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What is the cheapest country in Europe | Open Travel Info

What is the cheapest country in Europe

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What is the cheapest country in Europe

I'm a budget/backpacker type traveler, and I'd love to go to Europe for a couple of months, but the costs are outrageous.  Much as I'd like to visit England again, with the British pound at $1.99 it's never going to happen.  Portugal and Greece used to be reasonable, but I've heard that isn't true anymore.  Which of the eastern countries would be the cheapest?


Croatia is still fairly cheap and a wonderful vacation destination (located on the Mediteranian sea). Stick to the east block and you should be fine.

The Czech Republic has lots of things to offer and Prague is a beautiful city.

In recent years Poland has also undergone many changes.

Hungary used to be a good vacation destination (I don't know if thats still true).

Basically stay east of Germany and Italy and you should be able to live relatively cheaply. By relatively I mean that you will still have to pay more then on your trips to Thailand and other place you hang out right now, but it is quite a bit cheaper then other countries.

Then again, you can find youth hostels or other somewhat cheaper accomodation in Europe. They have quite a good backpacker culture.

You could always sleep in a tent. There are plenty of campgrounds everywhere and in Western Europe there is no issue with safety. I would not recommend this in Winter though. I did this a couple of times as a student. You can live very cheap if you have to (cooking your own food).

Groceries are way cheaper in Germany then in most other countries (about 1/3 to 1/2 of US prices). Don't be surprised if you have to pack it yourself and if you aren't smiled at all the time Cool


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I just read somewhere that

I just read somewhere that people are going to Albania because it is still cheap.  I thought they were practically in a state of anarchy and nothing worked.  But then I haven't even thought about Albania in years.  I could do Albania, Bulgaria, then Turkey maybe?

 As you may have noticed, I always have multiple plans for travel.  Eventually I execute some version of one of them.

Skip Turkey

A friend of mine went to Turkey. Even though he is used to high prices, he was outraged by how much he had to spend there ($10 for a cup of tea for example).

Even though he probably doesn't hang out in the cheapest places, I think Turkey might proof much more expensive then you might think.

I have absolutely no idea about Albania, but Bulgaria sounds like a good choice.

In western Europe Portugal and Greece are probably among the cheaper countries, but compared to Eastern Europe they are still quite expensive.

Many large cities have coupons or discount booklets for museums and other attractions. You should be able to pick them up at visitor centers.

For transportation: Public transportation in most European Countries is excellent. Many cities offer day passes, that let you use all transportation (busses, trams, local trains, ferries) for an entire day. I used to live in Dresden (Germany) and there it was usually faster to get somewhere if you used the tram since they would run in very short intervals. With the car I was always stuck in traffic. Don't get caught without a ticket, they will charge you a fine. Try to get the day pass in advance. If you stay a week, buy the weekly ticket (cheaper then 7 day passes) or the weekend ticket ... You may qualify for retiree discounts (always ask for discounts, they might have them and not advertise them).

Also prices in Europe include tax and you usually pay less tip then in the US.

During lunch, many local shops have special (e.g. the local bakery and the local butcher offer meals for very little money). Try to fill up then and eat light in the evening.

If you are a AAA member, you should be able to get road maps for free with some of the official Auto Clubs in Europe. I only know this about Germany (ADAC), but I think its true for other countries as well.

Pick up a newspaper and see if someone rents a room (always cheaper then hotel and might include breakfast).

If you go to Europe during the main holiday season in summer, you might be able to rent a dorm room from a student who is away for a few weeks. Most universities have blackboards all over the place where students post these things. This may proof to be the cheapest living available (dorms are usually subsidized and you wouldn't get in any other way).


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It sounds like your friend

It sounds like your friend only patronized the big expensive hotel coffee shops in Turkey. 

The last time I went to Europe (1999?), I spent a few days at each end in Germany, and went to Prague and Budapest.  I flew into Frankfurt, bought a ticket to Prague, then got off in Wurzberg to get over the jet lag.  No rooms available at all at any price due to a convention.  So I got on the next train and went to Nuremburg.  I got a really good deal on a room, with a huge German breakfast included.  I copied the German guests and pocketed a couple of rolls and pieces of fruit for lunch.  Later I met two American women who were staying at the hostel, and they were paying more for their dorm beds than I was for my room.

 However, I have been known to live on cake in Germany, as kaffe and kuchen (sp?) is usually one of the best deals around.  Nothing like a big slice of cake for a balanced lunch.

I don't know exactly what

I don't know exactly what he did. I can tell you for sure that I wouldn't have spent that much. Nevertheless, I don't consider Turkey one of the cheap countries.

Your other suggestions sound perfectly allright (although I prefer a Bratwurst over Cake and its cheap too).


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My room was so tiny, I had

My room was so tiny, I had to climb into the bed over the end.  It was an odd pie-shape, with the bed wedged in the small end, and a sink and chair shoved into the other.  Shower on the floor below, toilet a couple of doors down, and the immense breakfast, all for $17 US.  That was pre-Euro, when they were doing tracking and the Euro was worth $.98.  So now that same room would be $23, assuming no inflation.  Unfortunately I have spent so much time in really cheap places that $23 sounds like a fortune to me.  It's always hard when I go back to the States.


