White Water Rafting in Costa Rica

White Water Rafting in Costa Rica

Has anyone been white water rafting in Costa Rica. We have been reading up on it as we love Water rafting. We have heard of a trip that begins with two days of biking across open countryside to the flanks of active Volcan Aarenal. Then you paddle in Tortuguero National Park. The trip climaxes on the Pacuare River, where more that 20 class 111-1V rapids churn between hundred-foot tall canyon walls. Has anyone heard of this trip?



tay wrote:  where more

tay wrote:

 where more that 20 class 111-1V rapids churn between hundred-foot tall canyon walls.

I don't even know what that means. What does it mean?


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Costa Rica River Rafting

There are scores of options.  Our favorite is offered by Rio Tropicales, they offer a two day trip, with hotel pick-up in San Jose.  You raft into thier rustic lodge, spend the night in the rainforest, raft out the next day.  Truly an awesome expereince. 

i havent done it, but a

i havent done it, but a friend on mine has. he had nothing but good things to say about it- it def. seems fun. he didnt do it in costa rica, but in northern california though. I would assume the scenary would be nicer in costa rica though...more green and tropical.

White water rafting in Costa Rica

We are a company located in La Fortuna, Costa Rica, and we organize trips throughout the whole country. Fitting to your needs and wishes. Could be rafting, surfing, caving ... etc. But our strength is concentrated on rafting. We are the only company in Costa Rica doing rafting in class 5 rivers. Dont hesitate to contact us for any questions.

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White water rafting advice

Hi guys,

Just some advice on booking white water rafting tours in Costa Rica. Be very careful of the company you book with and make sure you check they have the right access to the river and equipment needed.

 I have heard that Rios tropicales, and Desafio are very reputable and do a great job.

 I unfortunately wanted to do a trip that involved camping out by the river Pacuare, and made the mistake of booking with the WORST company on earth.

 I just want to share my story and make sure no one books with them or any company like this in the future. White water rafting is already a risky sport, so why be compromised with incompetent organisers and equipment?

 Anyways, here is my story and advice on never to book with Rainforest World, who are based in Turrialba.

In short, this is why they are so unprofessional and suck:

- the raft is Old with Missing Foot Supports
- Staff Are Untrained To Handle Emergencies Or First-Aid
- They Make You Carry The Rafting Equipment & Raft(other rafting companies Never make you carry the heavy equipment)
If you get injured,
- They Don't Bother to Help You To a Doctor
-They Expect You To Pay For The Food Costs That You Didn’t Eat
-They Expect You To Pay For Their Losses That You Did Not Cause
-Phil Coleman (the owner) Will Call Your Hotel To Find Out What Flight You Leave On So He Can Make a Fake Report To The Airport About You To Get You Searched

I have proof and witnesses for what has happened.
If I haven't put you off from rafting with this Farce of a company and owner, then read the stuff below.

>Chapter 1: Booking and Subsequent Injury<
I booked the rainforest world 2-day white-water rafting trip on the Pacuare because it involved camping, whereas the main companies didn't. I paid the $160 deposit (for 4people)online at least a month in advance.

In San Jose, we were picked up and taken to their Turrialba office, where we paid for the balance of our rafting trip - USD $800 CASH 
(TOTAL = USD $960 for 4people)

With 2 guides and the driver, we went to a cafe to change at, then drove towards the river Pacuare via a dirt road. Unfortunately, we could not reach the river edge by car since the pathway was gated and padlocked. After about 20mins of trying to get someone to come by sounding the car horn, the staff try to break the padlock...yes. (I don't know why at the time did we not think this company was trespassing/didn't have licensed access to the river, but I now have lived and learnt a big lesson).

Then the guides said we couldn't drive down to the river edge but we needed to carry the equipment around the gate to get there. We made 2 trips carrying a heavy backpack each (at least 15kg), helmet and life jacket. Then when they got us to carry the raft (trust me it was Heavy) i stumbled on the path from the weight and dislocated my knee..and probably torn a ligament. These guys had no clue what to do.

