Do you know something about the political situation in Colombia? Is it safe for tourists to travel there?


I don't want to give you the wrong advice. This may depend a lot on where you are going, but generally I would not go to Columbia. My Dads friend used to live there. His statement was "The air is filled with lead". He moved out of the country last year. I am sure there are places you can go, but generally I would pick a safer destination like Ecuador. Check out the website below for more current information.

The country has a very rich history and is very beautiful, but I wouldn't risk my life for it.

Recently Farc (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia) have taken many foreigners as hostages. Some have come free after a ransom has been paid some haven't. 

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I've visited Colombia twice
I've visited Colombia twice already; once for vacation and another for family vacation.  I am going again for a vacation this summer, and I can't wait.  The capital city is safe; it is in complete governmental control.  I recently read an article about an increasing number of Americans going to Colombia for plastic surgery and vacation. I hope the situation gets better over there.

I admit my answer was mostly heresay (from people I know who lived there) or from what I read. Just yesterday Farc released a German hostage (after 5 years).

So how was it over there? 


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Thanks for your replies

Thanks for your replies andre, but I think that by traveling in government controlled zones, during the day, with a group of tourists, security is assured

On the other hand, I’m planning a vacation, not to ditch bullets, I’ll think about it

True, but then do you

True, but then do you really want to visit a country and not see everything because you are confined to some controlled zones? I rather see everything there is to see. There are so many places in South America that do not have this problem. 

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In my own opinion, there

In my own opinion, there are other places that I can visit also.  Why will I take the risk and be confined to some controlled zones?  When I travel, I really like to go anywhere and in my case, Colombia won't be right for me, unless that is the only place left for me to go or I have a friend there who can accommodate me.

I read an article on USA

I read an article on USA Today a couple of weeks ago, saying that Columbia has become safer during the last year and that tourism is up. They already surpassed nearby Ecuador in the number of Tourists visisiting. Seems like Columbia is finally starting to get their act together.

Venezuela has also surpassed Columbia in the number of kidnappings. I think Venezuela has become the most dangerous country in South America now. 


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The Australia

The Australia Government has advised Australians to reconsider their need to travel to Colombia at this time because of the very high threat of terrorism and criminal activity. Terrorist, insurgent and paramilitary groups are active throughout Colombia and there is a high risk of kidnapping, including of foreigners. They have also reported Government buildings, public transport and commercial and entertainment centres are potential targets for terrorist attacks. Places frequented by foreigners could be targeted. In the past, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) have also used the anniversary of the group's founding (27 May) to mount attacks. I think this is pretty sad.Cry

You're all starting to

You're all starting to scare me. Don't know why but in my world there isn't such a thing as an unsafe corner of the world, except the ones where there's a war in progress. I had no idea Columbia can be so dangerous...
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