How do you find these increadible deals. I wouldn never imagine being able to find a room for $23 anywhere in the States or Europe.

Was it clean?


Of course it was clean. 

Of course it was clean.  It was German.

 This was in 1999, I think, so before the Euro.

I did what I always do in Germany.  I went to the information place in the railroad station.  They charge you a very small booking fee.  They called a place that was a little more expensive.  When I got there and the owner saw I was an older woman, he decided I was sufficiently respectable to stay in the hotel his wife runs, so he sent me over there.  I asked for the cheapest room, and got this tiny thing.  It was the first week in May, so the season hadn't started yet.

Some places just don't have options without two queen sized beds, private bathroom, hair dryer, coffeemake, and wifi, so you are pretty much stuck with paying more.  Some places have options that most people don't find acceptable.

I stayed in a hostel in Key West, in 1997, on a long weekend when there were signs out offering rooms for only $70 plus tax.  I paid $17.  I didn't have my own room, but everything else in Key West was pretty much the same.   I also stayed in hostels in Hawaii, with varying degrees of success.  One had bed bugs, so I had to change dorms twice.



To me, one of the most fun

To me, one of the most fun things about an upcoming trip is researching all the possibilities.  With the net, the answers are out there for the looking and it's such fun.  And with all the information, you get to a place much better prepared to enjoy it too!

 tripadvisor is a great site as is the one just on hostels ...both have reviews by actual travelers.

Turkey and Greece are all

Turkey and Greece are all not cheap. The prices of seafood on menu of a common restaurant make you have illusion that you were in a desert country.Surprised

What about Portugal? 

What about Portugal? 

Not really

I have been in Portugal a while ago (1999 I think). I visited the Algarve (southern Portugal).

It's quite touristy over there and there was a lot of high class development.

Back when I visited the country it was quite affordable though, and many areas weren't as developed yet (cheap family style hotels).

I guess if you stay off the beaten path you should be o.k. but I don't know for sure.



With the dollar tanking,

With the dollar tanking, not much is affordable these days.  Even hostel beds are expensive.  Hostels in London run from $20 per night to $40 for a dorm bed. 

Hi, I’m getting you very



I’m getting you very well, and also I understood that what’s your planning. Your planning is good, I will also suggest for turkey. It's very good and cheapest place to visit.

Good Luck!!




If you're willing to slum

If you're willing to slum it, Sweden can be quite cheap - the Hotel Formule 1 gets you a room quite cheaply as long as you are travelling with someone else (the room is the same price whether there's one of you, or three of you in there), and you can eat quite cheaply - Falafel goes as low as 15SEK (which was about £1 when I visited, so $2 now) - that's really filling, and quite tasty in my opinion, although the Swedish think of it as 'student food'.

I recommed Poland,

I recommed Poland, infrastructure is as good as in any western country (except for roads maybe), single hotel room from 15 dollars, 0.5l beer in pub $1.5, train ticket to cover half of the country $15, dinner in resturant $4-6

Sweden is not cheap by my

Sweden is not cheap by my standards.  Hostel beds in dormitory rooms are expensive, running from 20 Euros to 37 Euros.  I'd love to visit, but I think Eastern Europe will be more in my price range.


Recently I was in Madrid, and to my surprise I could get a private room in a hostel right in the city center for about 25 Euro per night. Many restaurants offer a "menu del dia" for lunch at a price of about 12 Euro. Dinner would be much more expensive, so better go to the supermarket in the evening. The metro is 1 Euro per ride, which is okay.

Not everything is cheap though. When I bough a beer at a street festival they charged me 8 Euro...

Where can we go?


I live in Iran and my husband lives in Boston. We have married less than one year. I can not go to Boston till some years and my husband can not come to Iran because of some political issues. We want to travel to a cheap place to see each other and stay there about one month. Where do you suggest us to go?

Thank you

Benco, 25 euro per night is

Benco, 25 euro per night is expensive, about $36 per night.  Right now I'm paying $4.50 US for a private room, shared bath in Penang.  The last time I was in Europe, the most I paid was less than $18 for a private room with shared bath, in Nuremburg and Wurzburg, Germany.

 mehrsa -  You could go to one of the eastern European countries, which tend to be cheaper.  Or maybe Egypt.  You'll have to weigh the lower cost of accomodation and food against what you will have to pay for airfare, I think.  A lot of the cheaper countries can cost more to reach.

Bulgaria :)

Many thanks Cindy. I found Bulgaria as the cheapest country between eastern European countries. Do you have any comment about it, please?

I really don't know much

I really don't know much about Bulgaria except there is a big boom there with people from the UK buying investment property.  They have good wrestlers, you see them in the Olympics.  Recently admitted to the EU.  Beaches.

