Best company to choose when flying?

Best company to choose when flying?
I have only used Airtran and Northwest and they have good prices and sometimes nonstop flights. Who would you suggest and why?

Ultimately it will depend

Ultimately it will depend on you and what your preferences are. I have never heard of Airtran but I haven't had good experience with Northwest. Let me try to give you the lowdown on the carriers I remember flying with:


  • Northwest: Worst ever. Worst meals and oldest planes, longest delays I have ever encountered and most unfriendly ground personel. If you wan't to fly across the Atlantic in a 30 year old DC-10 thats your carrier. My seat would not even stay upright and go down when the plane took off.
  • KLM: Not really good. Dutch Ariline
  • Lufthansa: Well run airline, fleet of very modern and new planes. Mostly good looking stewardesses, but flights from and to the US are mostly operated by United.
  • United: My preference when it comes to long haul american carriers. Well run and modern.
  • American Arilines: Average but not bad either.
  • Delta: Dirty planes, old personell, somewhat older airplanes.
  • Lan Airlines: Includes Lan Chile and Lan Peru, well run and excellent service in the air. I like flying with them.
  • Virgin Atlantic: Best Experience so far. Best service of all. Highly recommended.
  • Alaska Airline: Not bad at all. A well run airline.

Short Distance

  • Southwest: The public bus of the sky. Planes are constantly in the air, very little time during stops (just enough to unload and load). Makes me wonder about mainanance. Sometimes your seat is still warm and dirty. Cheap.
  • Jet Blue / Frontier: Are they the same company? I see almost no difference. They are top notch for their price.
  • US-Air / America West: Don't remember much good or bad. Must have been average.
  • Germanwings: "Bums Bomber". Vacation airline in Germany.

Please notice that all of the above is my subjective opinion. I used to book only the cheapest flight, but today I factor in my previous experiences. If the difference is not that much I pay it gladly.

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Another good German vacation airline is Condor, which belongs to Lufthansa.

If you are lucky, the Condor flight will be operated by Lufthansa, so you can't be wrong :-)


Lan Chile???? NEVER!!!!

Dad once got a shock of his lifetime when the aircraft engine started to burn while they were in the air. Thanks God, the aircraft did not explode and they managed to land and get off the plane in time. They were welcomed by the fire brigade at the airport.....

Well I admit my

Well I admit my experience is only on Lan Peru. But that one was outstanding.
The service was wonderful and the airplanes were all rather new A-320 or A-319.

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WestJet in Canada

If you are ever travelling through Canada give WestJet a look.  They are a discounted airline but from my experiences the service is always top notch.  All their planes are now fitted with TV monitors on the seat backs.  Even though they make you rent the headphones for a buck, it's better than staring out the window.

They've expanded their routes and now fly to Vegas, Mexico and Ft. Lauderdale.

I must say that Delta use

I must say that Delta use to be one of the nicest airlines out there but the have gradually gone down but as Far as International I still think that they are one of the best as for domestic I know some of their older aircraft is not as nice as the newer ones. I have flown on american and it is fairly good. United seemed like their airplanes were dirty to me But that was my first time flying coach trans-atlantic. I must say that the Delta Connection RJ's Are not nice at all bad staff that can have an attitude sometimes and the airplanes are really crammed and then some flights they can't carry a full load of people.

I have only ever flown

I have only ever flown Quantas Airlines but I have found them to be great. The service was excellent and so far I have never had any complaints. Quantas has just celebrated it's 85th anniversary. If I am traveling within Australia I sometimes choose Virgin Blue as they have great cheaper deals on flights within the country. Their service is good but I find it can get a bit crampt.

Quantas has been offering

Quantas has been offering some really sweet deals from the US recently (The Aussi Air Pass ). I have been checking them out several times. They offer some inland flights in Australia too, but I had trouble deciding where to go.


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Although I live in New

Although I live in New South Wales I would recommend Queensland I just love Queensland if I could I think I would move there. We holiday there almost each year. Beautiful state.


It's Qantas not Quantas.

Qantas stands for Queensland And Northen Territory Air Services.


rmccue wrote:

It's Qantas not Quantas.

Qantas stands for Queensland And Northen Territory Air Services.

Hm. Well I guess I am not perfect. I hope you didn't just sign up to tell me that? (Maybe you could tell us a little about yourself in this forum).

BTW, I would stay away from those airlines:

Thats the list of unsafe airlines released by the EU.

I'ts mostly airlines from Congo and Equatorial Guinea. Always good to keep an eye on the updated list.


The chipest International carrier to Europe

Re: Aeroflot

stas wrote:
The chipest International carrier to Europe

Maybe they are cheap, but they are also cheap on safety. According to an article about Moscow I just uploaded for someone, flying Aeroflot is somewhat of a gamble with your life.

On long distant flights I

On long distant flights I always take British air ways, it’s a good company to travel(at least you know there will always be someone around to sort any problems out, I have had family members take some of the cheaper flights(I am not going to say what airline) and they where delayed up to 8-9 hours which is ridiculous and the worst thing is there wasn’t anyone around to sort out accommodation for overnight stay.



