Travel with a laptop?

Travel with a laptop?

Do any of you travel with a laptop?  I've got mine along here in SE Asia, and I must say I have mixed feelings about it.  I've taken it with me before, but only on road trips.  I'm not really traveling this time either.  I spent five months in Chiang Mai, and I've been in Penang for over three weeks.  I don't know how I'd feel if I were lugging it around and moving every couple of days.  Of course, it would help if I had one that was light, and didn't have so much other crap with me.


I do travel with a laptop in North America and Europe. I didn't take it with me to Peru though (too heavy). I bought an image tank to back up my photos (just today I shot 2GB worth of photos in less then 30 minutes).

I usually take it with me, because all hotels have some sort of internet connection (WiFi or Cable) and since it is great to do some planning online.

Here is an example: Finding Photo Opps with Google Earth and a GPS

Sometimes I book things for the next day and sometimes I write a blog entry while I am traveling (people love this).


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really its ha ha ha

  Really travel with a lap top will make more sense nd  get connected by mails at any time!


I bring my laptop but it's

I bring my laptop but it's for my pictures. I thought that I should have fun when I travel so I only used a computer for picture tweaking..

iluvmorocco wrote:I bring

iluvmorocco wrote:
I bring my laptop but it's for my pictures. I thought that I should have fun when I travel so I only used a computer for picture tweaking..

For pictures I use this image tank. Since I am always shooting RAW images only and do a lot of tweaking on them, I usually wait until I get home. Sometimes I record a jpg in between so I can blog about my travels (the tank can be connected via usb to a computer at an internet cafe.

I only take the laptop on short trips in the US or in Europe.


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I know that next time I

I know that next time I upgrade I'm going to consider weight and battery life.

I'm looking for a very

I'm looking for a very light-weight laptop for travel. I need it to have MS Word and wireless capabilities. A couple of small games like solitaire or freecell would be fun, but not necessary. Does anyone have any ideas? If I don't find one, I'm going to have to travel with this big old clunker I got nearly ten years ago. No wireless, and the Word program is so out of date as to be ridiculous.

I cannot believe I am

I cannot believe I am recommending an HP (I had some trouble with those myself), but I recently checked out this new HP at Fry's. Its very small and best of all it has a touch sensitive screen. You can swivel the screen around anf fold it flat on your keyboard, effectively making your laptop a giant PDA.

Its the Pavilion tx1000z series of ultra portable laptops.


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I think I'm going to

I think I'm going to consider a reconditioned laptop next time.  I always buy something that is on sale because it is being discontinued, but they never seem to be the truly lightweight ones.  I thought maybe I'd try getting a reconditioned one.  I was thinking about a Sony Vaio, but someone told me they aren't very sturdy.  I'm going to go look up that HP now, though I'm sure it is way out of my price range. 


I kinda like Vaio. I think my next one might be a Vaio, but recently they are so ugly (they used to look good).

I have had Gateway, 2 Compaq, HP and Vaio and the Vaio was the best. All the others used to break far too easily.

I don't want to buy anything made in China anymore (breaks too easily). I think that leaves me only with Apple (I don't want them, since I have so much money invested in Software for Windows) and Sony Vaio.


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I take my Acer Ferrari with

I take my Acer Ferrari with me everywhere I go. The only issue is at the airport where they sometimes want me to turn it on and let it fully boot. I get their concern and it's no hassle really. Besides it's pretty rare, I'm a tall pale blonde. I don't fit any profiles.

I don't care what my laptop

I don't care what my laptop looks like.  I don't even care what I look like.   I want light, fast, long battery life, and a big, big hard drive.  Reasonably sturdy.  Reliable.  All I need now is money.  Actually, I wish I had those attributes myself.  Especially that battery life.


I can understand that this makes the perfect travel laptop.

However small and lightweight does not work well with long battery life.

