Attention Machu Picchu Travellers

Attention Machu Picchu Travellers

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Cusco Travel is a CON stay far away from them

Sorry for the long Post this is about and how they scam us.


Back on Nov1st we gave authorization for Cusco Travel to charge our credit card for a one day excursion to Machu Picchu from Cusco Peru. The agreement was for four spots on the Vistadome Train, bus fair, and the entrance for Machu Picchu itself for 4 people on Dec 28th. Once arriving to Cusco on Dec 27th, one day prior to our planned excursion, we are met by the representative from the agency Cusco Travel. He quickly tells us a false story stating that the train was not going to be in service do to the renovation, swearing that they were made aware of this change in train service that same day.

 To make a long story short, in going back and forth with this agency it wasn’t until 11pm that evening that they finally admitted that they never applied the money they charged us to buy the tickets onto the Vistadome train leaving from Cusco. The train was sold out! They then offered to take us to a town 3 hrs away, at 3am that morning, and to top it all off we were to take a different train of much lesser value than what we had originally paid for. This was a train used by locals that was to leave from a random town we had never heard of. After they lied to us all day long and considering that we were traveling with two elders, this was not an option let alone a safe alternative.

 To be honest these people were scary, dishonest, and overall it was a very frightening situation to experience.  On Dec 28th Cusco Travel finally promised to return our money, but we have yet to see this happen. We had to go through the grueling process of getting our money back from Visa and my bank.  That’s why it took so long to post my experience because I was going through the prosees of getting our money back and thought that Cusco Travel would step up and give us our money back. They did not and Visa finally gave us a full refund last week.  I’m posting this here and as many places I can to hopefully prevent any other American tourist from experiencing this same type of misrepresentation. The saddest part of it all is that we traveled to Peru for the sole purpose of visiting Machu Picchu.


Sorry that You had such an

Sorry that you had such an unpleasant experience.  Machu Picchu is absolutely breathtaking!I booked my trip to Peru with Latour company that based in New York. I booked air, accommodation land and all sight seeing with them. You might think that the private tour is more expencive at the first glance but it can really give you the unforgettable experience and it  saves you money on a long run. Theyl resolve all complaines in connection with the local services on your behalf because they care about their reputation. ‘veI never delt with the local companies unless I have a good referral.