I am not sure you can

I am not sure you can generalize it like that. Recently our AA flight from Mexico was delayed a lot. Back in Mexico they promised us a decent Hotel and food vouchers when we would miss the plane in Dallas. To make a long story short, we got put into the cheapest crappiest motel  you can imagine (Days Inn) where I killed a roach upon arrival. No food vouchers and not even a restaurant in walking distance. People from the plane ended up emptying the snack vending machines. It's a damn shame. 


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Well I am generalising a


Well I am generalising a bit well I guess AA is all that, I know there might be a few good ones out there, but I haven’t had the fortune of those who have had good service from a cheaper airlines.

I prefer to travel with

I prefer to travel with Lufthansa no mater if it is Local or Intercontinental flight. My worst experience was with SAS on most flights from Copenhagen Denmark.

American Airlines

Recently most American Airlines (Delta, AA, AW, NW, SW ....) have taken a deep plunge in service. I am also afraid they are saving more money on maintanance now and they are sometimes giving me a hard time about my luggage.

Most allow one 50 pounds bag per person. Recently we travelled (2 people) and had one bag that weighed about 51.5 pounds and one around 30. The lady at the counter gave me a really hard time about it, and then let it slip trough, but just because she didn't want me to open up one bag and put heavy items into the other and hold up the line. Otherwise that 1.5 pounds would have cost me $50. In the meantime peoples carry on luggage gets bigger and bigger. Some are not even checking bags anymore. I don't see anyone ever weighing those bags. No wonder some planes have a hard time getting off the ground.

Most planes operated by any US carrier are also very old.

The only US airline that seems halfway decent these days is United.

In any way, I recommend you bring some food along. Flights inside the US (lower 48 states) often don't serve any food. If you just connected from some other country, don't expect anything to eat.

Sometimes you can buy something really crappy. I'd rather buy some sandwich at the airport than in the plane.

My worst experience ever was some small city hopper (turbo prop. engines) that flew from Dresden (Germany) to Amsterdam (Netherlands). We landed during a storm where the small plane really had trouble getting all wheels on the ground.


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I have recently tried Jet

I have recently tried Jet Star here in Australia to travel to Queensland for the weekend. I found them great and their prices where very resonable.

Singapore Airlines

Always thought Qantas was good until I flew with Singapore Airlines about a year...

Singapore Airlines is clearly the best airline I've ever flown - on-demand video selection of about 40 movies (can start, pause and stop at anytime), games, great service from airline staff (constantly walking up and down aisle and willing to help in anyway they can, offering drinks especially throughout night flights for those that don't sleep), don't feel awkward about asking for anything like you did with some other airlines.. Not sure if they fly to US or not..

Qantas still 2nd best for us..

Lufthansa probably one of the worst we've flown for long haul internation flights - poor service, couple flights couldn't even get 2 seats together even though tickets were bought together and checked in early...



Jetstar is now offering

Jetstar is now offering cheap flights to Balia and fiji and a lot of other overseas destination's really cheap. They where only flying in Australia but have now expanded. Wondering what they are like to fly over seas now, they are pretty good in Australia

who to fly...

When I traveled to Europe last summer, I had to fly to Pittsburgh and then catch a flight to London. I also travel once every other month to NY, PA, Chicago, Vermont and other various places. I ALWAYS FLY JETBLUE! I had a horrible expirience with Northwest and I'll never fly them again. Jet Blue is affordable, more accomedating and comfortable. Thats my suggestion.

Jetblue, Europe? I thought

Jetblue, Europe? I thought they only fly domestic?

I once flew with Frontier Airlines. Either they are associated with Jetblue or they stole their entire concept (same seats, same DirecTV, same everything). 

I recently flew

I recently flew Delta/Korean to Bangkok.  The Delta flight was a puddle-jumper so hardly counted, and Korean was fine.  Just having my own TV screen and being able to decide what I wanted to watch and when I wanted to watch it made a big difference.

 The next day I flew Air Asia up to Chiang Mai.  This was my second Asian budget carrier, and again, I had a good experience.  A couple of years ago I took Tiger Singapore-Padang (on Sumatra, in Indonesia).

 I made my long haul choice the easy way.  I had 60,000 Delta Frequent Flyer miles, and took the flight that would get me here within my target dates.  The Delta people were really good about hunting down flights for me.  It turned out the domestic leg to Atlanta was the problem, so the reservationist suggested I fly in the night before.  OK, I had to pay for a motel room, but since my ticket was less than $100, including a late reservation fee, I was happy.

60k miles

Wow. How did you accumulate all those miles?


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A combination of credit

A combination of credit card miles, flights, and taking advantage of special promotions.  I have all my credit cards signed up for a restaurant program.  When I spent more time in the US, I used to change phone companies every six months, and would collect about a thousand miles per month that way.

Aeroflot is rather safe...

.. in comparison with other Russian companies. such as Pulkovo, Sibir.