One of my plans (I always have several in the works) is to travel through the southern countries in Eastern Europe, starting, I think, with Croatia.  I'll need more money, though.

Everything, everywhere is

Everything, everywhere is becoming expensive. If you want to go somewhere that is expensive, wait a year earn some more extra cash then go. If you want to long the prices are still going to go up, so you have to go sooner then lator.

Good point.  There are a

Good point.  There are a lot of places I planned on visiting 'later' that I can no longer afford.  Putting a one year time limit on your plans seems like a good idea.

Still cheap

Devon wrote:
Everything, everywhere is becoming expensive.

Some countries in Europe can still be fairly cheap. I even found some things in Germany amazingly cheap. For instance you will pay about 1/3 for groceries then in the US and still less then in most other countries. Going out is much more expensive in comparision and only slightly cheaper then in the US or not cheaper at all. For a budget savy traveller that would mean buying groceries and not dining out.

A private room can be rented for as little as 20-30 Euros in Germany too (in a pension).

Germany still counts as one of the more expensive countries, but it still offers plenty of opportunity to save money.



Okay, well in most large

Okay, well in most large tourist atraction areas, things are expensive. But there are some that are cheap... I dont know lol


Most eastern European countries are rather affordable I guess.

Probably there is no

Probably there is no European country as cheap as the cheapest destinations in Asia or South America. But one should not only look at prices for food and hostels, since especially for shorter trips the cost of getting there can be the most important cost factor. With so many low-cost airlines in Europe, a trip to a country in eastern Europe could therefore be a good solution for a tight budget.

Talking from my experience

Talking from my experience cheapest countries are Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia and Serbia.
You can with little money have great time and see a lot in any of countries mentioned above.

Hehe...someone said that

Hehe...someone said that Croatia is the cheapest, well i don't know about that. Yes, it's a beautiful country with amazing cost and beaches but it's not that cheap, at least isn't to us, Croatians.

I know that Bosnia and Herzegovina is very cheap country and Serbia too.

When was this posted? We

When was this posted? We live in the UK and have just spent a month in S.E. Asia. We want to go to Europe for another month and want to know where the cheapest places to go are? We were considering Turkey but it looks like that's outrageous!

mariamcmahon wrote:We were

mariamcmahon wrote:
We were considering Turkey but it looks like that's outrageous!

Turkey is very expensive for tourists. A cup of tea can cost you $10. I would go somewhere else as a frugal traveler.


Germany is my choice

I've just been to Germany 3 months ago for my E learning seminar and the prices are reasonable. I also love the weather and the people. On the other hand, my sister-in-law from Portugal stayed with us for a month and he said Portugal is not a cheap country.

Countries of the erstwhile USSR.

There are many nations such as Latvia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Albania etc that will easily fulfill your desire for a cheap vacation. These will offer you inexpensive foods and accommodation and the sights will definitely be worth it.

If you want relatively inexpensive luxury then you should try places on the Mediterranean east of Italy.

I honestly thought that

I honestly thought that there was no place that was cheap in Europe.  This is a great post!

Albania is the cheapest

Albania is the cheapest

dreaming of europe

I started dreaming of Europe since I watched this movie (forgot the title) about an engaged woman who followed another man, which she thought was her destiny, to Europe. I really fell in love the the scenic & romantic places they showed in the movie. I am Hopeful that someday I can go there and so i want to know other more cheaper places in Europe with the same scenery with that expensive ones. Who knows? I might have the chance to go there.

And guys have any of you here ever watched the movie Euro Trip? Its really a funny movie and what part I like most is when they came to a place where things are really really cheap to a point that a nickel can already own you a hotel. Hmmnn..Wondering if that place really exist or existed :)

God bless!


seriously..what are the best places in Albania? 

i've travelled many

i've travelled many countries in Europe. one of the nicest and also cheapest areas are in Croatia; little more expensive at the (west)coast in towns like Split, but still fair prices and an extremely beautiful landscape!

Czech republic and Croatia

Last two years I went to the Czech Republic. There are very big differences in the prices there. Prague is much more expensive than the rest of the country. We stayed in a village just outside Prague and the price range for dinner was about 10$/6 euro including drinks. In Prague you will pay the normal "big city" prices.

My parents went to Croatia and it looked like a beautiful country, the people were very nice and it is even cheaper than the Czech Republic, they told me.

I'd love to suggest Ireland

I'd love to suggest Ireland - but if England is too pricey then...


Prague is beautiful and doesn't cost too much. 

Ireland seems to be a good

Ireland seems to be a good choice. I wouldn't consider any place in Europe as cheap though. Whenever I need to travel to Europe, checking my budget seems to be the first thing I do without thinking.

