I have traveled to Canada on two different occasions. One of my favorite spots is Point Pelee which is located by Lake Erie about 30 miles south-east of Windsor and is actually the southern-most part of Canada. The first time I visited Point Pelee I was only about 13 years old and went with my father. We rented a canoe and went out on the back waters of the lake to look around. At that age I was amazed at the different types of birds that seemed to be everywhere. Later on, after I grew up, I made another trip to Point Pelee. I was also able to drive around and do some sight seeing. Canada is really a beautiful place to visit and I definitely plan on visiting there again. If anyone else has experiences traveling in Canada let us know about it.


I like the Canadians. They are so incredibly friendly all the time that we became really suspicious thinking WHAT DO THEY WANT FROM US. Laughing

No seriously, I am exaggerating of course but they are really nice and friendly people up there.


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They are always very happy

They are always very happy when they see that you have U.S. dollars. Did you notice that?

Not really

I think thats a myth. I guess you watched to many South Park Episodes Cool.

If it weren't for the cold winters, I'd say Canada would be first choice for countries to live. The economy is also booming and will grow very well in the future, plus they have an abundance of natural resources and not a whole lot of people (33 million or so).


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Nope, it's not a myth. I

Nope, it's not a myth. I have been to Canada myself and whenever I went in to pay for gas or to get something to eat the people often seemed pleased to see that I was paying with US dollars.


kentuckyslone wrote:
Nope, it's not a myth. I have been to Canada myself and whenever I went in to pay for gas or to get something to eat the people often seemed pleased to see that I was paying with US dollars.

Typical case of a self-absorbed American. My guess is, if we continue to overspend and warmonger around a bit more, the Dollar will be worth less then the paper it's printed on. Maybe the Canadians are just smart enough to make everyone feel good about themselves and thus get more buisiness. I'd say their currency is more stable then ours. Heck, I am seriously considering investing money in Canada, just to drop as many Dollars as I can.

I remember back in 2001/2002 when the Dollar was 1.3 Euros I should have bought European Currency. The Dollar has lost almost half its value against the Euro (and I must say I am surprised it's still worth something).

And when I show that I am from another country I know the Canadians will be extra friendly. But how do you know they aren't even friendlier to people with Euros? I guess thats just their hospitality, and by dropping your American wallet on them you told them: "I am not from around here", so they were just extra nice.


Well, if the price was $10

Well, if the price was $10 Canadian, and you paid $10 American, of course they were happy.  Although the Canadian dollar has gained a lot recently, at one point it was worth only about 65 cents American.  I'd be happy too if I got to sell something at a 35 per cent premium.

 Even if they were converting, places that take foreign currencies typically give very bad rates, to protect themselves against currency fluctuations and to collect a fee for effectively exchanging money for you.

 As far as Canadians being friendly, I think it depends on where and when you go.  And sometimes on whether you speak any French at all.


That must be the influence of the French.

But seriously, I don't see why Canadians would be so Dollar crazy except for the things Cindy mentioned. Makes a lot of sense. Maybe they were ripping you off and making you feel good about it at the same time Wink


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visiting Canada

 I'd hate to think that we Canadians are seen as naive people mesmerized by foreign money. I worked in the hospitality industry as a Montreal tour guide several years ago.  As far as I could tell, foreign money just meant foreign guests to my friends and I, and that meant we should be welcoming.  Can people be welcoming without being suspected of something?  I guess we were just brought up that way since immigrants played a huge role in our development as a country.

Very well said Lyndsey. To

Very well said Lyndsey. To many US citizen something like hospitality and being friendly to foreigners and strangers is unthinkable. However I have been surprised many times and many people in the US are the same way, so I would laugh about this if I were you and take it for another example of someone being too full of themselves.


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I have not been all over in

I have not been all over in Canada but where I have been I would have to say the people were very friendly and to be honest I just never really thought it was because I was spending american money. I just assumed the person who was friendly was having a great day.

Whenever I've been to

Whenever I've been to Canada, everyone was very friendly and not only when I was buying something. And I always paid in Canadian dollars, so I doubt that there is any truth to this "myth". I agree with Lyndsey, why can't people just be friendly without having ulterior motives? I was raised the same way and I wished more people would act this way. A smile or friendly gesture can go a long way.

In any case, I think Canada is a beautiful country and part of that is the fact that people are so friendly.

BTW - Lyndsey, do you have any recommendations for a trip to the West around Vancouver. I've been to Ottawa and Montreal and I loved it there. Next time, I would like to visit the West coast. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I've started a thread for it here.


One of the most unusual

One of the most unusual complaints I've ever heard about America was from a German man.  He didn't like it because of all the phony friendliness.  He hated that the clerks smiled and thanked him and said 'Have a nice day!'.   Since one of the most unpleasant shopping experiences of my life was in Munich (the grouchiest group of people I have ever dealt with in a store), I suppose he must have been suspicious and thought there was some ulterior motive.  Well, there is with servers in restaurants.  They are after a tip.