Cooking in Tuscany!

Cooking in Tuscany!

I just wanted to share with anyone who loves eating or cooking, or is even just looking for a fantastic Italian experience....

Whilst in Tuscany recently, I enrolled myself into a single-day cooking class with the Good Tastes of Tuscany ( cooking school. It was such great fun, I learnt so much about cooking, and it was the best food of my entire life - and so, I actually ended up enrolling in a few more classes that week!

The chefs are all Tuscan, but they speak English - and they were all just divinely lovely! The setting was in a tradional Tuscan Villa just as you imagine a real villa should be, with an olive grove and vineyard where they produce their own oil and wine! And the FOOD!!!! Oh my goodness - the best I have ever eaten!

There were some people who weren't really keen chefs, right through to an actual professional chef in the classes, and everyone had a fabulous time. In fact, I think those who were bought along to accompany the passionate cooks had the best time of all because they were not expecting to have such a fabulous time!

Over the few days of cooking, the menu was different each day. I learnt to make several starters, like bruscetta and crostini, stuffed zucchini flowers and pizza. As for the entrèes, there were 2 per day in my classes, and they included ravioli with various fillings and sauces, risottos, flans, and soups. The mains were a meat or chicken dish that used combinations of ingredients that I never would have thought to make myself and were just delicious! Chicken with grapes, stuffed pork, roasts, 'spezzatino', all made with a vegetable side that was always incredible! After the first day I learnt to save room for the amazing desserts too! I have never had tiramisu that is so delicious, then there was a to-die-for apple cake, panna cotta, and a chocolate dessert, 'cioccolatissimo'!

At the end of each day, the entire class sat down to a wonderful meal, served with the wine produced by the estate. It was just great fun!

I only wish I had known about the 7-day program they also run that includes wine tastings and excursions. I am already planning a trip back next year with the girls!

Cooking in Tuscany