packing liquids

packing liquids

Now that liquids are not allowed in carry-on luggage (not on the flight I'm taking, anyway), I have to find a leak-proof way to pack them into the luggage that gets thrown into the baggage compartment. Last time I tried plastic, made-for-travel leak proof bottles, they still leaked, probably from rough handling or from one bag being piled on another. I can't just buy my shampoos and cleansers at my destination because I have allergies, so I stick to particular formulas. Has anyone found a tried-and-true formula for packing liquids?

I usually buy large plastic

I usually buy large plastic bags with ziplock seals and double back them. That way if they leak, at least they leak into the bag and not all over my clothes, books, etc.

Same here

Same as Calypso. I usually use multiple plastic bags, in case one of them bursts.

Also you are allowed 100ml liquid bottles. 


packing liquids

I was told no liquid  at all for my overseas flight.  I'll try two zip lock bags. Thanks for the suggestons.  I'm still wary though because I seem to remember my zip lock bag opened on one flight, possibly when the luggage got  piled together.

Packing liquids

I usually don't take liquids with. But when I do I do the same thing .I but them in a plastic bag, and I usually double bag them. That way I am sure if they would leak they would not get on anything.

If you get good zip lock

If you get good zip lock bags, and make sure you get as much air out of them as possible, then I've not heard of them leaking.  If you're still paranoid about it, use a tupperware type container to put all your liquids in.