Chile Travel Companies

Chile Travel Companies

This year I am planning a trip to Germany and hopefully by the end of the year a trip to Chile. For my travels to Peru I found this mall outfit (Peru4Less). What I loved about them was, that I could pretty much let them know what I was interested in and they customized a tour for me. Everything was arranged (hotels, transportation, tours), however I did not have to travel with a large group. And thats my dilemma, I really don't like group travel, but I loved that they had everything arranged for me.

I was wondering if anyone knew a company that I might contact that offers something similar for Chile? Basically I want to book a fully customized tour at an affordable rate and I am a bit of a loner when I travel, so I hate to go in a group. Thats basically because I have my own ideas and sometimes I like to stay a little and wait for a good photograph or for better light, something that can't be done in a group (especially if the group always poses in front of everything).

Any ideas?


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I have three

I have three suggestions.

The first is to contact the place that planned your trip to Peru and see what they recommend.  Maybe it is a franchise or they have branched out and now cover Chile.

The second is Wilderness Travel, just because they arranged a private tour for friends of mine when their group tour fell through.  I know they do a lot of tours in Chile.

 The third is to just go on your own, booking things as you go along. 



I checked with my Peru travel company a while ago. They said they were working on it, but on their website there isn't much in terms of Chile yet. That was my first idea also.

I will check out Wilderness Travel. I have never heard about them.

About the book as you go: I don't have that much vacation time. In order to max out my time in Chile, I'd rather have something set up. I wish I could afford a long vacation and do exactly this, since this fits my style best. At least I would have to book all flights and since the country is so large it may be a few. 


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Individualized and independent Chile travel itineraries

I work for Let's Go Chile

I work for Let's Go Chile and we are very professional. But you can search online, just googling "Chile travel agency" and find a lot of good options.


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