Hotel in Rome

Hotel in Rome

Hotel in Rome

Perhaps its not just me and there are other so called budget travellers out there that feel the same way. I only used to stay in hostels since whenever I went to Rome for a visit I was sort of a very low budget travellers student backpacker type. Now as I am older and need a little bit more comfort I seek to choose a nicer, hotel accommodation. My only little space so to say. I heart there is really not much choice in terms of paris hotels that are around or below 50 Euro. I have seen a hotel online, it's called the king hotel and its a 3 star hotel in Rome, just next to the spanish steps. Any opinions are welcomed. I still take my time to make up my vacation plan for the next trip to Rome.  thxs. T.

I agree!

I agree, I don't like the hassle of hostels, I'm too old for that kind of thing now...I'm even a little bit put off by hotels, I don't like hoe they keep copies of your ID, and many of the cheap hotels are just glorified dumps, I usually just rent holiday apartments when I go travelling now, especially in Italy, because it gives you the freedom you need and they're much more intimate and comfortable, if it's Rome you're looking at, I know a pretty good site, - give it a try and let me know how you get on.

I would never, ever stay in

I would never, ever stay in a hostel. I am sure there are very nice ones.  However, ever since that movie "Hostel" came out, they just freak me out completely.   I would rather save up more money to stay in a nice place.  I can see how hostels are nice for younger people who are backpacking.  But, at my age, give me luxury!

I'm not a hostel person

I'm not a hostel person either ....I'd rather stay home, in fact.  I've stayed in two hotels at the top of the Spanish Steps but can't say I've ever noticed the King Hotel so I looked it up on  It gets some pretty awful reviews there for not having reservations to theft.  It pays to check out those reviews really.  Also, while staying by the Spanish Steps is convenient, it's also a very noisy area at night in the summer.  Trust me! LOL.

Cheap Hotels in Rome

I have been many times to Rome, it's a very wondefull city. Smile I know that there are very cheap hotels in Rome at "Via Cavour", it's not very far from the Termini station....   I didn't book any place.... I just found a turist guide in the Termini station that brought me to the hotel... As I know the Italian government pay this tourist guide to help tourist to find accomodation... These guides are usually in Termini station.... I payed 20 euro a night... It's not very expancive... But I don;t know if you can find such price in the web.... Or may be you can try to find for a hostel....

hotel in Rome

Try a bed and breakfast, which is in between a hotel and a hostel in the sense that the room is private but the bathroom may be shared with a few other people on your floor.  It's also nice to feel you're staying in a house sometimes instead of a generic box of a hotel.  Also, there is a good site called that lists hotels for about 50 -70 Euros and provides reviews as well.

I guess its better if you

I guess its better if you stay in the hotel instead of the hostel. But
some young backpackers choose the hostel because its cheap. You can
find some nice hotel with a clean bathroom, there will be something

I'm sure you will find your

I'm sure you will find your desired place easily. There so many hotels there, that not finding one is highly complicated. They are practically everywhere. I hope that you will tell us about your experiences soon.