Camp with Quokkas

Camp with Quokkas

A QuokkaNot far from Perth is gorgeous Rottnest Island. We had the opportunity a couple of months ago to visit there. Ferries leave from Hilarys Boat Harbour as well as Perth and Fremantle. The Basin is the best swimming spot with clear, shallow waters, or you could hop on a bus and find your own stretch of sand.

By ferry Rottnest is 30 minutes from Fremantle, 45 minutes from Hilarys and one hour from Perth. We stayed at the Rottnest Hostel for only $62 a night, for a family room or you can get a four-bed bungalow from $43 or pitch a tent at the well-situated camp site for just $9.20. What with the economy the way it is at the moment we found this very cheap accomadation.  While you are there don't miss the Quokkas, But dont feed them- it makes them ill.



Thats pretty cool and cheap as well. Are those Australian dollars?

I have never slept this cheap and to think about the wonderful experience, you were very lucky to have found this deal.

Yes they are Australian

Yes they are Australian dollars. And I have found this to be far one of the cheapest rates we have found for along time. Especially with the economy the way it is at the moment it is always nice to know you can still enjoy a few days or weeks on a relaxing holiday and not pay an arm and leg for it.

That is a good

That is a good recommendation. Rottnest is one of the premier getaways you can have in the WA. There are really good accommodations and i could say as cheap as $39 per person holiday home packages... you can even get yourself locked on it online. it would be best to visit Rottnest this August along with its rottnest comedy and short film festival. aug 28-30,2009 to be specific. 

this is best if you have a

this is best if you have a very limited budget for yourself. Many newly married couple usually are unable to afford high priced places. So definitely that is the spot for them.

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A bit higher rate during

A bit higher rate during the summer. but not bad for such a place. yeah great place for honeymooners too. should you be doing a Honeymoon soon? Wink

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