Turkey is cheap

I think Turkey is very cheap comparing all other european countries a cup of coffee can cost you 10 euros?? are you kidding me it's just for 1.5 euros! a dinner will not cost you more than 5 euros the only expensive thing in turkey can be alcoholic drinks but I think it's not so different comparing germany or any other european country. you can stay in the 5 star hotels for 40 euros per night including everything! you can find 4 star hotels for 20 - 25 euros per night including everything the hostels are only 8 euros per night also have almost every services and a central location you can have a meal in the best places paying just 7 or 8 euros the simplest answer is fom mc donalds big mac menu is only 3.5 euros in Turkey I wish it coluld more expensive for tourists but its not as it is in germany I've been in germany for 6 months and I am aware of the traps of the german railway firm DB they make you pay again and again in their trains because of illogical reasons... I also travelled to prag batislava and wienna as eastern europe cities they were not so cheap also comparing Istanbul

sgdder wrote:I think

sgdder wrote:
I think Turkey is very cheap comparing all other european countries a cup of coffee can cost you 10 euros?? 

Where does a cup of coffee cost E10?? Thats maddness! 


I thinkg Prague is relatively cheap too. It is not in Euro zone and you win a lot if you come to shop here.Hotels are usually not that cheap,as we wish, but hostels offer much more savings on accommodation. So if you are not travelling alone and you are young and enthisiastik here you go. But if you want to spent some nad enjoy your stay there is.

There are very many places to visit in Prague! So many museums and historical places !

I loved that city, when I was there last year !

Viva Prague

Eastern Europe

The cheapest countries are the ones located in eastern Europe. But not all..for example poland is pretty expensive compared to others. In general you can still say that Eastern European real estate is by far more profitable than real estate everywhere else than property in Germany for example - this in general is also an indicator of how the prices for regular goods/hotels etc are.

Choose Bulgary or Romania, or visit the River Danube and this way you can pass both countries. Start from Bulgary and follow the cities on the side of the river till it flows into the Black Sea in Romania. The prices are very very LOW and the point where the Danube meets the sea is a truly natural heaven.

Keep in mind that Bulgary is cheeaper than Romania. I saw you guys were talking about the price of a cup of coffee. You can buy one at a nice bar or restaurant for 50 cents in Romania and 30-40 cents in Bulgary.


Hope this helps

If you ever thought of going somewhere beautiful in Europe, one suggestion of mine would be Corfu. It is a Greek island, and if anyone looks up some photos on the Internet he or she will definitely wish to go there.

I think germany is the

I think germany is the best. I also get some cheap items when I'm visiting Holland. But the stuff and the food is germany is quite cheap and worth the price. And they also have some good second hand store

Turkey is not cheap at

Turkey is not cheap at all. The cheapeast hostel we could find was one for 30 euros and it was disgusting. Turkish people are notoriosly famous for being dirty and I would not recommend.  Then we went to one of the famous fish restaurants and  dinner for 2 people which included fish, 2 glasses or wine and  a portion of salad cost us 60 Euros. Insane.

We also went to some of the Eastern European countries including Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia and above mentioned Croatia was the chepast but not cheap.

Belgrade was so expensive, that I think Toronto is cheaper. Anyway...to sum it up, the chepeast country I would recommend would be probably be Czech Republic, but still not cheap. It is charming country and lost of things to see and do. The other really cheap place was Dresden in Germany, really affordable.

I hope this helps.




Prices on Cyprus

In spite that Cyprus is not a cheap tourist country, fine weather and the sea makes Cyprus definatly one of the top Tourist countries. On the beach, prices for the one bedroom appartaments cost 30-40 euro daily. If you do not want to buy foods on tourist area (because it is very expensive!) ; use bus to drive to a city and you can find food for a much cheaper price!!To find out the prices look onto cyprusbill com.
V. Benzar 

Croatia advise

Emma we are planing a trip form VCenice to Croatia ( flying from South Africa). Now that you have been in Croatia, what would you say are the highlights - the absolute "must do's", also bearing in mind budget. We are hoping to go in June/July. Any gleanings from your personal experiences would be valuable.

At this stage we will probably end up going by Ferry from Venice to Pulec, and then spending 8-9 days in Croatia.    

Im orginally from england

Im orginally from england .. and yes your right is far to expensive. I know live in Ljubljana the capital of Slovenia. My rent is 150 euros a month.with all the bills included. for a nice shared appartment.. it can be between 100- 500 depending on your luck and what you want.

Food shopping can be quiet cheap . Vegtables are extremly cheap here. I think partly because of the goverment and also Locals producing a lot of vegtables themselves. Meat is a bit expensive however.. but i went veggy just to cut costs. 


I live so so on a budget of about 300 euros a month. So i think that is cheap really. 


if you want more information on slovenia go to www.inyourpocket.si

canadianrose wrote: Turkey

canadianrose wrote:

Turkey is not cheap at all. The cheapeast hostel we could find was one for 30 euros and it was disgusting. Turkish people are notoriosly famous for being dirty and I would not recommend.  Then we went to one of the famous fish restaurants and  dinner for 2 people which included fish, 2 glasses or wine and  a portion of salad cost us 60 Euros. Insane.

We also went to some of the Eastern European countries including Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia and above mentioned Croatia was the chepast but not cheap.

