winter diving

winter diving

Hi everyone,


I’m really keen on diving but I want to go somewhere out of season to save money. Can anyone recommend me a good place for some winter diving?

 Thanks a lot


It would help to get some more information:

Where do you live? What is your budget? How long do you want to go ....

In any case, there is good diving in Hawaii with excellent weather year round and some of the best Diving can be found on Cozumel (Mexico). The weather is good year round too. 


Hi, I love diving too!!! I

Hi, I love diving too!!! I went on holiday to Cuba last summer but this site reckons that the sea around Cuba has 24 degrees all over the year. Sounds lovely…Makes me want to go there again. J Have fun on your Cuban holidays!



I thought there are restrictions for US-Americans to travel to Cuba.

I even heard that you might face some unpleasant questions if you enter the US and someone discovers a stamp from Cuba immigration. Better get a new passport first.


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