While I know many people whoe were travelling around in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Bolivia, I never met anyone who travelled in Paraguay. Is it generally not advisable to go there? Clearly they have a lot of problems with corruption and crime, but who bad is it for tourists? I would appreciate to hear from anyone who was travelling in Paraguay recently - how was it?

When I was traveling in

When I was traveling in Peru and Ecuador last year, I met one person who had been there.  He liked it mainly because there were no tourists except in the area near Iguazu Falls, where there is a dutyfree zone in the town across the border, making it a cheap place for electronic goods.

I need to start traveling

I need to start traveling more, I have not been there either, but im going to be taking a 2 month trip in... 7 months I think. So in the months to come I will be asking questions regarding places im traveling.

ParaGuay is a little

ParaGuay is a little dangerous, but nothing terrible. Just try to don't look too much like a "gringo" (a map and a camera... LOL).

But there, you can take AMAZING tours, like one that I did to the Río Amazonas.


Is not ab ad choice, just be extra careful.


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