure builds up in my ears so badly that it feels like my head is going to explode.  I've tried chewing gum, that does absolutely nothing.  The only thing that helps is to hold my nose closed and blow.  It makes my ears pop, but it's very painful to me.  Is there anything that can be taken that will help with this problem?  Either over the counter medication or by prescription?  Or, does anyone have a tried and true home remedy I can try.  This makes traveling miserable for me.

Tere is not that much you

Tere is not that much you can do besides what you said. The only other thing I know of is yawning. On some airports (cities enclosed by mountains) the pilot has to come in very steep. Since the plane is not fully pressurized to ground level, the pressure will start building up very quickly.

I am not sure if earplugs would help, but I guess not. You have to make sure that the pressure on the other side of the eardrums is the same as outside by yawning frequently (the more the better).


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Chewing a gum and yawning

Chewing a gum and yawning are good ways of making your ear be relieved from the pressure of that location. I haven't tried closing my nose then blowing, that should be really painful for it will force air out of your ear. What I use to do is to plug a headphone so that I would hum the music that I'm listening.

Maybe if you crank up the

Maybe if you crank up the music you can make your eardrums vibrate and achieve some kind of pressure equalization


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Yeah, I think that's the

Yeah, I think that's the idea why I don't have ear pressure problem. My eardrums are always vibrating with the help of the headphone. I don't usually make the volume louder but just the soft volume for the listening pleasure while travelling.

When my family where flying

When my family where flying years ago my brother had a lot of trouble with altitude ear pressure. He was in so much pain. The air hostess gave him a tissue with eucalyptus oil on it and told him to breath it in it made a great difference. It's worth a try.

Seriously? That worked? 

Seriously? That worked?  I'm guessing I could find eucalyptus oil at any pharmacy?  I'll definitely give it a shot.  Forced pressure makes for a painful pop, but when nothing else works you'll eventually do anything.  Thanks for this tip, maybe it'll help save my ears.

Re: When my family where flying

tay wrote:
The air hostess gave him a tissue with eucalyptus oil on it and told him to breath it in it made a great difference.

I have never heard that before. Amazing. I used to do this when I had trouble breathing due to a cold.

Wonderful tip. Thanks Tay!

Altitude ear pressure

I will have to try the eucalyptus. I always have problems with my ears when I fly. And chewing gum just did not work for me. Thank you for the information.

I usually don't have any

I usually don't have any trouble with my ears, but I took one flight across the US years ago, that was sheer hell. I had a cold, I got a piercing pain in my ears, and I understood for the first time why babies can scream for hours on a plane. I was in my thirties, and I wanted to scream, too.

I never heard of using eucalyptus, and I certainly wish I'd had some then. I think I'll pick up a small bottle before I fly back to the US in the fall.

Thank you

Hi Tay, thanks for the tip!

I do have trouble with my ears. It's usually not that bad, but the problems start when I have to take another flight shortly after because I have to change planes or if I am on a trip where I'm on a plane every couple of days. Since my ears are still hurting it only gets worse with every flight.

So, I will definitely give this a try. It would make things much easier. Smile

I will have to give this

I will have to give this a  try also because chewing gum does nothing for me. I hate the pressure in my ears. Drives me nuts.

Ear pain/pressure

I have suffered with this problem my entire life.  However, an aunt told me she uses decongestant nasal spray 30 minutes prior to flying and that helped her.  I had nothing to lose at that point, I was suffering so miserably every time I flew.  I tried her suggestion and voila!!  NO MORE EAR PAIN!!  Now I make sure I have my nasal decongestant spray with me whenever I fly.  Two squirts in each nostril 30 minutes prior to the first flight of the day and I'm ready to roll!

Always check the expiration date on your bottle.  If you don't fly often, your spray may expire and not be useful.  Also, purchase the 12 hour spray if you can.  It's stronger and lasts longer for long days of flying.

hey thanks for the

hey thanks for the suggestion....i suffer badly from ear pain whenevr i fly...and this had become a very serious problem...because of this i used to fear travelling but now when have read about that spray will surely try it...

hi, l suffer from altitude

hi, l suffer from altitude problems and have never stepped on a plane.............go figure zoom zoom

Ear Pain

For those of you who are getting ready to fly and experience ear pain, there is a product called Ear Planes available in most drug stores. They are pressurized ear plugs, sized for adults and children, about 6.00 us dollars a pair and boy do they work. I used to be unable to fly without getting sick and could not even enjoy a drive into mountains. With these I can fly all over the country and have even driven over the rockies without motion sickness. Definitely worth it. The are not the most comfortable things in the world since they are ridged in order to allow for changing pressures, but the difference is night and day. Now for my dilemma, hubby who has never suffered from ear pain before is on his third day of severe sinus pain from flying. In the future we'll buy him ear planes just like mine, but he can't do decongestants and uses a cpap machine. I'm desperate for any ideas that will relieve his pain and get us some sleep.