California Earth Quake Trail

California Earth Quake Trail

California Earth Quake Trail Fence

Today I was enjoying the sun and cruising around to Point Reyes (Northern California).

I stopped at the Point Reyes Visistor center and checked out the Earth Quake Trail. The trail is not very interesting except for this fence that used to run straight across the San Andeas Fault. During the infamous 1906 Earth Quake in San Francisco, the San Andreas Fault ruptured here and parts of Point Reyes moved up to 20 feet north. It's hard to imagine the power that must have been unleashed.

If you are in the area (near San Francisco) and possibly on a drive up north on Highway 1, make a short detour. The fence is located at these GPS coordinates:

N38 02.391 W122 47.839

[gmap |id=map |center=38.03985,  -122.79731666666666 |zoom=14 |width=400px |height=300px |control=Large |type=Map |markers=38.03985,-122.79731666666666]

On the trail (a 5 minute walk) we also encountered some baby deer:

Baby Deer


That is really neat. I have

That is really neat. I have never heard of this park. We have relatives not to far from here. The next time I visit I will have to check this out. Thanks for posting this.


Well, although they claim the fence ran straight once, it looks like they rebuilt it probably just the way it would have looked like. After all the Eartquake would surely have ripped the fence into pieces.

Nevertheless Point Reyes is very interesting in itself but a little education doesn't hurt. I think it would be an interesting tour with children.


Great photographs!  When I

Great photographs!

 When I was in New Zealand, the driver of a bus headed to Fox Glacier (west coast of the South Island) pointed out that there was a sheer cliff rising on the left side of the road.   We were riding along the fault line between the Pacific and Australasia plate.  The cliff was on a different tectonic plate than the road.  It was kind of spooky.

 At the time, the glaciers there were advancing, and when you hiked out to the snout, if you looked left and down from the path,  you could see these funny metal poles sticking out about five inches from the rubble that is pushed in front of the glacier.  They were the poles from the railing for last year's path.

 It reminds you that even things that are as solid as the earth under our feet, aren't.

Great pictures first of

Great pictures first of all. I have heard of that park, but never seen it. It is amazing what force those things have though...

That is pretty cool. Though

That is pretty cool. Though I fear that I won't be going to california any time soon.


yes, it is really neat but i would like to know the price for your deers if you are selling them.

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