Travel sites

Travel sites

Hi guys, I am new to travelling and I wondered if any of you more experienced travellers could recommend any good websites that are very useful with helping to plan travel needs and requirements etc. 


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Re: Travel Sites

Hi Ian,

I know one site where you can find great deals for hotels and other travel related queries. They not only provide less rates against their competitors but also help to plan your travel needs.


Re: Travel sites


There are tons of websites that could help you out, maybe you could be a bit more specific about the type of trip you are planning.

If for example you are planning a just-me-and-me-backpack trip to somewhere in Senegal for exampl,you are probably looking for different websites than if you are planning a roadtrip trough Europe :)

Basic things to cover are:



I would recommend

I would recommend This is good resource with real hotel pick advises and other travel information

Travel sites

If you are going to Italy - try

In sites like tripadvisor

In sites like tripadvisor or loneley planet you will find general and quite typical tips for popular destinations. If you want to go to a country and see very touristic attractions they will be perfect for you. However if you want to see something different try to search for some local tourism sites/forums/blogs.

I also use

I also use This website provides a lot of useful information!


I also use This website provides a lot of useful information!





there are may travel site

there are may travel site you can use Travelocity and/or tripadvisor


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Travel sites

We traveled as a group and our vacation in Bangkok was enhanced with the most comfortable and convenient accomodations that we booked through, a very special online hotel reservations portal. They have a vast database of hotel accommodation to suits all budgets and needs of tourists.They looked after us very well and we enjoyed the services of a professional and dedicated team.

It really depends on what

It really depends on what type of accommodation or holidays you are after.

For information about destinations Tripadvisor is a good one and Lonely Planet is also a great source of information about places to visit.

If you need to organize your accommodation I can recommend L&V Location-et-Vacances!

I booked with them last year and I found a lovely villa in France.Smile

I am new bie on this site

I am new bie on this site and traveling is my hobby. Hope i get some useful information over this site.Hope you guys give your support. Thank you.

Merry christmas 


Merry Christmas to all...

Merry Christmas to all...

This very much depends on

This very much depends on what you are looking for in a trip. I would suggest that you google (or whatever search engine you prefer) you're travel needs, but make sure to be specific about what you are searching for so use the advance search settings.


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glad to be here..

glad to be here..

Lonely Planet and Trip

Lonely Planet and Trip advisor are the top sites for travel.

Hi Lan thanks for

Hi Lan thanks for your posting. But the thing is you have not told that mainly in which country of which area you want to visit. And I think if you surf net then you may get some very nice sites on travelling or visiting. So you can try out in the internet or i can tell you some name you can browse them, etc

This will surely help you

This will surely help you complete with accomodation from hotels to transfortation, this is the perfect guide for the starters. 

Last time, when I went to

Last time, when I went to London. I faced same problem like you that I don't know how will at possible?  But suddenly, I browse google and search some travelling companies and with in couple of hours, all is done.

If you love the beaches I

If you love the beaches I recommend, a lof of information about the best beaches in the world!

 Don't foget to check

Don't foget to check following page, if you ever plane to come to Austin, Texas.


Portugal Guide

Hi Everyone,

Here's loads of useful information on holidays to the Algarve plus other destinations! I found it really helpful when I was looking up on things to do and the best beaches.

Hope it's handy!

Travel sites

Hi guy,


i can kindly help you because you need a very good websites that are  very useful and helping to plan and travel need. Please have  a look to the below url my buddy.





I definitely did not want

I definitely did not want to get confused…So I browsed around and found a website that was just up my alley! They offered guest-friendly hotels and cheap hotels accommodation bookings up to 75% off. Can you imagine that??!! Plus the confirmed room was waiting for me on arrival. I had a wonderful time and ended up doing a lot more sightseeing!


Please find the link for the solution.

Apply for US Immigration and Travel Services

You can search online for major Travel or Immigration sites by using the following query "Travel sites".

Wonderful information!

Wonderful information! Thank you for sharing. It is very useful post. I love traveling and will certainly go for it. I just added this post in my favorite one and shared it with my friends as well

If you're looking for

If you're looking for amazing destinations then I think I can help you. One of the best location which I had visited was a hotel in Long Beach California. It really isn't necessary to visit France or England when you have such a beauty close to you.


Have you ever stayed in a bed and breakfst? I work at and all I do is connect travelers with B&B's. Let me know if you have any questions about staying at B&B's ;)

Alternate Accomodations

You might want to try bed and breakfast accomodations, especially if your traveling in the states, check out my website it's a free listing of over 45,000 bed and breakfast places.

Useful Website

Hi Ian,
A little delayed, I know, but as a frequent,super money-saving traveller I will be happy to share some sites I have tried:

When I want to fly somewhere I check so I can find cheapest prices on combined routes. My only comments on this site is that it would be great if it could show you what the difference would be to upgrade to Business Class, as sometimes it has happened that someone in the queue for the same flight upgraded for only a £20 difference. I could stretch to that!

When I want to drive somewhere and travel by ferry I always check , very pleased with these guys as it's real time comparison with all ferry companies out there.Wanted to book Brittany Ferries, checked their website directly, then got to this one and was a difference of nearly £100! in all a good deal.

For trains I check, they are pretty good at competetive prices too!

It helps alot hen you read destination review too, so have a look at tripadvisor especially when it comes to hotels too!

Hope this has helped!

Best Travel Site

I really like

Touring Boards


Power Touring

they are new but there is good info there.


I know one site where you can find great deals for hotels and other travel related queries. They not only provide less rates against their competitors but also help to plan your travel needs.

There are many travel

There are many travel websites for hotel bookings, flight bookings, bus and train reservations and more. But, it's very difficult to find the best prices and budget hotels. Searching each and every website is not so easy and takes much time though. So alternatively we need to check the travel search websites like Wego Travel which shows flights, hotels, travel deals from hundreds of travel website at a single places that will easily allow us to compare the prices and proceed to book/reserve the travel stuff. So, surely we're saving our time and money.

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