What 3 'unnecessary' items could you not leave home without?

What 3 'unnecessary' items could you not leave home without?

 Here's one for you...

So you are almost ready to go, and the rucksack is full to bursting with all those come in handy travel accessories.
But, if you had to be mean and remove everything bar the minimum amount of clothing necessary (which would be a whole new topic in its own right) and your passport, small washkit, and first aid kit - what 3 items could you NOT bear to leave at home or travel without? And why?
A special photo? A penknife? Wooly knitted monkey? Camera? A certain food - a taste of something familiar if you are ever at a low ebb?
No matter how ridiculous they be perceived to be by others, what are your top 3? After all, some may scoff, but then maybe they maybe missing out! Enlighten us!


My camera.  My extra

My camera.  My extra book.  My extra sarong.

 I have to have my camera.  I'm terrified of being caught without reading material.  And there is always a use for a sarong, and an extra is nice when the first one has turned into a towel or something.

If I had to choose a fourth thing, it would be my second bathing suit.  I'm big, and one year I had to have a friend go out and buy me one and mail it to me.  And my searches in both Auckland and Singapore for somethng that would fit me were not fun.  So maybe the spare bathing suit is not so unnecessary after all.


Oh well, I consider my Camera very necessary.

Unnecessary things I need:

  • Cellphone (one of the worst inventions and demons of mankind, but saved me a couple of times even in South America)
  • GPS (I love to play around with those, I use them for GeoTagging, finding places and a whole lot of other fun things. I own two of those, one for hiking and trekking and one for Car Navigation)
  • A power cord with multiple outlets. Especially usefull when you are in a foreign country and only have one adapter, but many devices to power. And believe me, charging all those cameras, image tanks, gps and computers I drag around with me requires a lot of juice Cool

I guess from my answer you can see that I love toys. 


Travel Photos

Anxiety Attacks I Need My Food

The things I cant leave behind are my organic food.

Yep, where ever I can get my food as natural and as fresh as

possible I will take it a long with me. I wouldn't buy the supermarket

stuff. If someone has homegrown fruit and veges i will take the time to pick it, after asking of course.  This prevents me from getting anxious. I function better on whole foods that are fresh and natural, and that goes for my water as well. I also take along my own mineral water.

gadget brothers

Andre, you're a gadget freak....and a traveler after my own heart!

I'm exactly the same - geekness is my weakness. Everyone's just got to have some dinky gadget in thier bag to baffle and confuse its owner!


I would need my camera for

I would need my camera for sure, along with my ipod/mp3 player (gotta have tunes on long flights and shuttles!) as well as a notebook. I love to write stuff down.

ubertramp wrote: Andre,

ubertramp wrote:

Andre, you're a gadget freak....and a traveler after my own heart!

Haha, haven't even mentioned that I always take my Laptop, PDA and a bunch of other things, like a second GPS. One is for Navigation (in car unit) and one is for geo tagging my photos, hiking and topographical mapping. I always take my radar detector and I am seriously considering building a cantenna to boost my wireless range on the go.

Yeah, I am a tech geek. I buy pretty much every gadget I can get my hands on and that is somewhat useful to me. I download podcasts onto my cellphone and aggregate news on the PGA, read e-books on the PGA and surf the net on my phone.

The number of computers to people in my household is larger then 3:1 (I personally own 3 laptops, a big desktop as my panorama compute server, a web server for backups ....)

Naturally I find it hard to leave the stuff behind. 


Three things I could not do

Three things I could not do without:

1. My books

2. My eye pillow

3. My new laptop

For me it's

1) My Camera,

2) My Books, and

3) As much as I hate to admit it, my hairdryer. Embarassed

Eye pillow?  What is an

Eye pillow?  What is an eye pillow?  I think I'm going to start a thread on the bare minimum one can travel with...

I would have to say my

I would have to say my camera, the book I am reading and pictures of my two sons. These things I don't really need to have but I love having them with me when traveling.

eye pillow

You don't know wha an eye pillow is? LOL did you know tat, when you are not using it, you can also wrap you hair dryer in it to keep it from getting damaged ;-)

Keep em coming, folks! I love this thread! 

Eye Pillow

cindy wrote:
Eye pillow?  What is an eye pillow?  I think I'm going to start a thread on the bare minimum one can travel with...

An eye pillow is a delightfully luxurious little pillow scented with lavender or sage. It usually comes with a delightful satiny cover. When you lay it over your eyes, it blocks out light and fills your nose with a relaxing scent. You can also place it briefly in the fridge to reduce puffiness around the eyes. I know I'm spoiled, but I would miss my eye pillow if I traveled without it, and since it doesn't take up that much room...