Small and lightweight also doesn't work well with durability and sturdiness (I think the best ones in that respect are Panasonic Toughbooks and Lenvo Thinkpads, but those are not cheap).

Cheap usually means expensive:

My first laptop I bought in the year 2000 is still around and usable. It was a Sony Vaio that I dropped from a 7 foot high shelf to the floor. It hit the floor with a plugged in PMCIA wifi card that yanked the connector right off the motherboard (I opened it and checked). BUT: The Laptop still happily boots up, it just doesn't know it had a PMCIA. Back then Laptops were expensive and I paid around $2.5k for this 500MHz model.

All other laptops I had would fall apart all by themselves: Power Plug on HP, Keyboard stuck on Compaq, LCD broken on another Compaq, Heat Problem on the Gateway ....

Laptops have become increadibly cheap since my first Sony, but I feel the quality has suffered at least by the same factor.

That means a laptop that cost you more now will save you a lot of money down the road when you don't have to replace it.

A few days ago I wrote a Blog Post about what happens when you go cheap on electronics.

Just check out the pictures to see what I mean.

I know it is hard to spend a lot of money on a laptop when this means you could live a long time in some countries just on the difference, but remember it may be even worse if you have to replace a cheap model after 6 months. I am not saying it will happen, but I have just about had enough of cheap and crappy electronics.


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Andre, I agree with you.


I agree with you. I'm also tired of cheap electronics that quit working 15 seconds after the warrantee expires and if you should walk wuickly become damaged by the jarring!

 My Acer Ferarri has been worth it's weight in gold...times 10. It has no issues, boots quick and I can do anything with it that I would with a desktop.

I asked another backpacker

I asked another backpacker the other day, "Do you like traveling with a laptop?"  His reply, "I hate it."  "So do I."  "But I don't think I could give up the convenience, either."

 That's exactly where I stand.  I hate it, but don't want to give it up.  Sort of sounds like a relationship gone sour, doesn't it?

cindy wrote:I hate it, but

cindy wrote:
I hate it, but don't want to give it up.

That's exactly how I feel about it, too. I hate the hassle at airports and worrying about it when I have to leave it at the hotel or in my car. But at the same time, I *need* it.

Luckily for me, it's usually my partner who takes his and has to deal with everything, yet I can still use it when I need it. Tongue out

ACCER wrote: My Acer

ACCER wrote:

My Acer Ferarri has been worth it's weight in gold...times 10. 

Must be worth a log considering its not exactly a lightweight model Laughing

I just read a review in a

I just read a review in a local paper of what they called a 'business' laptop, meaning one that is actually meant for travel as opposed to commuting.  I was drooling at the end. 

I also met someone who just bought a laptop here.  Apparently there is a Dell factory in Malaysia, and you can order on the internet and get them delivered quickly, and they are cheap.  Also, there is an island, Langkawi, about a three hour ferry ride from here, that's a duty free port.  I'd forgotten about that.  All I remember is the beach.

 Anyway, I'm going to resist.


I always prefer to travel

I always prefer to travel without a laptop. First off, there is always the risk of it being stolen. Also, I prefer to *not* be tied to a laptop while vacationing. If I need the computer or internet, I'll just head to an internet cafe. I did that for a month and was fine.

Well, I've been gone since

Well, I've been gone since October 25th, expect to go back to the States for September and October, and be gone again for another ten months or more.  Besides, I do some work on the internet, so it really isn't optional for me any more.

travel with laptop

I never travel with my laptop. When I go away I try to stay away from all those kind ofthings. I would rather just go away and forget everything.

riskey58 wrote:I never

riskey58 wrote:
I never travel with my laptop. When I go away I try to stay away from all those kind ofthings. I would rather just go away and forget everything.

That is a pretty healthy attitude. Many people take work to their vacations, not realizing that this is the only time of the year they actually have for themselves.


