Tips for Travelling with a baby

Tips for Travelling with a baby
  •  Since becoming a new Mum again recently I found these tips for Travelling with a baby very handy:
  •  While booking a holiday find out what facilities the tour operator provides. Children who are two years below usual travel free.
  • Find out what kind of childcare facilities the operator provides like baby cots, prams, highchairs etc. so that you do not have to carry these things with you.
  • Your baby will require a passport.
  • Once you decide on the holiday location, consult your doctor about the vaccination your baby requires before you decide the holiday dates. If there are vaccines to be taken then it is best to take them a little before the holiday date. Some vaccines cannot be taken together and may need a few weeks in between. So you will need time to vaccinate your baby.
  • The most difficult part of your holiday will be the journey and with a small baby it will not be easy. You should book an air cot well in advance. Get seats that are together so that you have ample space on the flight. Book meals for your children in advance, it would help if they could be served before you are served.
  • If you are hiring a car ask the company to provide you with a baby seat so that you don't have to carry one.
  • Take toys for the journey old and new ones, so that the baby will be occupied and will not get tired of the journey.
  • There could be delays on the way, so you should carry enough snacks for the baby especially drinks. It is better if the snacks don't consist of sticky food, as they are messy.
  • It is easier to travel if you are breast-feeding, you don't have to worry about sterilized bottles or clean water to make bottle-feeds.
  • Take your baby sling or back carrier it will occupy less space and it will be easy to carry the baby around.
  • If you are holidaying in a place where the weather is hot, make sure that you carry sun block for your baby and his skin is delicate and more likely to get sunburns.
  • While booking your holiday you can book a hotel that provides childcare facilities such as nannies, crèches etc. You should check them before using them, if you are satisfied with the facilities provided, the ability of the child minder and you think it is appropriate for your age make use of it.

Thanks for these tips, Tay.

Thanks for these tips, Tay.

One thing caught my attention which I never thought of... the baby needs a passport... hmmm, sounds cool and cute to me! ;)

Hey friend.You are right

Hey friend.You are right baby needs a passport,it is important document we need to carry while traveling.Along with passport we need to take some baby accesories like baby pushchair,carry cot and some more which keeps baby safe and secure while traveling. I always carry my Targo city pushchair when ever I travel with my baby.

i always suggest bringing

i always suggest bringing a baby carriage/carrier. you'll have to check-in your stroller, but you can take along the carrier. this is really helpful when you're walking across the entire airport to another terminal for a connecting flight or at the baggage claim trying to fetch luggage.

thanks for your tips. they

thanks for your tips. they are really usefull. but i don't think little baby needs a passport...childrens above 3 years only need it...

tip for baby sound sleeping

best sleep is in the crib! However the only way we could get our daughter to sleep was to drive her in the car till she fell asleep! We use a sleepy Bee sound machine ( It makes ocean waves. We turn it on in the car then trnsision her to the crib with it stil turned on. The constant sound seems to help the transision

Very Helpful Tips

Hi there,
Very helpful tips. I just want to add that don't bring a baby if you are going to travel on a place/country that is not suitable (too hot, too cold, etc.)