Namibia's Fish River Canyon

Fish River Canyon NamibiaFish River Canyon NamibiaThe first time I visited the Fish River Canyon in southern Namibia I was standing just a few paces away from the edge of the reputedly second largest canyon in the world - and didn't realise that it was right there, because the ground is so incredibly level that it lines up almost perfectly across the vast chasm.

The Fish River Canyon was created around 500 million years ago when the bottom dropped out of that part of the world following serious movements in the earth's crust. Since then, wind and the occasional rain have sculpted the richly colored rocks into a work of art that exists nowhere else in such an arid environment.

Valley of Fire State Park

Elephant Rock Valley of FireElephant Rock Valley of Fire

Only a few miles from Las Vegas lies Nevada’s oldest and, according to this author, one of its prettiest State Parks. Valley of Fire offers fantastic scenery for photographers, pleasant hikes outside the scorching summer months, and petroglyphs for the historian in you.

The close proximity to Las Vegas makes this one of the most visited parks in Nevada, which still does not mean much by California standards. A few large coach busses shuttle people here every day and a couple of intimate tours from Las Vegas arrive as well, but you can easily avoid them if you come with your own car. Hike just a mile from the beaten path and you will find yourself alone amidst one of the strangest landscapes in the west.


Highlights of Austria

If you love incredible views where you see rapid changes between high Alpine meadows, mountain peaks, deep blue lakes and lush green meadows, then a trip to Austria is for you.

Almost any route you choose to take will be beautiful. It’s one of those countries where you can’t go wrong. Having driven the length and breadth of Austria many times I have planned for you one of my favorite itineraries that will take to  one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Europe, to spectacular lakes and to majestic mountains.

Allow for at least three to four days for this trip. You can easily stay longer.

Bush Walking In New Zealand

Do you remember bushwalking? I remember bushwalking the old-fashioned way. Hard yakka, uphill and down, sweating it out with a pack made heavy by bundles of dank clothes, dried food, sleeping bag, tin mug and maybe a bottle of cheap red for the last night in the back of beyond.

Enthusiasm eventually wanes and proper tramping trips are replaced by the occasional day walk with a decent meal at the end of the line, a glass of good red wine and the comfort of your own bed. Some of us just go soft.


Ethiopia is a land of contrasts and varying climates. It can be incredibly green and also bare desert. You can choose your own landscape. We recommend you check your favorite search engine for more information. There is a vast amount of information available by trying various combinations on Google.com.

Skyline Boulevard - California State Route 35

Sunset on Skyline BlvdSunset on Skyline BlvdSkyline Boulevard is an almost empty road just a few miles from one of the busiest and most densely populated areas in the United States.
Most people living in the San Francisco Bay area, also known as Silicon Valley, are probably not even aware of the Skyline Boulevard, a scenic byway running along the mountain ridge to the west of the valley. Whenever I am in need for a quick escape but do not have much time, I will take a short vacation on Skyline Boulevard. I will hop into my Mustang Convertible, open up the roof and drive up here for a tranquil escape from the hectic live of the Silicon Valley. The curvy road, meandering along the crest of the mountains offers spectacular views and is a haven for motor bikers and cyclists alike. You can view the sunset over the mountains or see the lights of the valley below come to live.