I found a reasonably

I found a reasonably well-priced lightweight laptop (Gateway) and took it on my Alaskan cruise. (I've found I do some of my best fiction writing while on vacation, and this trip was no exception.) I also used the laptop to keep current. on my favorite forums, check email, etc. I couldn't get too carried away online, though, since a wireless connection cost 55 cents per minute. If that isn't motivation to make you hurry through online tasks, I don't know what is!

I'm definitely going to

I'm definitely going to have to replace this one.  There is a screen problem, so I have to press on the screen at a certain spot so the loose connection connects and I can use the bottom half of the screen.  One of the USB ports seems to be dead.

 I know I can get these things fixed, but it's one thing to travel with it here or in the US, where I can replace it fairly cheaply.  It's another to do travel with something that is showing its age in Central or South America (except maybe Mexico and Panama).  There, duties make all electronic goods outrageously expensive.  So if it continues to fall apart, I'll be paying a lot of money for very little.

For travel

Check out the Panasonic Toughbook line. They have that name for a reason and might be able to withstand a little bit more abuse then other laptops (perfect for travel).

i never leave the house

i never leave the house without my laptop :) battery live is great, up to 4 hours or 8-10 with a second battery instead of the dvd drive. its a ibm z61p, not too heavy but still great to play games on it.

however, i might buy a oqo or sony vaio ux for travelling - its MUCH lighter and smaller.

Travel with a laptop?

I always travel with laptop, because i cannot leave my laptop...

Anyway ... here lots on comments on this i read and I certainly agree with you all, all suggestions are really very nice and helpful, thanks for sharing your information’s !!!






I never do, because the one

I never do, because the one time I did it was to much of a hassle to carry around with me. Then again it CAN really help you, I dont know. Really depends on where your going I think.

The weight is a real

The weight is a real issue.  Price is also, not just because I don't want to pay a lot of money, but because I don't want to lose a lot if something happens to it.  I'd hate to be going around thinking that I'm carrying a two thousand dollar item with me and it isn't even a camera.

My point exactly. But in

My point exactly. But in the end I still would bring my Laptop I think.

Well I do travel with a

Well I do travel with a laptop in Asian country because I have to carry it becaus eof my online business. It was great fun to take laptop because we can find out some information about that places from it.:)

If you have to have it with

If you have to have it with you, then you can't even fantasize about abandoning it!  I met someone the other day that had been lugging his around for over two years and was going to leave it with some friends so he could have a few months' freedom.

cindy wrote:The weight is a

cindy wrote:
The weight is a real issue. Price is also, not just because I don't want to pay a lot of money, but because I don't want to lose a lot if something happens to it. I'd hate to be going around thinking that I'm carrying a two thousand dollar item with me and it isn't even a camera.

Consider it a tool. Tools break and tools won't last forever. If you need a laptop, chances are it will earn its cost during its lifetime. If your laptops average lifetime is lower due to the travel stress (scuffs, theft) then it needs to earn money faster. If it doesn't, don't take it with you. If it does, don't sweat over it.

I know it hurts having to replace expensive items, but if you have this attitude from the beginning, it will save you some trouble down the road.

I have often though of my DSLR with the heavy lens as a pretty good weapon (despite its cost) and I would not hesitate a second to hit a mugger with it pretty hard, regardless if it breaks or not.

Whenever I am on a trip, I have some small combination locks with me that I use on the zippers of my backpack. It certainly makes things more difficult for thieves and might just give you enough time to notice. In a crowd, I am ALWAYS carrying my backpack on my gut so I can see whats going on (crowds are a heaven for thieves).

I also use sufficient cushioning (e.g. pack an extra T-Shirt in your backpack and wrap your laptop in it, it might come in handy in case you sweat a lot).

Otherwise I try not to worry too much about things that are out of my control.


I have a special backpack

I have a special backpack with a padded place for the laptop and lots of zippered places for the other odds and ends.  It's too big, but I needed something that would work as my carry-on for the very long trip over here.  You can get little padded covers that zip over the laptop, too, if you are going to put a laptop in a regular daypack.  I've seen a lot of them here.