Belgrade was so expensive, that I think Toronto is cheaper. Anyway...to sum it up, the chepeast country I would recommend would be probably be Czech Republic, but still not cheap. It is charming country and lost of things to see and do. The other really cheap place was Dresden in Germany, really affordable.

I hope this helps.





for emma, canadianrose

hi. im turkish.and proud of it.  "Turkish people are notoriosly famous
for being dirty" you sad.  wow wow wow.. hold on.  have you ever heard
the "turkish bath" phenomenon. we invented bath.

well.. this is so mean and not fair. once ive been to toronto and my
bag was stolen at a cafe house. should i say all canadians are thieves.

.there are peasants and bad service  in every country. but people
like you are so prejudiced and have so much error in your judgments.
cheap quality services are for cheap tourists.



I have been to Istanbul in May 2009 as part of a more extensive trip.Only 4 days.

I totally fell in love with the city. Have to go back. Do not let any negative comments

take from you the possibility of having a unique and  fulfilling life experience.


Hi! I think one of the cheapest places in Europe is Poland, because there's no Euro. I went there two months ago, and I've spent half of the budget that I had on myself. The best way to save money is staying in hostels, so when I went to Cracow I stayed in Aston Hostel, which is a very neat and cheap accomodation, situated in walking distance to the city centre. Restaurants aren't too expensive, you can eat descent meal for 20zl which is like 5 Euro more less. 


In London you can find very cheap places to eat....£3 will get you fried chicken and chips with a drink how good is that!!!! hostels are cheap avoid central london look at east or north london. Travelling into central is very easy one of theb est transport systems in europe. A day pass costs £5 which you can use on bus and trains!

In Bosnia and Herzegovina a

In Bosnia and Herzegovina a cup of cofee cost 1 E ..so

mullins wrote: sgdder

mullins wrote:

sgdder wrote:
I think Turkey is very cheap comparing all other european countries a cup of coffee can cost you 10 euros?? 

Where does a cup of coffee cost E10?? Thats maddness! 

In Bosnia a cup of cofee cost E1 and thats maddness !
Hotel room is E10 in Sarajevo (capital)
food is cheap too .
And we have best food in the world

Well you can have great

Well you can have great time for less money in Bulgaria also. You can find hotel room also as low as 10 euros and the coffee is l1 euro in the center of the capital. Bulgaria has it's own traditional cousin.

Turkey Prices

Hi I just look at some cheap places in the world to my master programmer then I found this forum and saw your comment about Turkey prices. I am a Turkish and I think the best information can be given by me.

Let’s start today the exchange rate of TL against Euro and Dollar is ; 1 Dollar = 1.550 TL and 1 Euro= 2.200 TL what Does it meant. In a shopping center a bottle of water is 0.50 TL. And the minimum wage for the employer in Turkey is 600 TL. You can live with 500 Dollar in Istanbul too in a month without accommodation. For a traveler Turkey is not an expensive place the most important thing is you know the right places to go.

Istanbul is a big metropolis and reflects many different peoples life characteristics. Bebek, Etiler are expensive places you should not eat in this places restaurants. If you drink a tea in Etİler of course you pay 10 TL.

Taksim places depend on the restaurants, cafes quality. Cihangir, Asmalımescit are expensive but you can enjoy with the ambition and people around you. Also you can drink a beer just 2-3 dollar.

I know that being a foreigner in a country is so hard. But before coming Turkey you search some cheap place and ignore the world of mouths words. I can recommend Turkey to go if u plans to came I can help you too.

Gizem Akkaya from Turkey Istanbul

ukraine is very cheap

ukraine is very cheap outside kiev and odessa at summer time
also next albania,romania,and bulgaria
for a example in ukraine small apartment western style
with furniture is 300 dollars per month
bulgaria 300 euros per month
use google translate and find bed and breakfast
also airbnb.com
i have friends in ukraine and bulgaria so i know the prices


Do you know something about Eritrea? The country in horn of Africa. You should go there. That place has very cheap hotels like 3 dollars. Food is very cheap. You should go there.

Porto, Portugal

Juat spent a week in Porto, Portugal. This place is beatuiful and very inexpensive. Let me run through some prices that I noticed there:

Coffee at a cafe - E 0.90
Beer at a bar - E 1.50
Wine at a bar - E 2.50
Bottle of wine from a grocery store - E 1.69
Lodging at a hostel - E 20.00

There are also many places there to explore and it is the home of Port Wine. Stick to the Vinho Verde (a Portuguese specialty) though for the lowest wine prices.


I was just in Turkey

I was just in Turkey (college students budget) in the fall of 2010. The lyra s NOTHING compared to the dollar. Go to the grand bazzar and you can geat a hookah for 10 bucks (about 20 lyra) if you bargain and a turkish scarf for about 45. Honestly i went all over europe this fall (even lived in greece for 4 months) trust me, Turkey is amazing, you need to check it out.