OOOH, the eye pillow does

OOOH, the eye pillow does sound nice.  Have you ever tried asking a flight attendant to put it in the fridge for you?

eye pillow

Right, thats it...I'm off out to buy an eye pillow and a book on how to get in air stewardess' good books (butonly if they have a fridge...)!!

haha- nice one. lol

First Class

Eye Pillow? Apparently they have things in first class, that people like me have never heard about ;-)


Ahh, that Eye Pillow really sounds great! On the top of my list there would be my small box of "Ohropax" ear plugs - they are simply the best, even though they are not scented with lavender. Crowded hostel? Room close to the main street? Chatty neighbor on the plane? Annoying videos on the bus? I don't care, I have my ear plugs. These few cubic centimeters of space are well spent...

3 things

My cell phone (which has a camera already)

My wallet which has credit cards/money and other id's

My shades (sunglasses) 




Takire wrote:

My cell phone (which has a camera already)

One of the most amazing things is the diversity of mankind. Isn't it interesting how different we all are? I usually carry two cameras, about 3-4 pounds of lenses and a bogen tripod on every trip. Sometimes more sometimes less. The downside is that vacation has lost its relaxing appeal to me. I cannot even stroll on the beach and enjoy the sunset, as I would be itching to shoot some nice scenes.

A phone on the other hand is about the last thing I need. Nevertheless I still carry one with me most of the time, so that I can get annoyed wherever I go.


Travel Photos


Hi friends   The three

Hi friends


The three necessary things are:-


cell phone



ATM? lol - man, you crazy...

unless you mean things you need , not things you carry :-) 


He said that the ATM is necessary, not that he would carry one.

Besides, some people treat their partners as an ATM :-) 

What Do I Need?

My Camera of course. Never leave home without it.

 A dictaphone (use a minidisk and a microphone). This doubles as a journal and also makes great supplement to photos.


Okay my take on the

Okay my take on the subject.

My vanity bag/purse


PDA phone 



Laptop. Camera. Cell phone.

Laptop. Camera. Cell phone. -- i can't leave without having these three unnecessary things with me. can't live a day without checking my emails and at least visiting one news site

The three things I need are

The three things I need are the following:




Three Things...

My Camera, batteries for my camera, and my passport...that's all I need and I'll be happy!

I would have to agree I

I would have to agree I would not leave home with out my camera. Another important thing for me is my moble phone and in particular my charger (I always seem to forget this) than sounding really silly would have to be my hairdryer and straightner :)

Things I can't forget are

Things I can't forget are Camera, dairy & a pen.

A book, chapstick and a

A book, chapstick and a small pillow. But I think those are essental. Smile

camera, phone, credit card

i actually have a few things i can't live without mostly when I am traveling.  but since your are only asking for three, the first thing is my ATM and credit cards, well I would need money while I am traveling, 2nd my digital camera, so i can take pictures as souvenirs, lastly is my mobile phone, i couldn't live without my cellular phone since my phone has almost all the necessary functions for my needs.  i can use my phone to check my emails, i can listen to my music and watch videos as well. and it functions a lot more.

great question... camera

great question...

camera seems to be the most obvious "unnecessary necesity".  So, sticking with the theme, I'll put that as my #1.  Next would be my ipod with some really good headphones that will eliminate the very annoying person that will be sitting next to me and talking non-stop (this has happened the last three times that I either boarded a plane or train).  The last thing, that eye pillow sounds pretty good....

Has to be my ipod, mobile

Has to be my ipod, mobile phone and my solar powered ipod/mobile phone charger, i still remember lying on a nice beach in North Shore hawaii getting a tan and charging my Ipod with the sun!

3 Things I have to Bring!

I have to bring my ipod, so I always have great music to listen to. I need to bring a great pair of sunglasses, because sun glare just wears me out and last but most importantly, I need to bring my travel pillow. Being stuck in the airport on a long delay is no fun BUT if I have my travel pillow with me I can rest or nap, so i'm not exhausted.

I found a website that had the most beautiful travel pillows. The pillowcase is made out of satin so my hair will glide across it instead of getting stuck in one spot. Now I get off the plane or the train and i don't have that "bed head" look anymore. I can go right to a meeting or lunch with a client and not have to worry about the frizz look. As an added bonus, the pillow feels as comfortable as the pillow in my bedroom. The pillowcase and the pillow, which feels like down and is hypoallergenic, are both washable. When I'm home, I throw it on the sofa and use it as a nap pillow.

The company is A Touch Of Satin and in case you're interested, their website is http://www.atouchofsatin.com. Well, these are my three things that aren't necessary, but I must have and can't live without items.

What a fun topic! Something different. Keep it up! 

OK, don't laugh at me you

OK, don't laugh at me you work junkies. I have to had my BlackBerry because I NEED it to communicate with everyone. 

Definitely my precious camera because i must have my memories embedded in a little chip called the SDCard.

IPod,need to set my mood right at any moment anytime.


Surrounded by the things she loves.
Surrounded by the things she doesn't love.

My favourite comic books,

My favourite comic books, my favourite snack bar and some kind of accesories that I can't live without. My sister like to bring some dolls as well.

On my travels I always

On my travels I always need sunglasses, babywipes (helps with cleaning your hands and face on the go), and my ipod (for being on buses, flights, trains, zoning out fellow travelers =) )