sleeping at a project for streetchildren in Urubamba, Sacred Valley Peru

sleeping at a project for streetchildren in Urubamba, Sacred Valley Peru

n the Sacred Valley of the Incas between Cusco and Machu Picchu a Dutch woman provides 200 of the very poorest children with food, education and medical care on a daily basis. This in turn increases their self esteem, desire to live and perspective on the future.
With her presence life has become more than just survival.

I´m working here as a volunteer for a year and would be glad to have you as our guest in one of the bungalows at the terrain that are put there for people who are interested. I will show you around at the project and tell you everything about the good work.
Most importantly, your stay with us will benefit the project. 100% of the fixed donation per night per bungalow will go directly towards helping the children, as the project doesn’t have any overhead costs.

If you are interested in helping us by staying here you can sent an email to:

or you can phone me: 0051-849345515

hope to see you !


Helena and a few of her Children The Casa´s Dinner!

Wow the place looks like to

Wow the place looks like to die for ,I have send you a email and I am looks forward to coming there , will try and call you later on , can you help with ticket and other things 

Niños del Arco Iris Urubamba Peru

Hi, you wrote you have sent me an e mail. Under what name did you sent it????

I´m not sure if I received it.  

You are more than welcome and we can help you with everything! 


Hasta pronto