resource for good travel deals?

resource for good travel deals?


 I'm new here, so please direct me to the right place, if I'm posting wrong.


Anyway, I'm looking to find a good travel package for me and my friends for next spring.  Where is a good resource (online or not) where I can find deals and ideas? 

For a good website, I

For a good website, I advise you to give more information on where you want to go. There are many websites that focus on one place, not the entire world. You could also try searching Google.


You can look though our deals section (I usually update it once or twice a week).

Then I would recommend to look for packages, as they are usually cheaper than booking separately.

I have heard good things about Priceline too.


oh ok thanks,   i think we

oh ok thanks,


i think we want to go somewhere beachy...but not sure where.  Somewhere in the Carribean might be nice.

 I tried searching Google, but it's hard to tell what's credible.  How do you guys tell?


iGabi wrote:

 I tried searching Google, but it's hard to tell what's credible.  How do you guys tell?

I don't think there is any surefire way to tell the good from the bad. Thats why I go most of the time with any of these:

Always remember, if it is too god to be true, it probably is. Some deals sound very tempting, but I would stay away unless you have some way of getting a hold of them.

If you are still determined to go with another company, I would at least check out their reviews. So lets say some online company: offers a good deal, I would go to google and search for " reviews" and I would also see if they had a record with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Basically do your homework and see if you can find people's opinion.

I went to Peru with peruforless and I have never regretted it, but I did my homework on them. I reserached them and only after I found independent reviews (not on their site) and a BBB entry did I decide to give my Credit Card number to them.

So although its possible to save with independent providers, for a trip to the caribbean you are probably better off booking a package on one of the big sites I mentioned above. They cater very well for those things and they are big enough so they get volume discounts from the airlines and hotels. I guess the small guys will have a hard time beating their price.

For more exotic destinations they are not so good (I booked the flight to Peru through Expedia and everything else through peruforless).


Peru Photos


iGabi wrote:
iGabi wrote:

i think we want to go somewhere beachy...but not sure where. Somewhere in the Carribean might be nice.

Here is a deal thats going to expire Sept. 30:

Caribbean Vacation Deals: $150 off 6+ Night Flight + Hotel

Its offered by Travelocity so you know its good.

I copied it from our Deals page.

There are more deals to be found there (all by big respectable companies).

Here are some more you might find interesting:

Cheap Caribbean Hot Deals

Aruba on Sale From $569 + Extra $50 Off


some where beachy? how about a cruise?

in all honesty, I would use a travel agent, they are free, and they do all the researh for you!  We have done the internet search and it is ruff!  I would try or other travel agents.....   Need to know when , where, how many, how long.....etc.

hope this helps ya, and the caribbean is really nice!!

Hello,  I would suggest


I would suggest that you should find and book your holidays using a travel agent. If you are looking for cheap holidays visit .You can book online your  holiday package you prefer and suites you and your friends needs.

Good luck

I would recommend that you

I would recommend that you have a look at what the trivago community has to offer. You are able to search for various packages and accommodation options according to your own, personal criteria. There is also a vast amount of high quality, noncommercial travel information and trivago has the most detailed and largest European hotel database.

The company partners with leading German and international travel companies and offers realtime price comparisons from these various booking agents, so you are assured of finding the best available price for your destination of choice. As the platform consists of thousands of travel enthusiasts, there is also a wide spectrum of reviews, photographs which portray the realities (as opposed to the glossy, marketing type) and links to other online resources.

Currently two million visitors turn to trivago each month for the ultimate insider destination information and significant savings on travel.  Our search engine helps people find hotels and package deals from travel suppliers all over the world. Unlike other travel search sites we are able to show you prices from different travel agents and supplier sites. This results in a better travel search experience, more complete search results and, best of all, savings for you. Rather than comparing prices from different sites yourself, let us do the work and save you time and money!

I like using

I like using to book my vacation packages, as well as hotels and flights. it allows you to search different travel sites so you can easily compare and see the lowest prices. 

Good luck and happy travels.

There does seem to be alot

There does seem to be alot of help out there at the moment, its a matter of finding out that can help you and give you what you need...

Good Deals...

It's always a good idea to compare prices from different webiste before
committing. That's why this new innovative website will be a great

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The next time you plan a vacation, or group trip, consider booking through this site because doing so will change the way you travel. Just go to to get started! If you have any questions let me know.




Although this thread is

Although this thread is old I am of the opinion that it is very interesting. I actually always use Expedia if I want to find a vacation. Sometimes I use Travelocity but not very often. I love the Caribbean as holiday destination and I always found rather cheap packages on Expedia. The island Curacao is definitely my favorite destination.

I actually never heard of but I think I will give it  a try in the future. Generally I am of the opinion that the Internet facilitates a lot regarding booking holidays.

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Good source for Puerto Vallarta travel deals




They cater very well for

They cater very well for those things and they are big enough so they
get volume discounts from the airlines and hotels. I guess the small
guys will have a hard time beating their price.



hello can

hello can find the resource for good travel on internet...just type the place you are going and the related questions and you will get what you are looking for.....