I've always heard good things about it, and now I've added it to my list of places I want to visit, once I get over my reluctance to actually travel and move around.   If I still want to just hang out in one place, I think Buenos Aires would be a great destination.  Have any of you been?  And has anybody stayed for several months, and perhaps rented an apartment?


You better hurry. I think Argentina is one of the fastest growing Countries in South America and the prices in Buenos Aires are climbing very fast. The country is doing very well and is very safe, almost European I hear.


I should have gone right

I should have gone right after the crash.  People were staying in four-star hotels for $8 a night, or so I heard.

 I'm thinking about how to save on airfare.  Someone I worked with got a ticket out of Miami for a little over $400 roundtrip, in June, through some sort of Argentinian association.  She was traveling with her mother, who's from Argentina.  I wonder if I could get a ticket through an association like that, or would I have to have some sort of Argentinian connections?

I usually opt for hostels

I usually opt for hostels when I travel to South American countries, but that's just my personal preference (and my budgeting!)

I've only been to Ecuador

I've only been to Ecuador and Peru, and I only stayed in hostels in the big cities.  I generally paid $7 per night, and let the room vary according to what that would buy.  It would have been fun to go to Buenos Aires and try the luxury life style for a while, but I didn't strike while the currency was not hot, so to speak.


It is true that prices have gone up during the last years, but in early 2007 I could still find a cheap hotel where I lived for a month at a rate of 20 USD per night. There are a lot of agencies that rent apartments to tourists which is also a good option for longer stays (you then have a kitchen and more privacy). In hostals you clearly pay less, about 10 or 15 USD per night, I think.

By the way, the locals pay rents which are much cheaper than what is available for tourists. However, it is hard to rent on the normal market for foreigners since you need a "garantia", which Argentines normally get from their relatives.

I can definitely recommend Buenos Aires, it is a great place to live for a few months. There is so much to see and do, the people are friendly, and the city is relatively safe.

$20 per night is too much

$20 per night is too much for me.  I consider even $10 per night expensive.   I realize you have to pay that in many places, or more, but I am really looking for countries where I can travel and spend around $7 per night, or less.