Long drives

Long drives

The US is full of long boring interstate drives.  Do you tend to push hard to get them over with as fast as possible, or are you like me, always wanting to stop for a meal or snack or to see any remotely interesting thing along the way?


I am the racing type. I try to get past the boring stuff as fast as possible, only stopping for gas. I once managed to drive 830 miles in about 13 hours only stopping for gas and maybe lunch. I love going on road trips, but I often chose a detour just so I will have something to see and do.

I made a lenghty post a while ago on how to avoid traffic tickets.



Was driving through 6 States


A foreigner, I was in a car driving 24 hours non-stop ( I actually even drove myself for couple of hours... ) from NYC to Parsons, KS. It was quite something. We only stopped 3-4 times to have meals and toilet. I was suprised how same are meals along the road! Everywhere same hot dogs and hamburgers. By the end of the trip nearly I could not see them any more. 

 I am sure there are places to eat normal food, but when you drive, and want it fast, and find eating stops via GPS, you are very likely to eat same  ration, like a soldier...Surprised

Sometimes I get so tired of

Sometimes I get so tired of the same things to eat that I'll drive twenty minutes or so off the highway to find a non-chain restaurant that I saw advertised or that is listed in my AAA (auto club) book.  However, when I get back to the US after this last year away, probably some of the standard American chains are going to look pretty good to me.  Taco Bell, here I come!

Taco Bell?

cindy wrote:
Taco Bell, here I come!

God have mercy with you!!!

But I understand what you mean. It takes just weeks outside the country for me to enjoy a really good burger again, after getting tired of them.


My friends in the US always

My friends in the US always want to go out for Asian food, and I'm just not going to be interested at at all.