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Improving Hybrid Car Gas Mileage - How I got over 58 mpg from my TCH

In order to help you offset the high cost of gas, I wrote an article on how you can save money on gas. In 2007, the article became very popular due to the higher cost of oil. Now we are heading back in this direction and we may eventually surpass those levels as the economy rebounds.

I took advantage of the low cost period and replaced my cars with hybrids. Most of the tips in the previous extensive article are valid for hybrid drivers as well. I highly recommend that you read them too in order to maximize your potential. Those tips will teach you how to drive with efficiency in mind.

58.2 mpg with the Toyota Camry Hybrid

How to Save Money on Gas - 29 Tips

Expensive Gas in CaliforniaExpensive Gas in CaliforniaI love going on Road Trips, but the increasing fuel cost can put a damper on my mood to drive long distances. Due to the recent hike in gas prices, I wanted to share this article about fuel efficient driving techniques with you. As a student I didn't have a lot of money and the cost of gasoline was always a major issue for me. I have learned many ways of saving money for gas by improving my gas mileage. There are many things you can do, aside from going out and buying a more fuel efficient car, that will help you tremendously to cut down your gasoline expenses. Many require only minor adjustments to your driving style. I am going to review some well known techniques and some of my own that I used as a student. I have always been able to exceed the specified gas mileage of my car (even meeting the specified numbers is pretty tough). In my previous article on gas prices, I speculated that those high prices are here to stay and that we will never see really cheap gas again. In this article I am going to talk a bit about what you can do to save gas.

Update: I bought two Hybrid cars since I wrote this article and learned many new techniques that helped me with Hybrids: Improving Hybrid Car Gas Mileage 

Tips to Make your Next Flight a Smooth One

Exactly how stressful and irritating your flight will be depends, in many ways, on how you prepare for your flight before you board the plane.

List of Airline Charges for Domestic Flights

Check-in CounterCheck-in Counter

With the travel season in full swing, well-informed travelers have a hard time finding the best deals amidst the new charges Airlines have invented.

Instead of comparing ticket prices, travelers should calculate the total cost of the flight, including baggage charges, food, drinks, entertainment, and many more fees that Airlines have come up with in an attempt to disguise the true ticket price.

In this article, we reveal additional fees to help you calculate the true cost of your trip.

The following lists are not exhaustive and fees are not guaranteed. All information provided applies only to coach and only to domestic flights (continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii).

This article was last updated July 1, 2010.


Shopping in Manila

Walled City of IntramurosWalled City of IntramurosManila is the capital city of the Philippines and a trip to the country is not complete without a visit to this city. Manila is rich in history and culture and offers plenty of sights to see. Highlights include the Walled City of Intramuros, Plaza de Roma, Coconut Palace, Star City, and Museo Pambata, a museum for children.


Durban South AfricaDurban South AfricaDurban, sometimes called South Africa's Miami, is located on the sub-tropical north-eastern seaboard of South Africa and has long been a popular tourist destination on account of its balmy climate, warm ocean water, and laid back, friendly people.

Durban is a city that pulsates around the nation's busiest port - one of the ten largest in the world – and is a sporting paradise because of its wealth of facilities. Water sports including surfing, body boarding, sailing and scuba are popular, as is the local marina, which is a preferred destination for yachtsmen from around the world.

Cape Town

Cape TownCape TownCape Town, also known as the Mother City, stretches around a deep natural bay almost at the southern-most part of Africa with Table Mountain as backdrop, and Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned as foreground in the bay.

It is regarded as one of the world's most beautiful cities, not just because of its setting, but also because of the graceful colonial buildings in the old town, the whitewashed gabled farmsteads in the vineyards, and the almost indescribable beauty of its string of beaches.