I've been in Turkey twice, both times in 2005 (when the lira had just been revalued and the exchange rate wasn't as good as it is now). I found the price of lodging there to be moderately expensive (especially in Istanbul and Ankara), however all other expenses (food, internal transportation, incidentals) were quite reasonable, and outside of Istanbul and Ankara there are affordable places to get a bed for the night. Istanbul does have some pricey fancy restaurants but right in Taksim Square there are a bunch of cafes where you can get a good kebap or a hamburger for about $2 or so. Breakfast ("kahvalti") in Turkey is pretty simple but that'll set you back a a dollar or two at the most. I recall food in the supermarkets and shops to be fairly inexpensive and anyone who is self-catering would be able to get by well there. The nationwide bus system is excellent and comfortable. So this post is correct. I've been wanting to go back to Turkey and have been tracking the exchange rate of the dollar to the lira. To my surprise, the lira is one of very few foreign currencies against which the dollar is actually strong right now (as of July 2011, US$1 buys you YTL 1.62 and it keeps going up). The visa is fairly easy (for Americans, you pay $20 for a sticker at the airport which they put in your passport and it's multiple-entry for three months).


Helloooo Mr/Ms Turkey.... Thank you for viciously defending your BAD BAD BAD country of Turkey... BVut youi are very very dead wrong... I have been to more than 25 countries (and counting) in Europe. There is no place as dirty as TURKEY. We are talking of DIRTY (not stealing of your bag/ purse, take note, and pls be logical enough) stuff. Turkey has a lot of people who are dirty in manners, dirty in speech, dirty in behavior, dirty in grooming, dirty in kitchens and bathrooms, and even in schools and hospitals, it is very common to see houseflies asnd cockroaches flying and crawling juast everywhere... (ngeeekkk). I used to stay in a 3 star hotel in Ankara, Istanbul and Constantinople, and I was so very shocked to see rats and mice just everywhere.... need I say more??? Turkish restaurants are very very dingy, dirty, and desolate, even in large urban centers. And worst of all many many Turkish people, even the so-called "refined ladies" are extremely dirty in grooming, and they smell so so so bad.... It's also very dangerous to go to Turkey, crimes against persons and property are so very common, such as stealing, robbery, mugging, gangs, drugs, and crimes of all sorts. Need I say more, madam Turkey??? This is not other people's stories, as this is my own personal experience. I have lived in Turkey for 5 yrs and 7 months, and I will never, never recommend it to anyonbe, not even to my cats and dogs.... er, pigs too.... Wassalam, Au revoir, Auf weidersehen, Paalam, Zhai Jien, Sayonara at iba pa.... (Hillary Michelle Margaret Golda)

how abt domincan republic?

how abt domincan republic?

Cheap place to go on. The US Dollar

You should consider Progue in the chec republic extremely cheap until they switch over to the Euro. Have fun!


i was in europe few weeks ago i was thinking to visit turkey also but didnt get a chance and for some reason i thought it is not as clean as the rest of europe i went to copenhagen denmark i stayed a hotel called hotel jurgenson it was one of the funniest hotel i have ever seen i was with my brother and his two kids so we asked a room for 4 we were given a tiny room with beds like dorm room bed where u have to climb ifu rae going to sleep above the funy thing is it says you have to rent the bed sheets because they rent u the room only and we had to pay about 250 dollars including parking in united states that hotel doesnt cost 20 dollar it was in down town centrum but just to ugly to pay that price

Portugal is great and

Portugal is great and cheap!
Just avoid travelling in August (Jully too but not so much) and know that everything will be more expensive in Algarve


Croatia is on the Adriatic

get real...

First of all, where in Istanbul did you actually live? the ghetto??? and second of all, if it was that "BAD" as you are describing why did you live there for 5 YEARS AND 7 MONTHS!? GET REAL!!

This summer I lived in

This summer I lived in Eastern Europe. And I was surprised about prices. Those countries are still cheap, except Estonia. I stayed in Riga for couple nights and paid only 7 EUR per day. Hostel was located in Old Riga and this part of city center is amazing. Infrastructure was also quite good, but of course, as usually there are many tourists traps :) So in Latvia cheap is transport, accommodation, reasonable prices for alcohol and very rich night life (in Riga).
What concerns Lithuania, prices are very similar to Latvia, same shops and companies. that's maybe they are relative nations and languages are similar. Lithuania is rich with cultural heritage, but night life in Vilnius is boring.
Poland i think is the most western country in eastern part of EU and I liked the most. It is best country for shopping. I liked Poland, because towns and cities are very clean, roads are good and there are lots of places to see. I stayed in Warsaw for more than one week. Only problem in Warsaw is connected with accommodation. Of course there are cheap hostels also, but you have to book place at least month before, especially in tourism season.
Extremely cheap country is Ukraine, outside Kiev. For example for 20 minutes ride by taxi from one side of the town to another I paid less than 1 euro. Nice city is Lvov. I love it the most. It is cultural capital of Ukraine but still very cheap. Public transport ticket costs only 0.10 EUR. a bit more than 1 EUR for lunch.... But there is one big problem in Ukraine - people don't understand English.