Then (As if there wasn't enough drama already!) a car comes from behind! This driver is from GeckoTours(can't remember the exact name) and they offered to drive me to the river edge as they were heading there. When I got in, I got told that

“Rainforest World is probably taking out Rafters Illegally and that They Do Not Have Key-Access To the Gate!”

I asked one of the guides if this has happened before and he said “Yes!” (Wtf?) 3-4times and that previously they made their other customers also carry the equipment to the river!!

>Chapter 2:No Urgent Concern For Doctor/Medical Care<
Anyways, since I couldn't raft, I asked to be collected by Rainforest World whilst my friends went to raft(I had no idea at the time how bad the injury was until an hour later). The guys arranged this and I got picked up by Phil about 45minutes later. Phil denies all knowledge of the gate ever being locked before and his guys ever asking customers to carry the stuff over the gate to the river. I got given an icepack for the knee. I asked to be taken to a doctor but he was like 'yeah, I know a good doctor but first let us go and collect your friends' - He Never Took Me To The Doctor In The End. He only went to a Pharmacy to get one Measly Pill for me to take. When asked what it was, he said 'I don't know but the pharmacy says it will help with the pain'...as if, I was going to take some unknown drug.

>Chapter 3: Trying To Cheat Us From A Refund<
I tried to discuss the issue of a refund with Phil whilst waiting for my friends, but he just brushed me off. 
Finally, when my friends arrived about 3hours later, my leg had swelled up massively. He gave me ice but it hardly helped. I needed medical attention but he didn't bother. 
We got back to his office at 7pm. We asked him for a full refund for me and 3 half-refunds for a 1day rafting instead of the 2day rafting we paid for.... know what he said?!
He said: 'You mean I have to suffer some loss as well? What am I going to do about all the money I spent on the food and alcohol you were supposed to eat?' The Cheek of That Guy! He Expected Us To Pay/Compensate Him?!
(We don’t even drink alcohol and I specified this in my email to him when he asked about dietary preferences. So tell me, why Should I have to pay for something I never ordered?!)

I asked back for $600 in total. But from what I suffered, he should have compensated me!
To avoid paying he gave all sorts of dumb excuses:
- i used all your money and paid my staff, so I don't have any more 
- i don't have any local currency to give you (more lies)
- how bout i give you $400 cash now and transfer $160 to your bank when you get back from holiday. And you're just gonna have to trust me. 
(er trust who? ...and that is $40 short!)
- ok, fine I have spoken to my wife and I'll give you $540 cash now and transfer $60 to your bank when you get back.And you're just gonna have to trust me.
(that line again...)
Finally, he paid us the $600 refund cash and we had to go to his house to collect that small difference of $60, which was just 5mins away!!!! Did he apologise at the end? No! He had to send a kid out to give us the money! It was clear that all he wanted to do was squeeze us for as much money as possible so he would not make a loss or make the smallest lost possible, without caring for my welfare

>Chapter 4: The Audacity of Reporting Us to The Airport Authorities< When we got back to our San Jose hotel, we were told that Phil spoke to our Hotel Manager and asked what time and flight we were leaving so that he could call the airport authorities to give us trouble or get us searched, just because he was so angry at us! This just shows you how Vindictive and Selfish this guy is!

My mates who went rafting found some foot-holds(those pockets you slide your feet into) on the raft to be missing and for a replacement the company tied some kind of rope to keep your foot secured - we managed to capture one shot of it. Check out the pic. I don't know where the other rafting photos from other reviewers have been taken from but they did not provide our trip with a decent raft!

This injury turned out to be quite severe and I still can’t walk properly. But what was most disappointing was the handling of the situation and how badly I was treated - namely, not taking me to a doctor immediately, asking for compensation from a customer and trying to make a fake call to the airport.