I don't know whether the problems I'm having with my computer are due to its age or being hauled around so much.  I've had it three years now, which makes it horrendously out of date, since it was a discontinued model when I bought it.

I have earned enough with it to more than cover its cost and the cost of a new one at a similar price.  OOOPS.  I forgot about taxes.

 A major problem with traveling with it if I go to Central or South America is that if anything happens to it, I'll have to replace it with some highly taxed (100% or more) import.  But I'll take the risk. 

What I have to do is get better about backing things up.  I'm good about photos, but not much else.  I'm thinking of getting one of those on-line storage accounts and dumping everything onto some server somewhere.  I do keep a lot of things online, but not everything.


I recently came back from a

I recently came back from a Trip, and on that trip I did take a Lap Top. Before I went I found a great backpack with a built in Laptop case, padding EVERYWHERE and had pouches for cables and what not, and to be honest, I think if I did not have it I would have had alot of problems. I had no problem with the weigt, and not a problem with people trying to grab it or anything like that, but I can tell you I will allways bring a Laptop with me on Vacations from now on.

I'm a person who needs the

I'm a person who needs the laptop almost everywhere and if it's just to watch a movie :) That's why I always try to find a travel insurance that will not only cover any potential cancellation of the flight but rather theft of my personal belongings. Better safe, than sorry as my grandmother used to say.

That's a good idea. At

That's a good idea. At least you'll feel safer with insurance. There aren't many companies that cover personal belongings though.

I travel with my laptop,

I travel with my laptop, only because there might be mails I need to read from home. And upload some pics too. But I try not to use the laptop for more than 20 minutes. Hence, what's the use of traveling?

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Weight is really important

Weight is really important in my next purchase as well my last laptop was an HP zv550 i think it was 17" wide screen and weighed a ton i see people on the train picking their laptops up with one hand and i was struggling with mine. Also going over seas was a pain to take it in and out of the case. So my next laptop is definitley going to be as light as possible. It's nice having one over in europe all the internet cafes are always happy to let me plugin to their network and do my work as well as charge up my battery, all the ones i've been to just charge by the hour so if im not on one of their machines they just keep track of my usage. It'd be nice to get a tiny printer to have whenever needed.

Battery Life

I know what you mean. I wonder why I cannot buy a laptop that is small and has a battery life of at least 5h. I couldn't care less about processor speed or 3D acceleration, since I use it to type text and backup photos, but such a thing does not exist. Any advance in battery life and CMOS technology is eaten up by faster CPU speeds and graphics. I still haven't seen a traveler laptop.


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i am very much sencitive

i am very much sencitive about my laptop. and very much carefull while carrying it with me. i use a tight huge bag to keep it which is water proof!  i love my laptop and don't want to loose it. keep your laptop in a safe place.

for some reasons

Oh yes for business purposes is the most of the use.

Airport check

What are the chances they will check your laptop for illegal softwares? I mean I've read some countries are strict about it. Also can you stop them from booting your laptop? What if you have password...can they make you give out the password? I'm just trying to see what right we have when it comes to our laptops.

f you are planning to go

f you are planning to go for a laptop then you dhould really buy a mini laptop which will occupy less space in your bag.


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I also prefer to trael

I also prefer to trael with a laptop so I could stay connected with friends and family during the whole trip, as well as for storing pictures. Lightweight notebooks are very convenient, just make sure to always have backups of files and to keep an eye on it on all times.

I usually travel with my

I usually travel with my laptop, luckily its very light. I like to keep my blogging up to date. so its very helpful for me when it comes to uploading pictures and videos to my blog.

The reason for traveling is

The reason for traveling is to get detached from technology and work. I went once at an Indianapolis IN hotel with my laptop and I stayed in my room for about two days. There are tools that you shouldn't forget at home, such as cameras, but a laptop is a fun breaker.