What is the worst airport

What is the worst airport

To me that would be Philadelphia:

We were on landing approach coming from Germany, when only seconds before touchdown the Pilot accellerated and pulled up very steep. After a few seconds he announced that there was an airplaine on our runway. After another round he landed. We proceeded to immigration, being very nervous as we may miss the connection flight due to the delay. Immigration went smooth. We then had to check our luggage for the connection flight. There was an enourmous line for that, that took us 40 minutes to pass.

Now we were almost certain to miss the connection but we decided to make a run for it. We came around a corner and noticed this section was closed due to reconstruction. So we had to leave the security area and exit the airport. Run around a corner and come back in. Of course we had to go through security again. What a bummer. When we ran towards our gate, we quickly stopped at the monitors, found out the flight had been assigned to another gate, turned around and ran like hell. We ran right to the gate, gave the lady our tickets and ran into the plane. The doors shut behind us the moment we were in and the airplane took off almost empty, as noone else made the connection.

Best Airport: There is no such thing.


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andre wrote:

Best Airport: There is no such thing.

MUC is pretty good.

Hm. I have been through

Hm. I have been through that one a couple of times. I don't like the snotty snobs from Munich but airport wise its somewhat o.k.

But honestly its not an ideal airport either.

Its better than Frankfurth though, where I was harrassed for bringing a laptop along. I ended up having to pay around $500 in back taxes (which I got back from them after appealing and explaining one more time what I had explained to the customs officer 5 times already). They are terrible and always go by the book (which is o.k. if the book covers your case).

I guess its fair to say that I love to travel because I get to go somewhere exiting but that I hate the process of travelling because flying really stinks. I just saw a report on TV that said, that due to the increased air traffic, they are expecting a much higher percentage of people to loose their bags. Thats nice. Shouldn't they work on preventing this from happening, now that they already know it will? Makes you wonder about all those eggheads running the show.


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well, the worst airport

well, the worst airport i ever went to was the old airport in Singapor, but that no longer exists as they built a new one some time back. i'd hate spending 12 hours in transit over there every time i'd go to and leave Australia. The smell was horrid and it was just so dirty. People were lying all over the ground and you'd better off having a pee in the plane before you'd land and then hold on for 12 hours because the toilets were gross, turkish toilets (holes in the ground) with all sorts of icky stuff in and around them. You'd see needles all over the place too ( as if they were all drug addicts!!!!!) it was very shocking, it realy reminded me of the film midnight express and the 12 hours would seem to never end!

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