Everything works good here.

Everything works good here. I don't understand haw you can say that, but anyway. Anarchy?! You are maybe speaking for Iraq, aren't you?!

Prices in Turkey

I have lived in Turkey off and on my entire adult life and I've "NEVER" seen a $10 cup of tea. Somebody is either yanking your chain or your friend is an idiot and somebody saw him coming. Either way the story is bogus.

very cheap

please come to Sri Lanka.....for cheap ....sun and beach....fantastic hotels.....nice people...cheap food....

10E cup of coffee

where did he drink that coffee?are they opened Topkapi harem again?how many girls he got with THAT cofee ?EXCITING!!!!!!!!

Hi Gizem, I would like to

Hi Gizem, I would like to come to Turkey and will like for you to help me find budget accommodation and resturants.I would really appreciate this as I want to have a good time on a budget....

Visit Turkey

I was stationed in Turkey while in the military. I was station at Ortakoy, which is near the greece border. What would it be like to visit that area now. I was in Turkey in 1975.
Chris Murphy

cheap hotels in the USA

Hey, there are a lot of cheap hotels in the U.S. Try the Southwest. There are a lot of hotels, even in cities like Albuquerque, for under $25. Try the Desert Sands which you may remember from "No Country for Old Men," or any others along the old route 66. Many of them have a 1950's or '60s charm. Some of them may be a bit edgy or hygienically-challenged but some are comfy and clean. Check 'em out. Have an adventure!

Turkey is probably the

Turkey is probably the cheapest place to go, the exchange rate is brillian right now.

Mehrsa - where to go

I assume you cannot go to the US because your spouse visa is pending. You should convince your American husband to live in a US/Canada or US/Mexico border city, and find work on the American side. (I did. I lived in Tijuana, Mexico for 12 months during my Mexican wife's US spouse visa application period). If TIjuana scares you, and it should, consider Windsor Canada, Vancouver Canada, or a few other Canadaian cities. When your visa application is complete, you then legally enter the US. If you come before your application process is finalized, (typically under a tourist visa) you risk being denied. I don't recommend you come to the US under false pretenses (immigrating under the guise of a tourist visa). Have your husband live in Canada for 12 months. He can find work on the US side and all is well when the visa application process is completed.

Go to Costa Rica, beautiful

Go to Costa Rica, beautiful any time of the year, mountains and beaches, nice people

About Prejudist Canadian.

Tristan, I totally agree with you! Although most Canadians are pleasant, some of them do actually have a certain superiority complex about themselves which they can hardly hide and can be seen in the way they portray countries that they do not understand, let alone ever visited.

Thus, it is not uncommon to catch some Canadians murmuring among themselves about warmer weather people in a negative fashion partly out of envy _because Canadians must live in an extremely cold, cloudy country 24-7_ and part out of genetic survival _because they inherited the old British potato-famine-fear that "foreigners are going to steal their food" and their tribal obsession with their ultra pale skin as a sign of "superiority", although that trait only shows a lack a melanin due to poor sun exposure.

So, do not worry so much about Emma. She is just another bum with a computer, traveling-on-a-budget, and no grey matter between her temples.

I have never been to Turkey, but there are plenty of books and the Internet to know that it is not only a truly sophysticated country, but also one of the greatest cultures of the world. So, one bad tourist experience should not be enough reason to judge an entire country. Now, Turkish people do actually take baths and wash their rear ends. To top it off, Turkey is also known for really good looking people, warm, sunny beaches, and a universe of gastronomic delights!


How bout Peru. There is the

How bout Peru. There is the beautiful incan Machu Picchu.

Cheapest country in Europe

The best way to travel is join hospitalityclub.com .........I have had the best holidays ever and met some fantastic people....cheaper than you can imagine.
I have stayed at many 5 star hotels that simply rip you off........and I'm over it.
Now I can travel to any country on the cheap.

Hungary, specifically Budapest

Lots of comments on where is the cheapest place to stay in Europe. I have been living in Hungary since 2005. We travel a lot and can compare prices, we also have an apartment we rent to tourists, so we get a lot of feedback.
It is difficult to say which is the cheapest, but this city is really good value for money, I had two Dutch guests leave this morning and they were very impressed with what they could do for their relatively small budget.
Feel free to email me if you want some info on the city. markinbudapest@gmail.com

Hi,I appreciate your

I appreciate your commnets besides finding them somewhat fun, specially when it comes to Canadian people. But don't you think Turkish people (very nice indeed) can also be a bit difficult to get used to when being a foreigner? I mean, not as difficult as with Canadians?

