Airport Security Tight for 4th of July Weekend

Airport Security Tight for 4th of July Weekend

Thanks to the idiot would-be bombers in England and Scotland, airport security has been stepped up a notch in the U.S. with random car searches, extra baggage searches, etc. It's not that I mind that these folks are trying to keep me safe--I really do appreciate that--but just wanted to warn everyone traveling over the next couple of weekends to allow at least a couple of hours to clear security, especially if you're flying out of one of the more popular airports. Grrrr.....


I was thinking the same. I will be flying to Germany in a few weeks and I am already so not looking forward to the long flight, but with all this, it becomes even worse.

Thanks god I didn't take that flight that went through Heathrow. It was on the table, since it was pretty cheap.



It's sad to see how certain things have become routine for us. I remember not so long ago flying home with a corkscrew in my carry on and no one noticed. Now we can't have eyebrow tweezers in our bags. Still, I'm glad to see they're taking precautions.

I'm just glad I'm not

I'm just glad I'm not flying anywhere anytime soon. If I go anywhere, I'll be driving. While I do appreciate safety precautions, sometimes it is ridiculous...especially when methods seem to be inconsistent.

I'm relieved we got through

I'm relieved we got through the 4th of July without any major incidents and that the police across the pond seem to be doing a good job cracking the terror cell that planned the car bombings. I imagine security will stay extra tight for awhile, though.

Sometimes it seems rather

Sometimes it seems rather pointless.  I remember waiting to check in for a flight in Mexico, where they were checking everyone's bags.  Except for one woman who sailed through.  When I asked, I was told that it was because she was flying first class.  I guess they didn't realize that all of the 9/11 terrorists were in first or business class.  Got to be near that door to the cockpit.


cindy wrote:
I was told that it was because she was flying first class.

Hm, that makes perfect sense. What airline was that? I might have to avoid them from now on.

Overall I am not overly confident that all this extra tight security does much more then annoy the casual traveler. I haven't seen much proof of terrorists being caught that would have otherwise slipped through.

Does that mean I am against it? No I am not, but I am bothered by it. It adds to the general feeling of anxiety.


4th of July flying

I am like you I am glad I have no plans of flying anywhere. It is really sad that we have to be so afraid of flying. You really wonder what this world is comming to.