Folding or Rolling Clothes?

Folding or Rolling Clothes?

When packing, is it better to fold or roll your clothes? I've heard that rolling them can give you more space.

I've tried both, and I do

I've tried both, and I do think rolling gives you more space.  However, I find it annoying to go through a backpack that has rolled clothes in it.  If you take an item out of the bottom layer, you practically have to re-pack.  I think it works better if you are staying in hotels for a few days and can unpack into drawers and closets.  I frequently have only a bed in my room, and maybe a small nightstand, or I"m in a dormitory.  Everything has to stay in my pack, and stacks of clothes seem to work better.

Fold or rolling cloths

I have found that when you foll your clothes will give you a lot more space. You can pack so much more a, and they don't seem to winkle as much.

I'm on the side of folding

I'm on the side of folding clothes as the rolling method just gets messy and so do your clothes lol.  It also depends on what type of clothing ...heavy winter stuff is definitely better to fold.

I think that often, rolling

I think that often, rolling can give you more space.  However, I think clothes end up wrinkled way too often.  I fold, but don't put in many folds.  I try to keep each clothing item as flat as possible.

The only items I roll are "undergarments".

Yeah, I was thinking

Yeah, I was thinking rolling might result in wrinkled clothes. Then again, I'm not too great at folding so I'll have wrinkled clothes either way, lol.

I throw

I neither fold nor roll. I throw the clothes into the bags and the dirty clothes into a plastic bag in my bag. I don't care much for space. If I need more, I take a bigger bag.


The trick with suit jackets

The trick with suit jackets is to fold them inside out and you don't get nearly the wrinkles.

I've used that trick for years and can unpack after a long flight, shake out a jacket and wear it immediately.

I have always found that

I have always found that rolling give me more room overall. I have never heard of folding jackets inside out to prevent wrinkling. I will have to remember that tip. Thanks

I'm retired so I haven't

I'm retired so I haven't thought about packing business clothes for a long time.  I always did the thing where you put the first item spread out to cover the bottom of the bag, with all the sleeves and extra pieces hanging over the edge, then pack the next one, then the next one.  When they are all in you fold all the extra pieces in, and since most of them are actually wrapped around the stack of clothes, they don't get creases.  It also helps to do all that smoothing and brushing to make everything flat and nice.

I worked on a contract for three months that required me to fly out to Philadelphia every Monday morning and fly back every Friday afternoon.  Being female, I felt I needed three suits for the week.

Since I stayed at the same hotel every week, I arranged to check things over the weekend, my travel toiletries, a couple pair of heels, and my 'extra' blouse (if I hadn't used it).  Then I took one suit to the dry cleaners behind the hotel, wore one suit home, and took the other and my dirty blouses and underwear in a hanging bag, as carry-on.

When I got home, I left the two suits for my then husband to drop off at the dry cleaners, put the dirty clothes in the laundry, ironed the bouses he had laundered during the week, threw my alternate set of undies and one different suit into the bag, and wore one on the flight.  At lunch the first day, I picked up my other suit from the dry cleaners in Philly, and got my stuff from the bellhop at the hotel.  To make this work, I owned thirteen cream-colored blouses in various styles, and had doubles of all my underwear and toiletries.

More than you ever wanted to know about my packing history.  People who have second homes do the same sort of thing, keeping a wardrobe and everything at their weekend or winter place.

Folding or rolling clothes

I have use the idea of folding suit jackets inside out, and it really seems to work. It saves a lot of work once you get to your destination.

I'm a veteran traveller and

I'm a veteran traveller and I roll. I get more into a small space and nothing gets wrinkled. I'm also a fan of multi use items to save space.

ACCER wrote:I'm a veteran

ACCER wrote:
I'm a veteran traveller and I roll. I get more into a small space and nothing gets wrinkled. I'm also a fan of multi use items to save space.

i have to can get more into those small spaces

i think both are the best

i think both are the best

folding or rolling clothes

Yes u r right. You can roll your clothes for more space. But keep it mind that you have to iron the rolled clothes .

Folding or Rolling Clothes

it is very eassy during th travel .
it takes minimum time if u have any type of technic.

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