Albania is a completely

Albania is a completely safe and cheap country. The gelato there is just 30 cents! They are getting better roads in so it is becoming much easier to travel. I lived there for 2 months and was amazed at the beautiful scenery and culture the country had. The food, clothes, and even hotels are extremely affordable. Plus, it has the Mediterranean views of Italy and Greece without the price.


i was there life is not cheap at all,salaries there is about 400 euros but to rent appartement there of 50m they ask 350 euros more than that even if you are tourist people look at you as someone who comes to work in their country ,they want to go work in all countries in the world but they do not want any forigner in their country;i spent all my time in my hotel i did not feel good going out because of the way the people look at me
many racists there,never i go there again

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You can also travel to

You can also travel to Romania. People are extremely hospitable, and everything is super - the average Romanian speaks fluently English and French and understand most of a conversation in Italian or Spanish. Prices are lower than in the rest of Europe, so you can double the time spent elsewhere. The capital city is interesting and mountain regions look formidable.

trip to italy

a trip to italy is one of the most expensive now , even with the world crisis.

to get quality you have to pay expensively.but in italy you pay very much for even a decent place not to talk about luxury............

italy used to be normally priced in the seventies ,meaning twentieth century but since the roaring,prices inflated and the only way is up unhappily as it is one of my favorite countries.



Greece is not in Western Europe. Please look at a map. It is as far east in Eastern Europe you can get.

The most cheap country is

The most cheap country is Montenegro,its close to Croatia,and its great country,food is great and very cheap.Bus is cheap,cab isn't ,even if they use cab too much.Check on maps,and find Montenegro,or use youtube,to see how is there.For example,hamburger is 1.20 €,coffee is 0.50€,so you can live for 300€ very good,if you have place to stay.Let's say,renting amartment is main town is 250€,on coast is little expensive,but in north is very cheap... I think its worth to go there...

Nice polite and cheap places to visit

Hi, I just got done traveling all of Europe via two 3 month global euro rail passes all of northern Africa the Middle East and Asia all the way to Japan. Before you go any where check all visa requirements air fares and currency rates. I purchased my global passes before entering Europe which made all my travel cheap. Europe and the middle east are expansive but their are a lot of great hidden bargains all over. I found food to be the cheapest in the following countries especially at grocery stores and off the tourist trap areas in small local pubs but u also have to be smart always try to eat what the locals eat. Outside of London, most of the UK, France, Germany, Qatar, UAE, Albania, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia had the cheapest foods. Transportation was cheapest in Iran, Pakistan, and Indonesia. Acomaditions were the cheapest in Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia and Albania. The best places for grooming on a budget were UAE, Qatar, Iran, and Indonesia the cheapest places for alcohol were Thailand, Vietnam and Ukraine. The dirtiest countries on my journey were India, Burma, Cambodia, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Macedonia, Laos, Serbia, China and Bangladesh. The cleanliest countries were Norway, Algeria Switzerland, Monaco, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Singapore, and New Zealand. The most expensive countries for lodging were Norway, Monaco, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan. The most dangerous countries were India, Burma, China, Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Serbia. The over all best deals I would suggest visit small towns in the Uk not the cities, Albania, Bosnia, Libya, Iran, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Indonesia, New Zealand and small towns in the eastern half of Germany. In Pakistan the place to visit is Islamabad, Murree, and Gilgit ( 3-4 star hotels cost on avg.$35 per night and include continental English breakfast and tea, their clean and provide clean bed sheets, towels and runing hot water) I was most surprised at Iran Pakistan and Indonesia true bargains. The people were super friendly in Libya, UAE, Iran, Pakistan, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Ireland, Country sides of the UK and Germany, New Zealand, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia, and in Lebanon.

Wow!!! Thats really

Wow!!! Thats really amazing!! Please tell me more details because I am interest in living in an Estern Europe Country. I have a friend who lives in Poland and he tells me that with 2000 to 2200PLN with equals about 500€ he pays his shared room with all the bills included, he goes out to dinner sometimes, cinema sometimes, he goes to the gym, pays internet, etc!!! That is really amazingly cheap!!! And I would like to know some more details, because I am seriously thinking of moving to one of those Eastern Europe countries and I would like to have more info about it!

Thank you very Much

You can come to Portugal now

If you're still thinking about traveling to Portugal, you can do it now. You can visit Lisbon, Porto, Setubal, Coimbra... You'll pay 15€/day to stay in a hostel or 25€/day to stay in a ***3*** Motel (breakfast included). If you choose to stay in the same place (Lisbon for example) for one month, you can rent an appartment for 500€ with whater, electricity and gas included. If you need more information, contact me and i can help you, i live in Pinhal Novo (22km from Lisbon), and i can give you good directions. Some about my bad english...

Barcelon, Spain

You can visit Barcelona or Madrid. Write these cities into your lists. I really loved these places specially Barcelona. The hostel we stayed at was really fun and well run, we walked around to Parque Guell. I am one of the Barcelona lovers. I am fascinated by the city and have been twice so far and can not wait to go again. On the other hand the first time I went to Madrid I did not like it at all. I have since been back to Madrid two more times and really like it now.. I really can not get enough of Spain.

anyone tell about what is

anyone tell about what is the chaep country in europe

anyone tell about what is

anyone tell about what is the cheapest country in europe


I don't know about Europe but I know Philippines... Try RCl if ever you decide to visit...