Wildfires: California Hwy 1 Closures

Wildfires: California Hwy 1 Closures

Hwy 1 WildfireCalifornia is currently ravaged by wildfires. Several fires are burning around my neighborhood. One day the sky was completely dark and the next morning my car was covered with ashes.

2 Days ago there was a horrible fire just south of Santa Cruz (near Aptos). I saw it live on TV how people lost everything.

Highway 1 was closed that day near Airport Blvd in Santa Cruz.

Today Highway 1 was closed near Big Sur, just south of Pfeiffer State Park. I took this picture several miles up the road. The truck rushing towards the fire was a fire engine traveling at high speed.

If you are planning to travel beautiful scenic Highway 1, please check the road conditions. I will probably keep this post up to date and inform you about changes between San Francisco and L.A.. 

Hwy1 is always worth driving. Here is a picture I snapped today:

Highway 1


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Currently the road seems open again.

I created this map to check for traffic problems on Highway 1:

Highway 1 Map


Unfortunately it was a bit premature. The fire is still spreading and very hard to contain. It just jumped a fire control line and is now spreading further. Currently its only 3% contained and 31 miles of Highway 1 is closed. 

Containment will not be before July 31 (that does not mean its out though). 

Just a question, by the

Just a question, by the way. How long do these fires go until they're extinguished (probably on its own without intervention)? It's kinda scary just thinking about it especially if you happen to be near the area.

Wow! That is fairly

Wow! That is fairly serious!

I hope that no one was hurt and that the only real damage was to the road?   

I haven't really seen a

I haven't really seen a huge fire before so if something like that happened near our area, I would be quite amazed. Danger would be the second thought most probably...along with my personal belongings.


The fire is 23% contained. Highway 1 remains closed between Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and Lucia. The fire is rather stubborn and keeps flaring up. The current heatwave also exaggerates the situation.

I don't really know how long these fires burn. It all depends on the area and how much access firefighters have. Unfortunately those fires are hard to contain due to the area. The recent drought and low humidity makes everything burn like tinder. Fire get started even by a single spark from equipment, malfunctioning (or tuned) cars, lightning, cigarette butts and unfortunately arson.

A giant smoke cloud looms over most of california:

Unhealthy Air

I headed out through the Sierra Nevada last Thursday and the smoke was so thick that I could barely see 500 feet ahead of me.  Breathing was hard despite me recycling my cars internal air.

I drove to Idaho for the 4th and I could still see the haze.

The air quality is only improving slightly during the next few days.

Matt: Without intervention the fires would probably burn until the next raining season starts (September probably).


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Holy crap. That long? So it

Holy crap. That long? So it will burn everything in its path until there's nothing left. Now that's scary.


matthew26 wrote:
So it will burn everything in its path until there's nothing left.

Well, if you don't put it out (cut off the oxygen or remove the fuel), a fire will burn until there is no fuel left. The forests are expansive (enough fuel) and there won't be any rain for a while (no cutting oxygen). 

The firemen are thus digging trenches to encircle the fire (which is contained when it is fully encircled) and then hopefully it will burn itself out. They are also dropping water from the air to prevent it from burning near homes. The rugged terrain and remoteness of the fire makes getting to it very hard. The heat wave is also exhausting firemen faster than usual. I have seen firetrucks from Washington State, Oregon, Nevada and California. I also read in the news that some National Guardsmen are deployed for fire duty.

Since we are in the second year of a drought, the fire season is probably going to last until the raining season starts, although we are down from a maximum of 1400 active fires to "just" 300, out of which this one is one of the biggest.


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So how's the fire? Was it

So how's the fire? Was it put out already? Is traveling safe in your area now?

Still burning

The fire is still going and Highway 1 remains closed. What a pity to close down this most amazing road during the peak travel season. I think it may be until August for it to reopen.

Some residents have been allowed back to their homes but the area is still closed for the general public.



california does have a lot of fires that hopefully dont interrupt your trave plans.  if your travelling to the mountains, def. keep this in mind!

Yep, last year it was

Yep, last year it was Malibu on fire, and the year before that Griffith Park got it.

Hi You know that billion


You know that billion dollar damage from California fire. Natural wildfire occurs in South California every year due to the Sana Ana Wind. As we know that these fires happen every year, we must prepare for it in advance.
The state doesn’t have much water tanker aircraft. He must arrange for that to save our precious forests and wildlife.  

Beside the state government, it is also our duty to prepare for it and keep it mind that  
It could be anything that cause the fire like a cigarette, a single spark, a match, whatever combined with the dryness and windiness of the hills/mountains up there. So be careful of that and keep it mind that all disasters like earthquake, flood, wildfire are come by the God and coming from the ancient times.

May God save our lives and the World.

Charles Steve



I couldn't agree more. Most brush fires near freeways are caused my mindlessly tossed cigarette butts. These things are not only avoidable but completely irresponsible. The punishments are not nearly severe enough.

Cleaning forests from undergrowth and dead wood also should be a priority.