My bag got snatched...

My bag got snatched...

My bag (pocketbook) got snatched right out of my hand by a guy on a motorbike.  I was talking to someone, and for a reason I will never understand, I was holding the bag in my hand, instead of having it on my body with the strap crossing my chest.  Since I had been to the doctor and had planned to do some shopping, I had about $100 in cash in it.  Ouch.  I also lost the medications I was taking, which I had to replace, and my filofax (my life is gone).  I keep finding new things that are missing. I want to write something down and I have neither paper or pen.  It starts to drizzle and my collapsible umbrella isn't there.  It is annoying as hell.

Not to mention how incredibly stupid I feel.  But the experience does lead to some advice.  I think that when you are traveling for a long period, you get a little overconfident.  I think that when you are in the same place for a long time, you start to feel at home and at ease.  If you catch yourself thinking that the normal precautions you take when traveling are too much trouble, you'll be fine, that's a good time to spruce up your behavior and become more cautious.

In this case, I wouldn't even be standing around swining my bag by its strap at home, because I know that it's practically an invitation.  I don't know why I did it, I can't explain it, but I know that just a couple of days before I dropped my neck pouch into my bag instead of wearing it because it was 'too much trouble'.  I was going to the doctor's office, in a taxi, so I figured I'd be safe.  And I was.  And at least I locked it away in my pack and didn't lose my passport or credit cards or anything.

Remember, just when you start to feel safe is probably when you are the most vulnerable.


really sorry to hear that.

I guess you can't be careful enough, even when you are at home things can happen (your home is probably someone else's vacation destination).

Hopefully you will be able to replace some of the things you lost.

Did you have an online backup of your filofax thingy? 

The hardest part to deal

The hardest part to deal with is feeling so stupid!  And I keep looking for things that were in my bag, like my umbrella.  Or a pen.  I think I'm pretty much OK with names and addresses, but I had some recent notes in there, and some things I'd compiled about my medical history to take to the doctor's office, and who knows what else. 

 And actually, this wouldn't have happened at home.  We don't have snatch thieves going by on putt-putt motorcycles, and while you may be pickpocketed, it's not likely that someone will snatch your bag out of your hand.  The chance that someone will actually give chase or try to stop you is too great. 

I found my camera. 

I found my camera.  Apparently I took it out of the bag when I was looking for something, set it on the table, and put something on top of it.  It's just a little point-and-shoot that cost $140 on-line last year.  I got it in Peru, after my old camera died, and had to pay almost $300 for it, though, because of import duties.  Anyway, it was nice to see it, but I would rather have found my filofax.

 I was sitting with a friend that I met in Singapore a couple of years ago, facing the street in a small restaurant, when I saw someone get her bag snatched.  It was on the floor, tucked between her and a pillar, at a table set up on the sidewalk.  Suddenly someone, already in a crouch, darted in, grabbed the bag, and ran.          

My friend has been here for a month, and that was the fifth snatching she had seen.

I kind of puts you off a place.

Feeling safe...

Sorry to hear that. I think nobody has a reliable feeling for how safe a place or situation really is. There are indicators to watch out for, and it always helps to talk to locals and listen to their advice. But then again, feeling safe is not a bad thing - you can't enjoy a vacation when you are always nervous about what might happen.

You are right, you can't

You are right, you can't let fear keep you from doing things.  I think you need to do all the reasonable things, then stop worrying about it.  I, however, wasn't doing a reasonable thing, since I knew about the bag-snatching.


Sorry to hear that, I have

Sorry to hear that, I have never had a problem like that before. I find that fear can be a good thing, and sometimes the fear can save your life.

*Double posted Sorry!

*Double posted Sorry!