How to avoid jetlag?

How to avoid jetlag?

Anyone got any method of avoiding jetlag? If we travel a lot through plane, how will we cope up with the changing time zones? I guess pilots and stewardess have mastered this skill of avoiding jetlag but how about us who are just travellers?

Most useful

I have found it most useful to force myself into the new time zone. That means if I arrive somewhere after 12 hours of flying and I arrive at around noon, I won't go to bed until 11pm or so, no matter how tired I am. The next day I get up normally and I won't see any signs of jetlag anymore. The worst you can do is to give in, even when you are very tired. Since I have been doing this I haven't had jetlag anymore.


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i heard a similar story on

i heard a similar story on tv

I've never had to

I've never had to experience jet lag myself, but my dad used to have to travel for business.  He would do exactly as Andre said and just force himself into the new time zone on the day he arrived.  He never had much of a problem with it.  I think that's probably the only way to go.

I am from Australia when I

I am from Australia when I made my first trip overseas for business I was advised to not drink a lot of alcohol or coffee before hand or on the flight as they tend to dehydrate you and can bring on jetlag. The best advise I was given was to adjust my body clock before I leave by changing my eating habits and also sleeping times to those of my destination. Make my body feel like it is already in a different time zone. This worked for me.





Forcing yourself on the

Forcing yourself on the time zone that you are into is not to do. The body has its own body clock wherein there is a specific time for the body to rest and be awake. What andre has said is good but at first you will experience headache for the fatigue and stress you have been into.


I agree to stay up until the same time I go to bed at night at home. It seems to work really well for me. The hardest thing is forcing yourself to stay up the first night. After that it is a breeze.

dealing with jet lag

I am usually so excited to be traveling that I have no trouble adjusting on arrival. It's the return that knocks me out. How do you  cope with the anti-climax of vacation withdrawl?!

For people who travel alot

For people who travel alot of long hauls (overseas) for business, you don't have the time to pre-adjust your body for a trip, and sometimes you're not there long enough to even bother.

What has worked for me for years, is forcing my sleep pattern on to their time as quickly as possible.  I also use melatonin for sleep on flights and when I get there.  If I'm only there a couple of days, I generally don't adjust and it works fine.  Just sleep alot on the long flights.

I do as the others here

I do as the others here suggest and just join local time. I've never had jetlag but I keep rather strange hours anyway.

What helps you adust is

What helps you adust is staying awake during the hours the sun is out.  Sunlight affects your body's sense of time.

I just plan for it.  I have a friend who can travel to Europe from the east coast of the US, get to a meeting at 10 am and work right through the day.  I'd just fall asleep in the middle of the afternoon meeting.

I go to Europe, find a place to stay, walk around and have lunch, and at about 2:00 I crash.  I sleep until about 9 pm, go out and find some food and go to bed.  The next day I'm fine.  When I go to Asia, I usually sleep for 24 hours when I arrive.

Like most people said,

Like most people said, sleep when everyone else sleeps, be awake when everyone else is awake.  To combat jet lag I would also recommend drinking lots of water (planes can really dry you out) taking a multi-vitamin, eat nutritious foods, and get exercise (but don't over extend yourself).  

 These things have typically helped me in my travels.  

Fly East - Fly West

Somehow I have more Jet Lag when I fly west, don't know why that is, probably because that usually means returning home for me.

pilots and stewardesses

pilots and stewardesses must have it bad! all you ha have to do is stay away from caffiene and you can get away with it!

I just realized that the

I just realized that the title of this thread is how to avoid jet lag.  I don't think you can avoid it, but you can minimize it. 

I give up  when I do 30 hour trips across twelve time zones and the international dateline.  Sometimes my sleep patterns are OK, but I'm permanently tired, other times I sleep for 24 hours, but feel energetic once I emerge from my room.

Kids and jetlag

I've travelled a lot with my kids (all under 6), and have found the best way for them is to start getting into the new timezone before we leave, get them to bed earlier or later, and wake them earlier or later.  Traveled to Ireland and England like this, and while it doesn't get rid of jetlag it sure does reduce it.

I don't think that will

I don't think that will work well with my last-minute-packing syndrome!  I've really sort of given up.  I'm retired and I go places for months at a time, so if I'm jet-lagged I can just wait it out.

I just sleep when I am

I just sleep when I am supposed to and I don't get effected by jetlag very much. I just stay awake until night time. Then I go to sleep and I am set. That is all you really have to do.

I have never had a big

I have never had a big problem with jetlag. I just sleep for most of the plane ride.

The dry air in aircraft

The dry air in aircraft causes dehydration. Drinking plenty of non-alcoholic fluids counters this.
Water is better than coffee, tea and fruit juices. Alcohol not only is useless in combating dehydration, but has a markedly
greater intoxicating effect when drunk in the rarefied atmosphere of an airliner than it does at ground level.

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Its a Problem

jet lag affects millions of long-haul travelers every day, whether traveling for pleasure or on business. In a recent survey of international business travelers, 74% of those questioned and they said that their performance parts  suffered frequently from jet lag

Wilonai Norrisiv Hi, I

Wilonai Norrisiv Hi, I don't have any scientific way to tell you. But I can tell you some simple way to avoid jetlag. That is you can take some tea or coffee. But that has to be hard so that you do not feel sleepy. And then try to sleep at the night of that specific timezone. If you do like 2/3 days then I hope you will adjust with the timezone. Cool

Avoiding Jetlag

One of the best ways would be to drink lots of water as dehydration is considered to be one of the main causes of jetlag. Additionally a a good sleep helps as well. For that, you might as well ask your physician to help you with short acting sleeping medication.